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  1. Starting to think Kane won't rise. Aguero to 95!! Much deserved.
  2. Thanks. Why would he have dropped though? So many players don't drop if they play just half a season. Anyhow, how much do you reckon he should rise to?
  3. Could someone tell me why Assunção DENER http://www.soccermanager.com/player.php?pid=73812 went down to 76 at the beginning of the year? His stats definitely suggest otherwise. http://int.soccerway.com/players/dener-assuncao-braz/132355/ Should be 80-82?? What do you reckon.
  4. Renan Martins Pereira of Avai This lad isn't on the database and has some solid minutes. Sadly, looks like he'll be listed at 80
  5. Can we expect rises for Canales Alcacer Santi Mina Sergi Darder Any other young high risers?. Apologies, been totally out of SM
  6. Re: Is reporting illeagal transfers broken? It still doesn't work... oh well.
  7. So when I click on "illegal" to report transfers I am presented with a screen to write my report. After writing the report I get an acknowledgement saying we have received your request. But there is no longer and record of it under the help section of the SMFA, and I can report the transfer again, earlier on once reported one wasn't able to report it again.
  8. Re: Jupiler pro league (belgium) Imoh Ezekiel to Qatar...why oh why
  9. Re: Transfer Listed players should get concerns Sounds that your miffed the manager isn't accepting your bid.
  10. Re: Auto Renewal Of CONTRACTS A little over a year ago SM introduced some of these daft decisions to make the game more "competitive". It just resulted in a few destroyed game worlds and teams. Like now you can't give a player who's rating has decreased a new contract with reduced wages. Think someone going from 95 to 94 mean you should be able to reduce wages from 100K to 70K a week. But no. Not possible. Also, attendances as well as ground maintenance. Their calculations are highly ridiculous.
  11. Re: 3-5-2 dead? SM Single player launch effecting tactics?
  12. Re: Will a game world end? Will end if you're the only one in it. (At least with standard GameWorlds)
  13. Re: Taking over team and selling everyone to unmanaged Seems like some kind of Anti-SM mafia/terrorism...
  14. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion There should be a new position added to those who dive, like Di or something. The ratio of penalties and free-kicks awarded to these guys should be much higher as opposed to the rest.
  15. Re: Taking over team and selling everyone to unmanaged First time managed to snag Real Madrid in a Spanish championship. The previous manager ( donkeyhole) Has given everyone a massive conract so now have a wage bill of 4 million a WEEK! What a waste. Will take a few seasons to 'fix'
  16. Re: Today's games What the f##k!!! None of the instructions in my tactics were in play these last 2 days. (Tue/Wed) The formation is normal but all other instructions have been reset. Stoopid stoopid
  17. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread So I guess the +1 for Courtois was not as nailed on as I thought.
  18. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Rises for Juve players?
  19. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread What abou Di Maria?
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