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  1. Re: Who will win? Chelsea vs Man United

    Common man' date='I hate Kalou (not because I am united fan,I respect players like terry,ivanovic,essien,drogba) but Kalou is so stupid player,I would like to see him in first eleven,it would be easier for us :D.

    If anyone scores in Chelsea that would be : torres,malouda or anelka.[/quote']

    Kalou is named as a sub toda,y this will be his 93rd sub appearance, beating Joe Cole's record. It will also be Josh McEachran's 18th Birthday today.

  2. Re: Who will win? Chelsea vs Man United

    Just some stats I've found.

    Chelsea are on record have fuehrer defense conceding only 22 goals this season, while man united are the bet Attacking squad with 66 goals this season. In the last 5 matches at the bridge between these 2, Chelsea have won 4 of them, 3 of those ending 1-0. Torres has scored 3 openers against man united. In 2 of these Vidic got sent off. Man united have only gotten 3 points out of their last 8 games at the bridge. In smallings last game at the bridge, he scored an own goal (he was with Fulham at the time).

    If anyone else Has any feel free to share

  3. Re: Matty G's Graphics

    Can I have a Chelsea badge in the middle and Villa on the left and Ibra on the right and with "My Champios League!!!" underneath the Chelsea badge?

    I haven't made a mistake with "Champios" that is how the creator has spelled it lol.

    Villa in either home of away Barcelona kit - whichever you think looks best but if it is too hard to find him in away kit then you can do it in his Barcelona home kit. I wanted Ibra in the Barcelona kit but now he plays for Milan' date=' I want him in the Milan home kit.


    [url'] 103712925_display_image.jpg?1284420772 [/url]


    These are only two there are loads, if you find any better ones use them.

    Thanks mate ;)

    Hi' date='

    Can I have a signature that includes the words "Southampton" and "EC106", along with the club logo. Players that I would like to be featured are Lionel Messi and Pedro Rodriguez:) (The rest, can I leave it up to you please?)

    Thank you very much.[/quote']

    is it possible to get an avatar of rooney scoring that overhead kick at the point?

    I'll see what I can get done. You might not get it until Friday guys but I'll try my best

  4. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Hi guys' date=' welcome the new Rochdale manager, tryed joinging on my account and SM would'nt let me so my step-brother has let me join on his account, whic he those not use. :D[/font']

    Welcome Ciaran, nice not to be the only GFX maker In this forum :)

    I havnt been paying so much attention to this side but I am ready to pay attention and hopefully get to the play offs .

    In comes Vladimir Gabulov so that means Keeper Asejno is for sale .I will take cash bid or it will go to external.

    That makes no sense

  5. Re: Matty G's Graphics

    Can you make me avatar of Rafa Benitez?


    i would like this photo from up.

    if you can't make it from that photo (but i would really like that photo' date=' because he is in front of fans)... then this photo:


    You havn't really given me the best of pics here but I tried my best.


  6. Re: Graphics Design Feedback

    not my best but here it is:


    not sure about the text and effect

    Don't like the render effects where forlan and aguero are B&W and their kits aren't' date=' but other than that nice work. KIU


    New sig

    Nice work mate...KIU!!!


    One after a long long time...how is it?

    Different font maybe, thats all I reckon, also some better blending effects. its too stand-out otherwise

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