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  1. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Where is that article taken from?

    I dont think it makes sense to keep Drogba anymore. You cant keep relying on him. Personally' date=' id sell Drog this summer and Anelka the next, with replacements coming in the same transfer window.[/quote']

    Have to agree here. were too crowded at the front end of the field. Sell Drogba and buy Aguero or someone else, the Right wing needs to be filled by someone with some quality. Kalou is good but TBH

    Malouda should stay though. He was amazing last season and this season's top goal scorer.

    Mikel should go too. He is pretty much useless now :/

  2. Re: Forum Cup Team Information Thread

    Clubs in Forumer Game worlds.

    Liverpool-EC 2933

    Doncaster-EC 5579

    Rotherham-EC 7345

    Hull City-EC 7515

    Padova-IC 2468

    American Soccer League 368-L.A.Galaxy Join if you want. Only getting it started up now.

    Other teams

    Real Madrid-WC 8984

    Bradford City-Ec 7075

    Chelsea-WC 9802

    Everton-EC 4647

    Burnley-EC 7726

    Crawley Town-EC 7776

    Sunderland-EC 3271

    Manchester United-WC 5719

    Barcelona-WC 6245

    FC Schalke-WC 8569

    Profile 1

    Profile 2

  3. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!

    Cheeky bugger :P

    I think there are 3 favourites. Arsenal' date=' Middlesborough and Manchester City.[/quote']

    Would add in Liverpool.. they are the defending champs after all.
    Nope. They have Matty now and not the other guy ;) haha

    Have to agree with Jared here, Liverpool look like a force. Their new defence and they just look like a team that know how to win, Amazing manager too, he did well to make sure Liverpool did not stuff up those last few weeks, would have been horrible if they blew it in the end. :P

    And after all, he did win the Charity Shield :P

  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    I can see big changes going on this summer though :). Looks like we're in prime position to secure Van Der Wiel' date=' Neymar and Lukaku. If we secure those three then all we really need is a creative midfielder. Sneijder would be my preference. It looks like it's going to be a busy summer :).[/quote']

    It would be amazing if we can get them both, and even better if we get sneidjer. But TBH we need the creative midfielder to be a right winger. Then sell Drogba and we can go back to the 4-3-3 we made great last season. Hazard would be good, as would Hulk or Sanchez. A Hail Mary would be Pedro.

    But a new chelsea means goodbye to Mikel, Drogba, Bosingwa Zhirkhov and Anelka, all very sad departures. But it will be worth it. Champions League 2012 here we come. :D

  5. Re: EC 7075 Div-4 Challenge. Bradford City.

    More signings,

    Ali AHAMADA has completed his move to Bradford City from Toulouse for £610,000

    nifty goalie that should have a little rise

    Faouzi GHOULAM has completed his move to Bradford City from AS Saint-Etienne for £380,000

    got plenty of game time and should have a decent rise.

    And the big signing of the day...

    John Arne RIISE has completed his move to Bradford City from Roma for £2,300,000 plus Diego CONTENTO

    My LB for the new season, a solid 90 and should stay like that for a while.


    --De Vrij--Barzagli--Carvalho--Riise--








  6. Re: EC 7075 Div-4 Challenge. Bradford City.

    Bout Time I got this up and running again.

    Current Squad:


    Recently promoted to Division 2. No real Competition except unmanaged clubs so the only worry has been finances as of recent times. Not many but still some quality at External (Cambiasso, Reina, Arshavin, Benzema just to start) And right now im in the middle of taking most of it :P

  7. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Bad Form continues to hit as Doncaster lose again, dropping out of the playoff spots all the way to 9th after a 2-1 loss to Crewe :(

    Looking for a Miracle on monday when Donny square off against Div 1 Front runners Fulham. Very Unlikely but im confident we can somehow make it to the QF's to silence the critics, We beat Tottenham already, Now it's Fulham's turn.

  8. Re: CM Help

    Ganso's injury is muscular' date=' thigh I believe, and will keep him out of Santos team for up to 5 weeks.[/quote']

    I knew he did pick up a long term injury.

    What are Barrios's chances at 91?

  9. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!

    Gozzy offer still the best :)

    it has been all pre-season. Would bid for him myself but means there is no room from him at the Reds :o

    Lost 3-1 at home to Mattys Liverpool :(

    Worst possible start to the season' date=' anyway well done mate. Looks like you deserved it :)[/quote']

    Cheers ben, was actually expecting a draw from it all as most of my players werent completely fit but fit enough to play. Good game though.

    Start the season with a solid 3-3 draw to united :) a far cry from being in a relegation battle last season :P

    I'll put you back there next ;)

  10. Re: CM Help

    No idea if he broke his leg O.o .... Hmm ... Kagawa on loan is also quite interesting ... but can you be sure that you will keep Kagawa for the whole season ?

    True ... But Gameiro has had an amazing season ... Chamakh has not had a very good season ... I think Gameiro is the overall better player :)

    And that Gameiro will go to a bigger club and possibly be 93+ in about 2 seasons lol :D

    better long term deal I see, but as I said Chamahk is Cheaper, rated higher right now and there is no doubt his Value will increase (Chairman already values him at 17) Maybe later on I'll but Gamiero but for now I need short term success.

    I had him on loan for all of last season, was my 2nd best player along with Necid and Lukaku, and my Best performer and top goal scorer.

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