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  1. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Torres is apparently off to Spain in January on loan to try and improve his form. Ath.Madrid and Malaga are interested. Personally' date=' I think this is a good move for him, as we did this for Sturridge and it worked.[/quote']

    Disagree hugely. His form is top notch, he's just lost his goal sense.

    Huge game today! Everyone needs to get off Torres' back. He played really well mid-week against Leverkusen. Watch him step up today.

    Completely agree.

    I can see Torres scoring tonight.

  2. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Stoke are trying to sign Lukaku on loan


    Not sure how I feel on this' date=' you got his personal opinion and than the fact he's playing third fiddle to Torres and Drogba

    Wait, so you claim you're a Chelsea fan and get all your Chelsea news off the forum? Does this make me a Chelsea fan too? :confused:

    Sometimes Goal.com and sometimes their official website. Although the laptop i'm using now doesn't have the chelsea toolbar.

  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    I was just thinking... I know this is ages away from happening (most likely) but who will be captain once our legendary leader JT retires?! Considering Cole' date=' Lampard etc would be gone too, and Cech wouldn't have long left either... he could have been replaced by one of our young prospects by then.

    Let's just say the squad barely changes between now and when JT retires for arguments sake.. who do you guys think?! We're talking in 4 or 5 years time I reckon? :o[/quote']

    Torres, then McEachran

    True fan :rolleyes:

    shush you. i havn't been that active.

  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    I can see us only making a few signings. 2 or 3, not including Villas-Boas.







    This season i can only see drogba reduced to a sub unless we really need him. He will only start against Big 4 teams.

    Definetly see Hulk at Chelsea now. would prefer Sneijder but Modric can work too. Anelka, Zhirkhov, Mikel. And if we need to then Ivanovic and Alex. We also need to raise our youth. McEachran, Sturrige, Kakuta, Van Aanholt, Bruma e.t.c need more game time.

  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Wishful thinking isn't the phrase with that LMAO

    Kalou should go IMO' date=' he's not done alot and we could easily replace him with someone better.[/quote']

    Worth a shot:cool:

    I don't want to see Kalou leave, he's one of our most versatile players, and our super sub :)

    He got 6 goals in 22 appearances, most of the sub appearances.And now our most used substitute, ahead of Joe Cole. I can't see Kalou leaving anytime soon. :)

  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Who would you prefer; Javier Pastore' date=' Wesley Sneijder or Luka Modric?[/quote']

    Sneijder all the way

    Sky Sports says ye have had a £22m bid for Modric turned down. How much do Spurs value him at :rolleyes:

    Apparently we had a deal agreed where it was 10 million and Drogba for him. I don't like him that much anyway. After all, he is a Tottenham player.

  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    I really hope he doesn't join...

    Mancienne has officially joined Hamburg. The fee is undisclosed but it's thought to be around £2.5 million. I'm not too fussed tbh. He wasn't good enough and i'd much rather give Bruma a chance than him.

    Same here but I thought a bit more than that though.

  8. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Where is that article taken from?

    I dont think it makes sense to keep Drogba anymore. You cant keep relying on him. Personally' date=' id sell Drog this summer and Anelka the next, with replacements coming in the same transfer window.[/quote']

    Have to agree here. were too crowded at the front end of the field. Sell Drogba and buy Aguero or someone else, the Right wing needs to be filled by someone with some quality. Kalou is good but TBH

    Malouda should stay though. He was amazing last season and this season's top goal scorer.

    Mikel should go too. He is pretty much useless now :/

  9. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    I can see big changes going on this summer though :). Looks like we're in prime position to secure Van Der Wiel' date=' Neymar and Lukaku. If we secure those three then all we really need is a creative midfielder. Sneijder would be my preference. It looks like it's going to be a busy summer :).[/quote']

    It would be amazing if we can get them both, and even better if we get sneidjer. But TBH we need the creative midfielder to be a right winger. Then sell Drogba and we can go back to the 4-3-3 we made great last season. Hazard would be good, as would Hulk or Sanchez. A Hail Mary would be Pedro.

    But a new chelsea means goodbye to Mikel, Drogba, Bosingwa Zhirkhov and Anelka, all very sad departures. But it will be worth it. Champions League 2012 here we come. :D

  10. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Bad Form continues to hit as Doncaster lose again, dropping out of the playoff spots all the way to 9th after a 2-1 loss to Crewe :(

    Looking for a Miracle on monday when Donny square off against Div 1 Front runners Fulham. Very Unlikely but im confident we can somehow make it to the QF's to silence the critics, We beat Tottenham already, Now it's Fulham's turn.

  11. Re: Graphics Design Feedback

    Sorry o hear his mate.

    Their are hardly 5/6 GFX makers who are commonly often and take requess and you surely are a loss to the GFX sub-forum.

    Best of luck for your exams.

    Cheers man, you were one of the guys that got me into GFX. Garymack's internet's down so itll be a lot easier when he is back.

    Thankyou, you could do his request if you want. PM it to him.

  12. Re: Graphics Design Feedback

    Ive been meaning to do this for a while, but as you may have noticed I have not posted any work in a long time. In general I have decided to retire from GFX work any my entry into may's SOTM will most likely be my last ever sig. I have been very busy in school lately and with my first set of Exams coming up in 2 weeks i must begin to study for them. As a result i must give up my Graphics work as I can't make the time for it anymore.

    I leave with 1 request. there is a person that has been waiting for a sig in my request thread for a long time now (3 weeks I think) and it would be great if one of you finish his request for him. There are Piads waiting on .CFC's photobucket folder of both Fabregas and Ozil in Juventus shirts.

    I will comment on sigs from time to time but will post no more sigs/avatars.

  13. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    If there is anybody I would love to see manage Chelsea it must be Owen Coyle. he did amazing with Bolton this season and have seen Bolton join the WC picture in the SM world. I reckon he would be excellent at the blues although Boas sounds good too.

    As for transfers. Drogba, Zhirkhov, Bosingwa and Mikel out. Kaka, Neymar, VDW in. I can't see Lukaku at the blues, he sounds more like a gunner to me.

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