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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Masherano + Salah for Sterling?? Or maybe Mash and cash

    Not even close IMO. Keep Mascherano (and the cash). Dont even think to give Salah on top. Sterling is young' date=' promising, overhyped to a great extend at the moment but definitely dont go for him if that's what it takes to get him.

    Tbh i think asamoah's ceiling is also at around 92

    Cant argue with an expert on Italian football as I havent seen him play for a long long time :P However, you could argue that provided he becomes a starter at Juve again, he has the "medium" to go higher than Parejo which is what the original question asked.

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Kwadwo ASAMOAH or Dani PAREJO?

    I'd lean towards Asamoah. Even though he missed most of the season due to injury, when fit he should be able to start (a lot of games) at Juventus. Evra isnt getting any younger, Vidal, Pogba and Pirlo could very well depart too. As he can operate in all positions in the left flank, he should get plenty of game time as he used to do in the past.

    Parejo should rise after a great campaign this year but I feel his ceiling isnt much higher than 91, probably tops 92 if Valencia manage something notable in the CL.

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Evening all' date=' De Bruyne or Koke? Pretty sure that De Bruyne will get a 92 sooner than later, but how likely is Koke to get to 93 and which has the higher ceiling?

    Cheers. [/font']

    I like both but I feel Koke is slightly overhyped. De Bruyne has done great this season and with Belgium's current golden generation I dont feel Koke has an edge regarding NT football either. Another great season at Wolfsburg (who as you know will be in CL too next year) should earn him a move to a top team. A team that will play him this time ;)

  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Jesè Rodriguez or Matteo Darmian?

    Darmian needs a move to hit the 90s but if he secures one to a big club, he will be much more valuable than Jese who seems to be behind in the pecking order at Madrid. Unless of Real Madrid's new manager overhauls the squad and he suddenly becomes a starter :P

  5. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread

    Ancelotti sacked from Real Madrid. Klopp?

    I really dont see why they would sack Ancelotti right now. It's not like Perez has the pressure to sack every manager who fails to win a trophy. I dont think the fans wanted Ancelotti to go either. He got them a CL and Copa del Ray last year and while a team of Real's calibre and spending cannot settle with anything less than La Liga, we seem to forget that they came really close both times and lost it marginally.

    As for who replaces him, I would definitely not like to see Benitez take that job. Someone like Klopp would be great. Emery or Michel wouldnt last long if you ask me.

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Marco Reus or James Rodriguez? Both available at unmanaged.. I don't need either but will sell Oscar to keep squad size down. Slightly favour Reus for versatility up front and midfield.

    I would go for James Rodriguez. Quality wise I cant argue for or against either as you cant go wrong either way. Neither should you choose James because he is at a bigger club at the moment because you can then argue that Reus plays for the German NT. However, I would choose James because Reus seems to be injury prone. A bit unlucky in that regard but still injury prone (missed about half Dortmund's games this year) so I would give James the edge right now. Though I really hope that his injuries wont affect his long term career.

  7. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Carvajal' date=' Rakitic, Piquè, Alba + 1?? :)[/quote']

    Carvajal and Alba should rise IMO. Wouldnt bet on Pique and Rakitic.


    stay' date='rise,drop?[/quote']

    Feghouli will definitely NOT drop. I think he could get 91 if SM feel generous. He has been solid, scored and assisted some this season.

  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Lukaku or Lacazette? Lukaku is younger than Lacazette and even if this season he hasn't scored a lot he can do better next season and maybe he will raise. Suggestions?

    I would definitely go for Lacazette. His situation seems much better right now' date=' Lukaku seems a bit lost at Everton.

    Schurrle + Greizmann + 10 mill for James Rodriguez? (with cash you can buy Emre Can or someting)

    I got Ribery, Robben, Kroos, Koke, Fabregas, di Maria, Muller, Wilshere and Calhanoglu.

    I would definitely keep/get the duo and the cash. I would be particularly reluctant to part with Griezmann.

    Hey everyone

    Verratti has just risen to 92 and I was considering wheather its worth swapping my Matic + cash for Verratti. Verratti is at external.

    I know Matic will some point get 93 as he is a fixture at Chelsea under Mourinho. However Verratti is just 22 and hes already rated on par with Pogba.

    Does anyone think its worth giving up Matic for Verratti ?

    Cheers everyone.

    Verrati has massive potential but Matic should be the one to go 93+ therefore I would choose him right now.

    Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting (and probably plus one young) or Sadio Mané?

    Sadio Mane for me.

    Belhanda (90) or Destro (89)

    Is Belhanda´s rating safe ?

    Both should be safe but provided you need to buy one desperately I would be pick Destro.

  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Ozil and Maher or Imbula and David Silva?

    I know which side I prefer' date=' just seeing if it's a wide felt preference.[/quote']

    In real life, I would prefer Silva over Ozil, but in the game I would take Ozil over him no doubt due to his age and greater involvement at NT level.

    Imbula is great and he is being constantly linked with a move to Chelsea but Maher is a great player too and can get a move like Depay in the near future.

    I would therefore go for Ozil and Maher ;)

  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Isco or Griezmann?

    I rate both equally, each for his own qualities. They are different players anyway.

    However, I would choose Griezmann. I am impressed by how well he has done this season and I really hope he stays at Atletico for at least another season. Isco still needs to displace Modric, Kroos or James which I dont see happening if all three keep fit.

  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    since no one is answering in the spanish prediction thread ill ask here.

    Does Parejo have a chance at a +1? He's been arguably Valencia's best player' date=' along with being their best goalscorer.

    Would you ratehr have Parejo or Doria, Wimmer and Gerson?[/quote']

    IMO he deserves a rise, especially if Valencia do clinch 4th spot and qualify for CL next season. He should be on par with Perez anyway.

    As for the deal, if Parejo will improve your first team significantly I would keep-buy him. In any other case, I would pick the trio. Wimmer is moving to Tottenham and Juventus are after Gerson. Doria is a decent prospect and "still" very young. I see him moving back to Europe soon.

  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Any upgrades for these soon?





    Cahill should rise but not a certainty.

    Terry just got 92.

    Sterling and Benteke should stay.

    Looking for a RB to backup Alves... Would you select Cédric Soares' date=' Fabinho or Nathaniel Clyne?

    Thanks! :)[/quote']

    I like Fabinho but I am going to say Clyne as inevitably the hype he gets and the rumours of a transfer to a bigger English club will make him rise faster.

    Oblak or Reina?

    Will Oblak rise?

    Reina is returning to Napoli where he should command a starting spot' date=' however, Oblak is a younger talented keeper who should and will be rated higher for much longer. Can see him doing similarly to Courtois if he gets the spot from Moya.

    Sinkgraven + Denis Suarez or Rafinha (Barcelona)?

    I dont know a lot about Sinkgraven but from what I heard he is a decent prospect. Denis Suarez is a player I like and I can picture him returning to Barcelona one day.

    However, Luis Henrique has faith in Rafinha and gives him chances so I would suggest that you choose him. It would not be easy to displace anyone right now but Iniesta is aging and between him and Sergi Roberto, I would definitely pick him for a starting spot. Just hope Barcelona dont splash money for someone like Pogba :P

  13. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions

    Not sure how its not a 'valid comparison' they are both out and out strikers' date=' both the talisman of their respective teams, hell there both even same nationality!!!!

    They are completely comparable in every single way...

    For me, Tevez just gives more and as I've said previous, I'm a Utd fan so that's hard to admit.[/quote']

    They have a lot in common indeed. However, Higuain is more of a poacher compared to Tevez. Tevez is expected to drop outside the box and carry the ball forward. Make things tick. Havent really seen Higuain being able to do much of that but he is lethal "enough" in the box.

    Both players being in Serie A and comparing their stats this year as well as their overall presence, I have to say Tevez should be 94 but it would be unfair to drop Higuain. He hasnt underachieved as a player neither have Napoli failed to do well enough.

    And if we are not talking about NT performance, I dont think we can use the fact that they are both Argentinians as a factor when comparing them!

  14. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Jordi alba 93/4????

    Moreno Rodrigo a safe 89 ' date=' any chance of rising?

    Mustafi certain 89/90

    Is it worth keeping inigo martinez

    Gaya 88/89?[/quote']

    Jordi Alba should get 93. 94 is not possible right now IMO.

    Rodrigo had a good start to the season but since then he faded in terms of goalscoring. About 10% chance of him rising if I were to predict :D

    Mustafi had a full season and been solid. Certain 89, outside chance of 90 but I wouldnt bet on it.

    I would definitely keep hold of Inigo. Great player, mediocre season by Sociedad though.

    Gaya could get a +2 max. He already got a +4 in January.

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