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  1. Re: INTERNAZIONALE ratings 2010 by Edox

    I would say so yes' date=' he's been a rock for Inter and incredibly cool headed. For a 36 year old he's still extremely good. I have him in nearly all my teams.

    Personally i think its a disgrace he's not in the Argie squad when you look at some of the defenders that are.[/quote']

    I totally agree. hes has done so well for inter playing while Chivu was out. he was even chosen on Goal.com's Team of the season and if Maradona put him in the squad i would predict even a 95 raise

  2. Re: Pazzini --> 91

    If he makes it to 91 then so does bent. As bent wont go to 91 then neither will pazzini:D

    Bent only deserves a 90-not many big stars want him, but Pazzini i wanted by teams like Man United and Chelsea, that is proof that he deserves a 91.

  3. Re: Dzeko

    I think he will rise to 92. why? well because last season when he scored 36 goals last season' date=' everyone was saying that he is a one season wonder so he will not get a high rating. This season he scored 29 goals which included 4 champions league goals. He also has international goals for bosnia. When you compare him to gomez, who is rated 93, dzeko has had a much more succesful season, that is why he will rise to 92;):D[/quote']

    thats why he should be a 93. he is better than 92

  4. Re: 2 years from now ..........

    I think you are forgetting someone

    Romelu Lukaku (17-87)

    in about two years i should see him with a big club rated about 91ish. He has been given interest by Chelsea so i expect him to rise. And to think he would be only 19 then. And Anelka's age is catching up with him so i expect him to play well should he leave to Chelsea.

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