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  1. Re: Scottish Clubs mcfadden scored a great goal again! so tell me whats wrong with him
  2. Re: Scottish Clubs who chill out mildo, anyhu y are u saying the players dont deserve an increase???, u say the men behind ball tactics wont work forever and that players dont deserve a rating increase, well it takes discipline and concentration to get ur managers tactics right scotland rangers and celtic all get their tactics right which means they are very intelligent have good concentration, great determination and good discipline not to get carried away, u clearly know nothing about football if all ur gonna do is say they dont deserve any rating increases because in all respect to the premiership, players that play for scottish teams are infact much more physical, disciplined, pasionate and crazy compared the the premiership, oh and one last point sorry man utd fans but ronaldo and nani have really poofy haircuts they r like two poofs on the wings at this moment in time england supporters cannot say oh scotland dont dererve to be rated good or they r bad because look at england i watch almost every one of their matches and its quite sad how they cannot play as a team, and when they arent passionate enough about playing for england the manager gets slammed for that, and tbh its not his fault its the players that think they are bigger than england, last score between england and france france 2 - 1 england france 0 - 1 scotland that doesnt say we have bad players, it shows how the fans can change a player rated 83 to a player rated 93 shelbourne hu do u support? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/europe/7026089.stm
  3. Re: Scottish Clubs i agree again 110% but u missed out beasley, cousin, hemdani and cuellar in the standout players
  4. Re: Scottish Clubs 110% agree well said, the scottish league isnt easy its very physical passionate, and in european nights crazy! scotland are top of their euro group thats isnt luck either beating italy world cup winners and france world cup runners up so for goodness sake how no one gets that scottish players and scottish teams are underrated beats the h....e......l......l.. outta me
  5. Re: Scottish Clubs i dont want ferguson cousin hemdani and cuellar to be 95 just like at least 90 or at most 91 yeah ferguson struggled in the premiership but that doesnt take away a players success eg shevchenko now u know his situation supposid best stiker in italian football comes to england and slated for nearly everything, but that doesnt take away what he has done, he was rated 97 and now he is 93 so soccermanager are saying he is doing as well as fernando torres or adebayor who is rated 89 haha he should be at most 91 but still on my original point, its not as if it were a fluke scotland beat france twice because of the scottish spirit which should make their ratings go up a little, and rangers drew with inter milan, beat porto, stuttgart and lyon so really their is no excuse y they cant go up, it would be totally different if man utd had played lyon and got a draw it would be classed as a good result, and liverpool drew with porto at porto but rangers got a point from porto so its not just luck it shows the team has spirit mayb not class but good working spirit and u cannot deny that
  6. Re: Scottish Clubs im not just talking about mcfadden, all the other scottish players, see craig gordon i think he is accurately rated, even tho he is embarrasing himself in the premiership, but key players for rangers need up rated, celtics key players nakamura and hesselink and over 90 rangers dont have a player over 90 and yet they are capable of beating stuttgart the german champions and lyon th french champions who both have players rated well over 90 eg juninho who is 95 didnt play his best match but i expected more from him, damarcus beasley played fantastic the same as daniel cousin, and against stuttgart hemdani & barry ferguson were absolutely amazing so most of the scottish players are accurately rated but the other half arent players that play for england like barry, wright-phillips, heskey are underrated, while players like defoe and rooney are well over rated
  7. Re: Scottish Clubs i think celtic are fairly rated but rangers and celtic are very equal when they play but not in their ratings, rangers ratings are well down, oh im glad chelsea players ratings are going down i hate chelsea and they deserve what they get
  8. Re: Scottish Clubs so what if they play the likes of st mirren at least rangers and celtic do good with the money they have unlike chelsea ha!, and did u watch rangers tonight? the ratings should go up not waaaay up but up to 90 91 not every player but key players oh and mcfadden got goal of the season for the premiership last season HOLLA! and ratings dont go by how many goals they score
  9. how come all players who play for teams such as rangers and celtic, and the scottish national team are well under rated, and example is james mcfadden who is rated 87, everytime he plays for everton or scotland he plays very good and always scores, another example brahim hemdani for rangers he is world class, i always notice him being just as good as makelele and gilberto silva but no his rating stays at 89, the scottish league and national team are way under rated, i mean come on scotland beat france twice and rangers beat stuttgart and lyon that isnt luck its great football, so please people back me up on this
  10. Re: Matthew King (PSV) thanks that worked, cheers for ur help
  11. Re: Matthew King (PSV) yes i changed it haha
  12. in my psv team there are 2 number 21's and 2 number 22's so i can't change players, im needing help in fixing that
  13. Re: Arsenal Gossip Arsene wont buy anyone, u know what he is like, he feels he doesnt need anyone, i think he may bring in a keeper to replace lehman but i dont think he will. anyway yaya toure wont come for a while.
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