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  1. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Very nice work on both, your starting to use render effects like ive told you too and the wallpaper isn't too bad either
  2. Re: Graphics Design Feedback These type's of Ava's aren't my favourite ive seen, maybe some different effects to make them look different.
  3. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Some of these sigs are amazing. Leddy, You have improved greatly ever since I was away for the last 4 days. This is a little something ive been working on, Could be better I know but I think its good. http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n628/TheGSta/Wallpapers/ChelseaWallpaperAnelkaLampardDrogbaTerry.png?t=1301640483 Full size Image Link
  4. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread
  5. Re: Graphics Design Feedback It should be saved as a PSD.
  6. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread
  7. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Looks better than your last IMO, better choice of stock in this one. KIU Finish looks nice. But TBH it looks like you may have just done a different sig altogether.
  8. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread With 2 players retiring at the end of the season, one of which is my star striker, Doncaster will drop below the 21 player limit. It doesn't help that im in 500k dept either so I will be relying Heavily on loans next season. I will need. A CF 83-87 and a CM 81+ and maybe another player in case of Emergency. If anyone is willing to listen let me know.
  9. Re: Graphics Design Feedback First sig in a while, not too sure on render effects but thoughts?
  10. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread While shack has moved from div 4 to 2, Doncaster have done the opposite with 2 straight relegations. Hoping we can do a leeds and get promoted next season and come fairly close to winning div 3. This marks my first and hopefully relegation in any setup ive been in. ive tried my best in this setup and in the end it should pay off.
  11. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Never thought i'd say this but congrats Shack, your Dag & Red are a force to be reckoned with. and of you make a treble of promotions, the i dont know, but itt'l be big.
  12. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Looks good, border's a little thick and dominates the sig a little kower it's opacity a tiny bit maybe but otherwise looks good. text suits it very nicely.
  13. Re: Graphics Design Feedback What youve done on the Kit I don't like' date=' but otherwise looks good. Text doesn't look too good, and all in all looks a little plain. But Keep trying mate. Avatar looks good' date=' looks like its another 1 pointer week for me again :| Render effect look quite bad TBH, Render stands out way too much for what it should. background render looks like its had his arm cut off. and maybe change the Hue a little of wither the background or the render. Otherwise nice work Cheers mate EDIT: Post 10000 in this thread
  14. Re: Graphics Design Feedback *Bumpada Bumpa*
  15. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Looks very nice, until you added the circle. I reckon that ruins it.
  16. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Thoughts on my new Avatar?
  17. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Looks good, the background render looks nice and Most of the text looks nice. One part to improve is the 9 and where it says Nando Torres. That looks funny to me.
  18. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Yes it is graphics, but you still need some work. Some parts look really distorted Looks very good for your first. Maybe just change the Hue around a little in the background to a more Pinky colour Maybe erase some parts of the paint if it makes it look any better.
  19. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Border doesn't match the sig, and looks a little plain but how you got the paint on the render just amazes me. EDIT: also maybe a different render, one that actually realises he/she is about to be soaked in paint.
  20. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Welcome to the setup.
  21. Re: Graphics Design Feedback try make the render stand out a bit more' date=' cant see it properly Background doesn't suit the image. and the radial blur doesn't either Liiks very nice gary. Maybe a different text for Messi as thats not very clear.
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