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  1. Hi there, I think it would be a good idea for setups to have a page which shows all the players within the setup who are currently suspended and injured and show how long they will be out for. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, i have searched but found nothing.
  2. Re: Any skins you want?, post them here Hi guys, Sorry about the late reply, I have managed to make most of the skins requested , I am sorry if a player that you wanted is not in the skin as i've tried my best to fit as many players in without making the skin look cramped. Below is a preview of the skins. And Made in Romania, I could not manage to get any good images for CFR Cluj so please could you send me some via PM.
  3. Re: Tactical help with 4-2-4 formation Hi again guys, Just another quick question about this formation, are the two winged positions in forward four a forward (F) or winger (W) position? And many thanks again to Sir Metz, i won my last game 3 -1 using the tactics you suggested.
  4. Hi guys, I just wanted to know what tactics would be best to use for my next game against Arsenal. My team is Barcelona and i am play arsenal away for my next game, i have recentley been trying out new formation and have not succeeded with any of them so i have decided to use the 4-2-4 formation as i think it best suites the player positions in my team. Here is an image of my team and i have listed the different tactical styles below so it makes it easier for you guys to fill out. Tackling Style - Mentality - Passing Style - Attacking Style - Tempo - Pressing - Counter-Attack
  5. Re: Any skins you want?, post them here And boss if you want to see a taster of my skins then go on the skin site of the SM website theres many skins made by me on there.
  6. Re: Any skins you want?, post them here Hi guys, First of all i would like to say i'm sorry to all those people who requested skins and i didn't get back to. My computer got rebooted recentley and I no longer had the software to make the skins however I have found the cd and have installed it again so I'm ready to make more skins again. Whoever wants a skin just post the team, players and any other items they would like to have in the skin. From there I will then make the skin and send it to SM. Enjoy.
  7. Re: 4-2-4 CM or DM? Im just doin a trial and error, basically i have two good wingers, Robinho and Farfan and I want to play them in their preffered position which would be the two forward wingers on the 4-2-4 formation as they have not been performing well in the LM/RM positions for formations such as 4-4-2, 3-4-2-1.
  8. Re: 4-2-4 CM or DM? What makes you say that?
  9. Re: 4-2-4 CM or DM? Come on there must be someone that knows...
  10. Hi guys, Just a quick question for the 4-2-4 formation what position are the middle two, defense mid or centre mid? I have Iniesta, Essien, Gerrard(injured) and Miguel Veloso. Which two of those will suite that position the best. Thanks.
  11. Re: The skin maker here, need a little help with my team
  12. Re: The skin maker here, need a little help with my team Hi again Shelboure' date=' Thanks alot for the tactics you told me to use, I decided to buy Robinho, however i lost 3 - 1 at home to CSKA Moskva who are unmanaged. I've added images of the tactics i used and the match report so you can tell me what i have done wrong. Your help will be much appreciated as there are 4 games left in the season and im 5 points behind 1st place (im 3rd place:( ). Thanks again for your help. Jaz. [img']http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a124/ruffridder9/tactics-1.png[/img]
  13. Re: The skin maker here, need a little help with my team Here is my whole squad: Once again a massive thanks for your help.
  14. Re: The skin maker here, need a little help with my team
  15. Hi guys, I've recentley started to mess around with my team styles, e.g changing the passing style, mentality etc. However i have started to loose and draw many games, so i have attached an image of my squad showing its formation, team style and player assignments. I would be really greatfull if you could help me out with what kind of formation i should use and what kind of team styles i should use. Thankyou very much. Jaz the skin maker.
  16. Re: Barcelona and Real Madrid Hi there Slim Pickens, i understand where you are coming from however i have already searched the forum but only a few of the players on the list were in different posts. players like marquez, deco, xavi, robben, diarra etc. are not in other posts so instead of just listing certain players i listed the whole squad to make it easier for both me and you guys.
  17. Hi guys, what do you thing will happen with the player ratings for Barcelona and Real Madrid players this week? I have listed both Barcelona and Real Madrid players so just write you rating prediction next to each name. P.S you dont have to write the rating change for every player on the list. Thanks. Barcelona: VICTOR VALDES JORQUERA ABIDAL SILVINHO ZAMBROTTA OLEGUER VALIENTE PUYOL MARQUEZ THURAM MILITO HOOGERVORST VALDEZ SUAREZ XAVI INIESTA TOURE EDMILSON DECO PEDRITO RONALDINHO HENRY ETO'O MESSI GUDJOHNSEN EZQUERRO GIOVANI BOJAN Real Madrid: CASILLAS DUDEK
  18. Re: Any skins you want?, post them here Hi there guys, the skins which i have made and sent to SM a few days ago still have not been put on the website, so il post them in this thread, and hopefully one of the SM staff will put them onto the site from here. Enjoy:)
  19. Re: Any skins you want?, post them here The skins below have been made and sent to SM: Arsenal (my own choice:)) Celtic FC Porto Hertha BSC Berlin Manchester United Palermo Skin Shakhtar Donetsk Wales Yes Shelbourne FC it would be great if you post the pictures you want in the skin and kevche could you list the players you want in the leeds skin.
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