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  1. Re: Finland and Iceland, best risers! SCHULLER, Rasmus SKRABB, Simon Both should get a decent rise
  2. Re: fernando torres Def buy him, his not going down for awhile yet. Still has a few more good years left and Chelsea look strong for next year!!!
  3. Re: James Troisi - Latest Juventus Star seems to be starting a fine career, lets hope he can do the same in Seria A which i think he will
  4. Re: Miranda. Should I buy him? Def buy him mate, Athletico won the uefa cup and he was a big part of that team
  5. rob12c


    before when i use to sell my players, their original club that wasnt managed use to bid to get them back. But now they dont. why has this stopped???
  6. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - End of Season Ratings Up! - by BRNL||- some more good risers which will all get +5 +6 Dave BULTHUIS Kevin JANSEN Darren MAATSEN
  7. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - End of Season Ratings Up! - by BRNL||- SCHMIDT, Doke 76- 80. +4 CASTILLION, Geoffrey 78-82. +4 MARKIET, Gévero (10k) 70-76 +6 BERGHUIS, Steven 78-83 +5 SMITH, Daan 76-82 +6 here are some risers i found. These rating changes are a estimate but should be pretty close!!!
  8. i have Luis Suarez but i really like Falcao as a player, they are both 92. who do you think will hold or rise better in the future???
  9. Re: - Cheap Youngsters http://www.imscouting.com/
  10. Re: looking for right back
  11. Re: Young centre back DOMINGUEZ, Álvaro 22yrs, 89, prob future spain CB
  12. Re: looking for right back DEBUCHY, Mathieu, Rb, played champions league this year and is current RB for France, could rise to 90 if france do well in euros and has played very well for lille this year
  13. Re: Austria, denmark and switzerland LARSEN, Nicolai 20yrs, Gk rated 75, will get a good rise as played 17 starts and is the current number 1 Gk this year for Aalborg
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