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  1. Hi all. Here are statics about season 3. Game World ID 47763 Entry Level 45 Status Private Application Clubs Taken 19/80 (23.75%) Current Season 4 Now to current season where we are at round 6. Div. 1 Team, points Barcelona 13 Arsenal 13 Manchester United 12 Wisla Kraków 11 Bursaspor 10 Sporting de Braga 9 Internazionale 9 CFR 1907 Cluj 9 FK PARTIZAN 8 Milan 7 Lyon 6 Werder Bremen 5 Roma 5 FC Basel 5 Bayern München 4 Chelsea 4 Benfica 4 Real Madrid 4 Ajax 1 Dinamo Tirana 1 Div. 2 Panathinaikos 13 AJ Auxerre 12 FC Porto 12 Zenit 10 RSC Anderlecht 9 Rangers 9
  2. Re: Real European League, third season. Hi all. New season is starting at 28'th and last friendlies are played today. Lot's of top european teams are available. This is our fourth season and we are still kicking well Custom Game World (47763): Real European League
  3. Re: Real European League, third season. Hi all. Here are datas of our league after season 3. Top 4 teams of div 1. 1. Chelsea 2. Barcelona 3. Real Madrid 4. Wisla Krakow Top 4 teams of div 2. 1. Bursaspor 2. FK PARTIZAN 3. Panathinaikos 4. Shakhtar Top 4 teams of div 3. 1. FC Vaslui 2. Lech Poznań 3. Inter Baku 4. Rosenborg BK Top 4 teams of div 4. 1. Birkirkara 2. FK Vojvodina 3. MSK Zilina 4. Hapoel Tel Aviv Player tables, includes all divisions. 23 goals, Christiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) and Cavanhi Edison (Lech Poznan) 19 goals, Robin Van Persie (Milan) 18 goals,
  4. Re: Real European League, third season. 20 rounds are done, 17 to go. League tables looks like this. Div 1 Chealsea leads with 49 points. Barcelona comes second with 43 points. Real Madrid is close with 41 points. Wisla Krakow is preparing a surprise with 38 points and fourth place in first div. FC Porto (15 points), FC Basel (14 points) and Zenit are fighting against relagation while Valensia is dropping unless it finds bigger gear. Team has collected 8 points in 20 games. Div 2 Bursaspor is in hot streak. It has climbed from 4'th div in 2 seasons and leads second division with 41 point
  5. Hi all. Here is some details about third season of Real European League (ID 47763) Current turn: 18 Div 1, Top 5 teams Chelsea 42 points Real Madrid 35 points Barcelona 34 points Milan 33 points Wisla Krakow 31 points Div 2, Top 5 teams Bursaspos 35 points Dynamo Kyiv 31 points RSC Anderlecht 28 points Shaktar 27 points Metalist 27 points Div 3, Top 5 teams FC Vaslui 45 points Inter Baku 33 points Lech Poznan 32 points KAA Gent 32 points AC Omonia 30 points Div 4, Top 5 teams Birkirkara 42 points FK Vojvodina 38 points Hapoel Tel Aviv 31 points Litex 31 points BATE
  6. Here is some stats and information about Real European League (ID 47763) after 28 matches at the season 2. In first division, we have familiar name at the top of the table. Barcelona is leading with 65 points, while Chelsea with 57 points is trying to make some space for Milan (55 points). Real Madrid just dropped in fourth place after playing draw against Fc Porto. Marseille (16 points), Zenit (16 points) and Olympiacos (17 points) are fighting against relegation by trying to reach FC Basel (24 points) and Rangers (24 points) In the second division, Wisla Krakow has 8 points more than FC S
  7. Re: Transfer window problem. Hi Corleone. It is a Real European League, id 47763.
  8. Re: Transfer window problem. I cant edit transfer rules anymore due; Or am i missing something here?
  9. Hi. I made two transfer windows for my custom league. I had image of them that no matter when windows are open, in preseason phase, it is allowed to do transfers. I received information that it is not so. Transfers are allowed after round 6, but not in preseason. Atleast i see this very confusing. Now i have done the changes allready, i cant remove them and managers in my league cant build teams before new season starts. They must wait until round 6. Does "Any" in select box mean preseason, after last round or when ever? Thanks, E.K.Virtanen
  10. Re: Real European League first season. First season of Real European League (ID; 47763) has completed and next season is starting soon. Here is the Honours table; Division 1 Barcelona tutu dearie Adoh Division 2 Olympiacos Unmanaged Division 3 CSKA Sofia xybavetsa from bulgaria Division 4 FK Partizan Kristian Virtanen Real European League Cup Chelsea Jordan Thundow Real European League Shield Milan karamjit singh SMFA Champions Cup Juventus Unmanaged Division 2 Play-off Sporting de Braga Nuno Cruz Division 3 Play-off Wisla Kraków Robert Moskit Division 4 Play-off Dinamo Tirana A.H. Ber
  11. Re: Real European League first season. After round 35, there has happened something worth to mention. FK Partizan is the champion of 4'th division, after 5 - 0 homewin against FK Ekranas. Birkirkara will come as "top bottom" only with 12 points after 35 matches. At division 2, Hapoel Tel Aviv will get relegated for sure, after collecting 25 points. Difference to Unirea Urziceni is 15 points after round 35. Currently FC Basel leads 2'nd division, but it has only 2 points more than Olympiacos. Panathinaikos will drop from division 1 to division 2. Barcelona is one step closer of the champio
  12. Hi all. First season of this league is getting to the finish line after 6 more rounds. Season has been great. Nice number of managers has played there, transfer markets has been active and surprises in matches has been seen. Before round 33, the tables looks like this. In 1'st div., Barcelona and Chelsea are having a competition of the championship. Only one point makes the difference, while third team (Manu) is 11 points behind Chelsea. Panathninaikos is in biggest danger to get relegated with 24 points, while there is multiple teams who has points somewhere between 30 and 40 points. In
  13. Re: Real European League I increased Manager Reputation Entry Level to 5.
  14. Re: New Setup Tips? Not sure is it just me, but feels like 99% of leagues has same top 40 or 60 teams, with only minor differences. I would like to play with not so top teams, thats why i created scabal-challenge for example. I think there were some talk about league between few european nations. I think Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and few other countries were planning it but it collapsed for some reason (uefa propably). Havent been able to find information about it. Reason for this leagues was that in those countries had few dominating teams (rosenborg at Norway for exam
  15. Greetings managers. Scandinavian and Baltic challenge is released. It includes top 6 teams from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Instead of having allways those european super teams, here you can test your skills with way more limited resources and not so known players. You dare to take the challenge. New managers are accepted until league round 2, and after that between rounds 8 and 12. Managers can manage only one team/seasn, so if you resign, you need to wait until current season is over to apply new team. Challenge includes 4 div's with 12 teams
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