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  1. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Now if only he can shoot a penalty
  2. Re: Graphics Design Feedback No I have not seen anyone 'crack' a Sig but it lookes Cracking (pun intended) Maybe add some player effects on the first one, and also make sure the renders can be seen clearer. the Flag blends nicely though As for the 2nd one, blend the plays a bit better and also maybe choose a different colour for the text.
  3. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Beat tranmere 1-0 only to lose to West brom 2-1 Honestly suprised I don't see that R next to my team name yet. But it still means its possible, but there are more odds of me walking on water singing Over the Rainbow up an octave than that... My First win must come over 5th place Wycombe. Then 3rd placed Dagenham and Redbridge, and last is league leaders Southend. Don't screw yourself now matt...
  4. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Like the glass effects, never seen anything like that so congrats. KIU. render effects are nice, blends nicely too. KIU!
  5. Re: Graphics Design Feedback *Bump*
  6. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Tried a render of a different shape to others Opinions?Improvements?
  7. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Everyone's turning Blue nowadays Font isnt too good, but otherwise nice work. KIU!!
  8. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Looks good' date=' but you've done a Ben.but everything blends nicely so other than your typo it looks good. Looks real good, Render blends nicely but the textures overpower it a bit. KIU It looks great mate, can't see many faults with it. Maybe add a zoom blur to it but otherwise it looks flawless
  9. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Cote D'Ivore crash out to Ukraine 3-1. Play newly promoted Schalke now. ashamed of SM, no 3rd 4th playoff. probably would have lost that too though, seeing as it was Spain i would face.
  10. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread After scoring against United, in his 3rd match, david luiz is definetly going to be a star.
  11. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Is Rossoldinho doing anything about February's SOTM. Its now March.
  12. Re: Graphics Design Feedback a request, Opinions?
  13. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread *deleting Post*
  14. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Ivory Coast 'Coast' past Dom's england, and The Dutch to reach the SEMI FINALS of the World cup against Ukraine also... http://digilander.libero.it/ucontrol2000/U-Control-2000/2000GIF.gif
  15. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Welcome Ciaran, nice not to be the only GFX maker In this forum That makes no sense
  16. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Don't like the render effects where forlan and aguero are B&W and their kits aren't' date=' but other than that nice work. KIU Nice work mate...KIU!!! Different font maybe, thats all I reckon, also some better blending effects. its too stand-out otherwise
  17. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Thoughts? Not the best render effects i know?
  18. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Probably not the place to ask but who is the best render cutter on the forums. I need Cuts of Coutinho, Gotze and Brazil (Robinho & Pato)
  19. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Make it fit in with the background, like on my Raul sig below. The sig looks like you just stuck a render on a background. Add some render effects, change the transparency. Get a SportGFX account. There are a heap of Tutorials there, most of them are designed especially for Photoshop. Theres a separate area for Render tutorials, where there are a heap of render effects available.
  20. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Looks Good mate' date=' maybe blend the Text and badge in a bit better. Render [b']Doesn't[/b] looks stretched this time around so congrats to that. KIU!!
  21. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Wolfsburg open the season but lose to a game Genoa 3-1. On Lighter news, Ivory Coast are through to the knockouts of the World Cup against none other than Dom's England. The bad side to that is that I had to demolish my home country of Australia 5-1 to do so. We meet again, Latouche...
  22. Re: Graphics Design Feedback maybe a different stock photo would have looked better.
  23. Re: Graphics Design Feedback the face is a little screwed up but the colours are nice and blend nicely. KIU!!
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