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  1. Re: EC 7075 Div-4 Challenge. Bradford City. More signings, nifty goalie that should have a little rise got plenty of game time and should have a decent rise. And the big signing of the day... My LB for the new season, a solid 90 and should stay like that for a while. ----------------Kraft--------------- --De Vrij--Barzagli--Carvalho--Riise-- -----------Tiote----M'Vila----------- ---Sam-------Kagawa?--Malouda©-- ---------------Necid?--------------- Targets Cambiasso Chamakh Pastore
  2. Re: EC 7075 Div-4 Challenge. Bradford City. Bout Time I got this up and running again. Current Squad: Recently promoted to Division 2. No real Competition except unmanaged clubs so the only worry has been finances as of recent times. Not many but still some quality at External (Cambiasso, Reina, Arshavin, Benzema just to start) And right now im in the middle of taking most of it
  3. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Bad Form continues to hit as Doncaster lose again, dropping out of the playoff spots all the way to 9th after a 2-1 loss to Crewe Looking for a Miracle on monday when Donny square off against Div 1 Front runners Fulham. Very Unlikely but im confident we can somehow make it to the QF's to silence the critics, We beat Tottenham already, Now it's Fulham's turn.
  4. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!
  5. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! It would if it was allowed
  6. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! As there were only 2 voters, and 3 people recieving 1 vote. There are NO new HoF members this season break and everyone must wait until the end of the season. And the HoF for the season break is deemed a failure.
  7. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! it has been all pre-season. Would bid for him myself but means there is no room from him at the Reds I'll put you back there next
  8. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!
  9. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!
  10. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! First League game of the season against Ben and Preston. Have a good record against them but not everyone is fit for the clash so subs will be used.
  11. Re: CM Help better long term deal I see, but as I said Chamahk is Cheaper, rated higher right now and there is no doubt his Value will increase (Chairman already values him at 17) Maybe later on I'll but Gamiero but for now I need short term success. I had him on loan for all of last season, was my 2nd best player along with Necid and Lukaku, and my Best performer and top goal scorer.
  12. Re: CM Help Chamakh's already 91 though.
  13. Re: CM Help I could get kagawa on loan for next season. (0 mil) I'm looking for better And Didn't ganso break his leg?
  14. Re: CM Help Which leads me to my next point. Necid is for sale for 16 million (same gameworld) as he is worth 14.7 and im planning to sell him back to Moskva. Add 3 million for the Guatelli deal and I end up with a total of 23 million in cash for a new striker. The Highest rated striker at External is Arshavin, but im looking for a CF in particular (I play 4-2-3-1). As for fwd's Lisandro, Klose ( i know he's dropping), Totti (survived the italian changes somehow) and Sanchez (just rose) is at External too but as i said looking for a pure CF in particular. missed out on Falcao but Chamakh and
  15. Re: CM Help Im gonna wait, it's just that now it's the end of the season, and everyone is looking to improve. As for Malouda, he has already joined. He IMO was Chelsea's best player this season, 13 goals and still playing amazing at 30. I'm confident he can keep his rating at the English changes. An Amazing short term deal in my eyes anyway.
  16. I have M'Vila, the big star of my squad until i started buying. I added Malouda, Carvalho, Sam and more to the squad to boost. My new option is replacing Him with Mascherano or even Cambiasso. I'm aiming for short term success but if M'Vila rises i will be really disappointed. Will he rise and should i do it?
  17. Re: BenNewman Graphics Hiya Ben, Can you hit me up with a Malouda sig with Bradford City EC 7075 somewhere. Make it look good too, more focus on effects than on the details. Cheers Man
  18. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! 85 thousand+ went to wembley to see Division 1 winners Liverpool square off against F.A.Cup winners Div 3 side Shorpe for the coveted Charity shield. When Van Wolfswinkel opened the scoring, 1-0 to Scunny. But only 6 minutes later Captain Steven Gerrard equalised to 1-1. A horrible defensive mishap in Shorpe led to Fernando Torres scoring a Penalty just before the break. And Liverpool went into the break 2-1 up. 15 minutes into the 2nd half it was 2 goals in 2 minutes for the Reds, first Frank Ribery scoring from close range. Then Steve
  19. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! Charity Shield Final tonight vs Shorpe. Expecting a win but after only managing a draw against Swindon last night I don't know whats gonna happen. it marks the official debut of Bosingwa and Capdevila although they both have started for pre season friendlies. Want to keep an eye on Dossena (napoli LB) napoli had an amazing season and I just want to see if he rises or stays. He goes either way.
  20. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! As Season 2 comes to an end and Bradford go back to back champions and a big revamp in mind this is how my squad looks now. -------------Kraft------------------- --De Vrij--Dede---Munoz--Contento-- -------------M'vila------------------- --Coutinho--Kagawa---Ananidze------ ---------Lukaku----Necid------------- Kagawa was loaned in at the beginning of the season and Lukaku later on. After possible transfers stage 1 this is how it should look --------------Kraft------------------- --De vrij--Dede--Carvalho--Contento-- -----------Tiote--M'Vila---------------
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