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  1. Re: World Cup Predict Nederland and spain WC FINAL 2010 ! Robben and van persie to score the goals in a 2-1 win
  2. Re: ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio! alright guys pretty new to all this ermm would the guy who makes the avatars have any chance of making me somthing to do with joe hart but with birmingham:D saying number 1
  3. Re: Defenders, Help? Sergio Ramos has a chance of turning into a RB/RM hes just like ashley cole though attacking full back soo my bet is he will change form a RB/CB to a RB go nothing on PEPE as yet sorry for that
  4. Arsenal manager in one league is Offering me Fabregas. In return he wants Evra94 and Nani89. I just cant weight up the Pro's and Con's to that offer but iv heard Evra's in with a shot of going up to 95 himself not sure about nani and with Fab likely to move to barcelona would he get games and increase or not get games a decrease. So guys is the deal a good one or a rip of for me
  5. Re: Premiership Risers Birmingham fan soo iv got some inside stuff on the players there, at the back hart,johnson and dann all have had a good to great season,Barry ferguson has a enjoyable return to the prem in his first season back. Hart 89 > 89/90 (good games will for sure keep him a soild 89 could push to 90 with a WC start) Johnson 86 > 87 (Really good season rumored for a surprise england call) Dann 84 > 85/86 (Like johnson good season came up from the championship shown he can do it in the PL) Ferguson 88 > 88/89 (good rating already a soild 88 could improve to 89 if hes overall season is taken into account)
  6. Re: Defenders? CB? Kaka will drop mate hes overrated i think as for terry theres been calls about him gettin increase to 96 i belive but he has a run of poor games for chelsea towards the end of the season,Should'nt be too much of a problem but that may stop him from rising
  7. Re: Essien deal Mate thats a amazing deal for you look essien is what nearly 100% guaranteed to drop from his current rating,He certinaly wont be worth 30M De rossi is a starter in the italy WC team if he has a good world cup who knows ? Id snap anyones hand of for a deal like tht
  8. Re: Possiable world cup proformance ? Increase/descreas Well some people may get you'r point i just cant, as iv said once befour Drogba crys and puts on a childlike personalty when he cnt take a pentaly,Rooney should clearly get a increase in rating,Rooney is by far better then drogba in the air HOW MANY HEADED GOALS DID HE GET THIS SEASON ?and not to mention rooney would have been top goal scorer if injury hadnt come into it you may argue drogba went to the cup of nations AND THTS WERE THESE TWO PLAYERS are a class apart rooney is englands main man he holds the ball up at times and his crossing at times is amazing look at the japan game some of thoes crosses he fed theo were pure class
  9. Re: Possiable world cup proformance ? Increase/descreas Rooney needs a increase 97 i reckon hes just too good end of hes a all round player strenth,speed he tracks back sets up goals, I mean drogba he crys when lampard takes a pen drogba is a good player ok but hes not a all rounded player such as rooney
  10. Re: Wales - Risers & Droppers? seen it but really no offence to anyone but hes not going to get a increase by dropping down to the championship is he now ? Ok hed be the best player in the championship by onemillion miles,but have you ever seen a possiable 90rated player in div2 in england
  11. Re: Possiable world cup proformance ? Increase/descreas I really think Rooney needs one kaka's overrated hes good just little injurys hes had this season, and im not sure if players will get a rise for WC performances but it should be taken in consideration
  12. Re: Possiable world cup proformance ? Increase/descreas
  13. Re: Wales - Risers & Droppers? Tottaly agree The italian national side is a ageing one,Very much like england i doubt gerrard,rio,lampard,james and heskey will play in another world cup were as italy has buckets of players i personaly dont think will see another world cup,Morgan De Sanctis,Cannavaro,Zambrotta,Camoranesi even buffon but keepers can last into their 40s.
  14. Rooney currently 96 anyone reckon he deserves a rating increase to 97 or 98? ALSO hot shots too look out for at the world cup have your say on who may get a increase/decrease for a good or bad world cup
  15. Re: Wales - Risers & Droppers? No worries iv just been having a look as some papers. Got some intresting stuff on wales players. Roma eye swoop - Daily Star Roma are to make a bid for Joe Ledley of Cardiff. Celtic also want striker - Guardian Celtic are set to challenge Spurs for the signature of Bellamy. Could be a possiable rise if bellamy moves to celtic they got CL football all be it they need to qualify for the group stages. If ledely moves to roma (which i think is a silly rumor by the daily star thenn hes bound to drop as i cnt see hm getting games
  16. Rooney currently 96 anyone reckon he deserves a rating increase to 97 or 98 ? and hot shots too look out for at the world cup have your say on who may get a increase/decrease for a good or bad world cup
  17. Re: Wales - Risers & Droppers? no worries i was told ledly had a good season through a mate (not taking his opinion to lightly now) and you have a point on the whole bellamy maybe struggling to get into the starting line up though bentley is apprantly going to be of-loaded to villa, Im a massive Bcfc fan whats your stance on Roger Johnson and Barry ferguson on rating increase ?
  18. Re: Wales - Risers & Droppers? Joe ledy has had a good season as far as i am awear this may upset you being a carddif fan but, If he gets a move to the PL as rumors suggest i belive he will get a rating increase. craig bellamy likewise spurs are headhunting him as well as carddif (If bellamy gets a move to spurs) i belive he will get a rating increase only if he starts and playes well in the CL
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