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  1. Re: I'm baaaaaack if I can get back up to the standard of SM that I was, i'lll do it. Or if I can get my Portsmouth or Liverpool back
  2. Re: I'm baaaaaack Well it's my absolute pleasure guys. I was Pourtsmouth/Liverpool in 2933, Wolfsburg in WC10000 and 'the cursed' Doncaster in EX 5579
  3. Re: I'm baaaaaack thankyou, it's good to be back. Before I get involved in any forumer leagues, i've taken over a Southampton, Aston Villa and Athletic Club in brand new leagues. Hopefully after a while I can find a team and fit in.
  4. Hey guys, some of you might remember me from a while ago. My name is Matt and I'm from Perth I was in EC 2933, WC 10000, EC 5579 among others. I figured with a few days left of school forever, it was a good idea to pick up an old hobby of mine. So I came back
  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Completely agree. I can see Torres scoring tonight.
  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread nope, can't see it happening at all. and whoever wrote the headline has really bad grammar
  7. Re: New Elite League!! Sorry man, doesn't really interest me.
  8. As I have recently been uncommitted to both the Forums and SM in general I have decided to undergo a new challenge in order to revive my love for this game. The MCC stands for the Multicultural Challenge meaning I have to last a YEAR with only 1 player from each country at any one time. I have taken over an Espanyol in Spanish Championship 5395 to do the challenge. Russia - Igor Akinfeev Brazil - Souza Robinho Cote D' Ivore - Yaya Toure Croatia - Luka Modric Spain - Juan Mata Germany - Per Mertesacker Italy - Giampaolo Pazzini Uruguay - Maxi Pereira Denmark - Daniel Agger Portugal -
  9. Re: ACM's fantasy kit thread Same here
  10. Re: ACM's fantasy kit thread Team Name: Bristol Rovers Kit Manufacturer (Nike, Adidas, Puma etc.): Adidas Sponsor (Optional): Home color and design: Blue and White (Go Crazy) Away color and design: Red white and black (Once again go crazy) Third color and design (Optional): Chelsea's 3rd kit. Thanks in advance
  11. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Not sure how I feel on this' date=' you got his personal opinion and than the fact he's playing third fiddle to Torres and Drogba Sometimes Goal.com and sometimes their official website. Although the laptop i'm using now doesn't have the chelsea toolbar.
  12. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread shush you. i havn't been that active.
  13. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread This shows how much I'm committed to these forums nowadays. I didn't know Juam Mata signed for Chelsea until 2 minutes before Kick off last night. Didn't even know we wanted him.
  14. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship Toulalan and Uchida sign for Fulham. Good times in London. Although i did miss out on Gilardino.
  15. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Must agree, but he's quit all his clubs though. But thanks to you and Kroiter i have been named his official replacement.
  16. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread With Essien injured for half the season now. Signing Modric or Sneijder is a must now. If were playing a 4-3-3 we can drop Ramires back to holding with Lampard and another signing.
  17. Re: Forum Cup Fixtures and Results Thread Leg 1 MattyAVFC vs mattygcfc ASL 368 L.A. Galaxy 1-1 Seattle Sounders Leg 2 Bolton Wanderers 2-1 Rotherham United Aggregate mattygcfc 2-3 Matty AVFC Congratulations Matt
  18. Re: Forum Cup Fixtures and Results Thread There can only be one matty battle. The Forum cup too Matty-avfcvs mattygcfc Leg 1 American Soccer league 368 L.A. Galaxyvs Seattle Sounders Leg 2 English Championship 7345 Bolton Wanderersvs Rotherham United
  19. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship Thanks to Nik im in as Fulham Never thought i'd say this but England FTW.
  20. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I can see us only making a few signings. 2 or 3, not including Villas-Boas. -----------------Cech----------- --Bosingwa--Terry--Luiz--A.Cole-- ----------------Essien----------- ----------Lampard--Playmaker---- -Hulk-------------------Malouda- ---------------Torres------------ This season i can only see drogba reduced to a sub unless we really need him. He will only start against Big 4 teams. Definetly see Hulk at Chelsea now. would prefer Sneijder but Modric can work too. Anelka, Zhirkhov, Mikel. And if we need to then Ivanovic and Alex. We also need to
  21. Re: American Soccer League 368 Awesome, were starting to get off the ground now
  22. Re: (Please Read) NEW FORUM FILLED EC Im interested Someone let me know when it opens though. I missed out on 7777 last time because of it.
  23. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Dutch players play really well in the EPL. And as for the Villa deal, can't see him at Chelsea at all. we have Anelka, Drogba, Kalou and now Torres aswell. Messi would be nice
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