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  1. Re: I'm createing a new setup Though I ve recently joined the forum I would be glad if I was given a team . What teams are available??
  2. Re: Large Squad -- Who to Sell/Keep
  3. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 do u think khedira could rise even further? i can buy him for 15m
  4. Re: Guide to the 2010 Brazilian season i couldnt find a lot about all of these youngsters what is your opinion about them and what do u feel they could ever reach? Silva Ciro Vinicius Alan Patrick Alan Santos Philippe Coutinho Felipe Andre Jucilei It is a long list and I am sorry if you have already said anything about them Thanks in advance:o
  5. I am about to buy xavi for diego + henry I am quite sure that it is a good deal for me since both of my players are about to drop however henry performes well for my club and is one of my top scorers. i also have aguero, falcao, bent, iaquinta. Anw I want peoples' opinion Also I can buy ansaldi for 15m. do u think he can be one of the top at some point?
  6. What do you think will happen to Zhirkov's rating? It may not go down this time but with respect to the limited time he gets in Chelsea I dont think he will go beyond 92. Anw I have sold him for Bale + Gibbs + 20m Do u think it was a good deal for me?
  7. John S


    Re: Dzeko Dzeko has been linked to a move for a big club. Milan was ready to capture him but the extraordinary demands of Wolsfburg made it impossible for them. I am sure that he is 92+ quality and deserves a 92 now but in order to earn a higher rating he needs to move away Hope I helped:rolleyes:
  8. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 thanks a lot:D
  9. Re: Benzema Sell for 30mil? if you only have 3 other forwards i would personally ask for an 85+ prospect forward + a bid of cash. as for raul if u can get a coupe of bright prospects with that money i would do it because he will only be dropping from now on.
  10. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Phil i want your opinion on Lars and Sven Bender. What is the maximum rating they could ever get??
  11. Re: i need of a flexible defender Jerome Boateng is a def atm but could change to rb/cb this time round:rolleyes: he will probably rise if he has a good world cup 89-90/89
  12. Re: Stoch and Lacina Traore Is there anybody who believes they could be future 92+ players? I know it's pretty early to say but I want to decide if it is worth keeping them for the future
  13. Re: Stoch and Lacina Traore Thanks Gozzy . Any other opinions??
  14. Hi everyone. I 've just joined this forum and I am looking forward to having an active time around here. Be kind on me for the time being because I need to learn more about the forum. Anw I want your opinion on Miroslav Stoch and Lacina Traore. Both have risen recently. What do u think their peak ratings will be? Thanks
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