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  1. Re: I'm baaaaaack

    Welcome back to the forum then mate!


    welcome back to SM and the forum
    Welcome back' date=' hope you enjoy your second visit.[/i'] :o
    Welcome back
    Welcome back! You know what? I also had same setup as you haha :)

    EC 2933 - Fulham

    WC 10000 - Arsenal

    EC 5579 - Bolton

    Well it's my absolute pleasure guys.

    I was Pourtsmouth/Liverpool in 2933, Wolfsburg in WC10000 and 'the cursed' Doncaster in EX 5579

  2. Re: I'm baaaaaack

    welcome back and good luck.

    thankyou, it's good to be back.

    Before I get involved in any forumer leagues, i've taken over a Southampton, Aston Villa and Athletic Club in brand new leagues. Hopefully after a while I can find a team and fit in.

  3. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!

    To whoever got my old Liverpool, I wish you the best, you deserve it if you can stay committed. As for me it was only a matter of time before I left. I left 4 nations, didn't log in for ages and decided to check and i lost it. I coudn;t stay committed with so many things coming up. But leaving with the basic reminder that EC 2933 was the best forumer setup I was ever in, and I was in all except 106.

    Its kinda sad that this is goodbye, after about a year in the set-up as both Portsmouth and Liverpool. 1 League title was all I got (and you could argue I never earned it :o )

    Ive had some pretty good memories with some of the best. Jared, Jon, Dom, Fury, all of you.

    All the best to all of you. God Bless you:) <3

  4. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!

    presuming alot of people are waiting on subotic and bale from my team as the manager before me refused to give them wage increases meaning they hate me as soon as i took over and ask for transfer haha luckily i sorted a few others out after noticing this and have manager to stop hazard throwing his dummy out aswell

    update on the bids is that subotic some of the bids are way lower than the highest current offer and as for bale all bids are reasonably close however 1 team have a slight higher transfer bid unlike subotic who just has one bid way above others

    if anyone has a 90 rated CB x2 when these deals are done i may be interested in buying

    I'll give you Carragher on the cheap.

  5. Re: EC2933 Reporting Thread

    Meireles - Manchester was never right choice.


    Meireles bites back at Everton manager's comments defending his case

    With the Everton manager critisizing the transfer skills of Matthew Gerritsen and the whole liverpool team, new signing Raul Meireles spoke out in defence of his new manager, saying:

    I am a world class player in deserving of a world class team. No disrespect to Manchester City' date=' but I coudn't really get out of my shell there. However at Liverpool i feel like part of a family and I plan to make the family proud in my first game for Liverpool. Gerritsen has been kind to me since I arrived and I have highly benefited from it. The players have been so kind to me and I have been accepted right into the team.

    Mr Eller needs to grow up. Liverpool are a much greater team with a greater influence on players. I want trophies and If I ever joined Everton I would go nowhere with my career. Everton are at no standard to Liverpool and I highly doubt that Everton can compare to the Reds in skill. Eller needs to learn that his pride will be his downfall in the end.[/quote']

  6. Re: EC2933 Reporting Thread

    Gerritsen blasts back at Critics


    Gerritsen after hearing comments made by Jonny Eller

    Recently after announcing the signing of Meireles and the sale of Gourcuff, Everton Manager Jonny Eller has hit at the liverpool manager saying that he shoudn't have any need to change the squad the way you inherited it. Hitting back after these comments Matthew Gerritsen had this to say

    I find it disgraceful that someone as ignorant as Mr Eller can even say that. My players are world class and they know that. They work hard to bring in results and those thats just can't cut it' date=' get cut. Simple as that. Were here to win, not to muck around and finish mid table. He have one of the most decorated teams in the league and thats because we have people that can win games. The Meireles sale was a good one, he will hopefully find a new start here at Liverpool.

    And as for the spending, yeah, the squad was getting a little old, any great manager knows that to succeed in his job there must be a good balance between Youth and Experience. Unfortunately Mr Eller can't comprehend that and can't seem to win because of it. It's just stubbornness that I can win and he can't. [/quote']

  7. Re: EC2933 Reporting Thread

    I want to go to Liverpool-Subotic


    Neven Subotic rumours of move to Merseyside.

    With contract negotiations underway between Fulham and numerous other clubs, it is clear where Subotic wishes to go when it's done. Recently the Serbian handed in a transfer request to the Fulham chairman and he had no choice but to agree. He has been rumoured with numerous clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United and Norwich but believes Liverpool is the best of them all.

    Make the comparison' date=' Manchester United are in relegation, Chelsea are 15th and Norwich aren't even in the Premier League. Compared to 3rd place Liverpool with 3 league teophies and a chance at winning both the Premier League and the Champions league in the one season. What else is there to make. Plus they are lacking in the defensive are, I'm guaranteed to play quite a lot. What else is there really to chose from.[/quote']
    We've needed a player like Subotic for years now' date=' our defence is becoming too over aged and Subotic brings his youthfulness and eagerness to the centre-stage. Playing alongside some of the best defenders in the Premier League will only be the start. There is a bright future ahead should the Fulham chairman make the right choice.[/quote']

  8. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!

    Boro in such horror form in recent matches. Now' date=' we're just 2 points ahead second placed Arsenal. I hope i'll pick victory soon or i'll end up winning no title[/quote']

    I'll be honest, you deserve it this season. Mid season ive had a shocker so it really should be all yours.

    They wouldn't have lost Bale had they given him a pay rise...
    Yeah its really their own fault. Takes about two seconds to offer a player a new contract

    The guy didn't realise, he only just joined.

  9. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Torres is apparently off to Spain in January on loan to try and improve his form. Ath.Madrid and Malaga are interested. Personally' date=' I think this is a good move for him, as we did this for Sturridge and it worked.[/quote']

    Disagree hugely. His form is top notch, he's just lost his goal sense.

    Huge game today! Everyone needs to get off Torres' back. He played really well mid-week against Leverkusen. Watch him step up today.

    Completely agree.

    I can see Torres scoring tonight.

  10. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!

    Great that bar Man Utd' date=' most of the so called 'big 6' are managed by forumers

    Man Utd- NON-FORUMER

    Man City- Kopstar

    Liverpool- mattgcfc

    Chelsea- Wigan

    Spurs- not sure think its a forumer

    and then the likes of

    Boro- Gozzy

    West Ham- Grotolo

    Sunderland- Ladieslovekevin

    Everton- DarloFC

    are definite powerhouses[/quote']

    Jooles obviously feels left out.

    And I think the Spurs are managed by a forumer

  11. As I have recently been uncommitted to both the Forums and SM in general I have decided to undergo a new challenge in order to revive my love for this game. The MCC stands for the Multicultural Challenge meaning I have to last a YEAR with only 1 player from each country at any one time. I have taken over an Espanyol in Spanish Championship 5395 to do the challenge.

    Russia - Igor Akinfeev

    Brazil - Souza Robinho

    Cote D' Ivore - Yaya Toure

    Croatia - Luka Modric

    Spain - Juan Mata

    Germany - Per Mertesacker

    Italy - Giampaolo Pazzini

    Uruguay - Maxi Pereira

    Denmark - Daniel Agger

    Portugal - Raul Meireles

  12. Re: ACM's fantasy kit thread

    Team Name: Bristol Rovers

    Kit Manufacturer (Nike, Adidas, Puma etc.): Adidas

    Sponsor (Optional):

    Home color and design: Blue and White (Go Crazy)

    Away color and design: Red white and black (Once again go crazy)

    Third color and design (Optional): Chelsea's 3rd kit.

    Thanks in advance

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