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  1. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Cup Bye
  2. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Not my favourite out of all the ava's ive seen you make. But still good KIU!! The 1st ronaldo one. Background could use some work, and add some text somewhere The Torres one not too keen on the Shadows but all in all looks nice In the 2 Ronaldo ones the B&W takes away the main focus from the render. but the badge works with ell with it on the 2nd one. KIU. Also now that you got Photoshop, look up soem tuts on Sport GFX and other sites.
  3. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Look good, just need to start finding tuts on Sport GFX or other websites. The you would be amazing. Is it a Trial or did you buy it?
  4. Re: Titulli: Graphics Design Feedback Looks really good mate KIU!!!
  5. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Somehow beat Walsall 1-0. Up to 9th. who's the lucky devil?
  6. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Must agree' date=' blues doesn't suit it and the Rooney text isn't perfect either but nice work none the less Haha scum sig, but there isnt anything I could improve on this one Except player choice
  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread This is from the Chelsea website Love that Picture.
  8. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Whats in your Pipe?
  9. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Render effects look nice' date=' everything is good except the original Stock and work on the BG with the pato one, it doesn't match the rest of the sig. Render looks stretched, kind of kills it otherwise it looks goodL looks good, but just put a link othherwise it stuffs up the thread.
  10. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I just did the math. If Chelsea win all of their last 5 and Arsenal beat United by 2 goals or more, then Chelsea win the league. If arsenal do the same and Chelsea slip up against Everton and Chelsea beat Man United by at least 3 goals. the Arsenal win the league.
  11. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Lost 3-1 to northampton. wasn't expecting it to be that bad but then saw the fitness of my players. B-team for my next 2 matches.
  12. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Milan after A.C.Milan win the Milan derby? Both are amazing' date=' love the clouds in the Lucio sig and the Render effects on Suarez. KIU! EDIT: just saw the Lucio Text in the buildings Mind.Blown. bit too big to be a sig. but love the Backgound and Effects. KIU!
  13. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Is anybody available for Cash? Wolfsburg are willing to buy.
  14. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Looks great' date=' but just maybe add a player number with the players signature. KIU Looks good, text suits it. KIU
  15. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Fairly good start t the season, only got a 2-2 all draw in my last match but im improving enough and Doncaster are good enough to no longer being the Cursed Club.
  16. Re: Graphics Design Feedback All are amazing' date=' to say your the best at Avatars is an understatement. Like the graffiti idea, dont like the face in the Background but otherwise a really good sig
  17. Re: Graphics Design Feedback yes please' date=' Fabre hasn't taken a request and isn't on the forums. So we need a cutter here. A request, Thoughts? [img'] [/img]
  18. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Looks really nice' date=' background is spot on, except not entirely in line. Not too keen in the render effects but otherwise looks really good, your best one yet IMO. Thought on my new Avatar? [img'] [/img]
  19. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Handy 2-1 win over Notts County
  20. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Did one of my players win the lotto or something? Not only is my Donny out of debt, we got an extra 7.5 million to spend. A minor reshuffle is in the cards
  21. Re: A new Forum filled EC (Please read) I'm interested if there's enough interest
  22. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Can you edit your image so that it doesn't stuff up the thread.
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