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  1. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Who would you prefer; Javier Pastore' date=' Wesley Sneijder or Luka Modric?[/quote']

    Sneijder all the way

    Sky Sports says ye have had a £22m bid for Modric turned down. How much do Spurs value him at :rolleyes:

    Apparently we had a deal agreed where it was 10 million and Drogba for him. I don't like him that much anyway. After all, he is a Tottenham player.

  2. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!

    terrific form so far with your Leeds mate. I think you'll feel better to win with Leeds rather than ManU.

    Anyway' date='have a friendly with Mo today in 2nd leg of Forum Cup 1st round. I lose 3-1 in 1st leg in 7046,let's hope my Boro can do me a favour.[/quote']

    Im already through. 2-0 here and 1-1 in 7345 :)

    I already know what setup i'm choosing if I get drawn against you :P Check the 7515 thread

  3. Re: GC 395 - FC Nurnburg - A 'Nurn' Regime


    Suarez and Nagatomo to move to Germany.


    Yugo Nagatomo will leave inter, but where too?

    FC nurnberg have deals accepted for both Luis Suarez and Yugo Nagatomo but face a 50-50 chance of signing the both of them. Nurnberg face competition from FC Koln and it's Eintract Frankfurt who are in the tug of war with the Nurenberg side for the Young Japanese talent who assisted in the 2011 Asian cup Japanese side to victory.

    Matthew Gerritsen told the Nurnberg website about the two signings and his plans with them earlier today after the announcement from Intermilan and Liverpool.

    Both players would be excellent aquisitions to the team. Nagatomo was one of my favourite players watching him play in the Asian Cup and as for Suarez' date=' was class at Ajax, class at Liverpool and hopefully class at Nurnberg.[/quote']

    Both players said they would not talk to either website prior to the final signature.

  4. Re: GC 395 - FC Nurnburg - A 'Nurn' Regime


    FC Nurnburg name new manager


    Management Legend leaves to the Frankenstadium for a new challenge.

    After facing nearly every possible challenge and succeeded, Sir Matthew Gerritsen has decided to switch to Germany for the challenge to build a squad capable of winning the Bundesliga. It means major changes but with a history like Gerritsen's you can expect a number of players to follow. A number of names of players have already expressed their interest to follow Gerritsen to Germany such as Uruguayian Striker Luiz Suarez and English Goalkeeper Joe Hart. Heres Sir Matthew Gerritsen on the move

    This is the final chapter' date=' the last stand, the closing scene of my career. I'm 59 and on the brink of retirement. I've done it all and won it all except make a team big forever. The season is ours for the taking and we will take it and savour it.He have competition for some of our players but in the end it shouldn't be much of a worry. We can and will win. And then all of my critics will shut up.[/quote']


    Javier 'Chicarito' Hernandez on his way to Nurnberg?

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