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    parabola got a reaction from KopStar in EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN   
    Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread
    I lost 3-1 against the much weaker Colchester United. That's a shame, unless there is a good manager behind them.
    Got the lead in the 12th minute, Krisztian Nemeth (loan from Pool) scored, but André German scored a hat trick after in the 29th, 34th and 77th minutes.
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    parabola reacted to AdaM EFC in English Championship 7046 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip Thread   
    Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

    EC7027 Division 1 Predictions

    With only a couple of days to go until the start of the EC7027, I have decided to predict how I feel the league will finish at the end of the season.
    Manchester United- Tipped by many to win the league and I have to agree. They have a vastly experienced manager in charge of them in Son Of Pluto and they have added some good players to their already good squad. I feel they will just edge Chelsea to the top. 1ST
    Chelsea- Set-up founder Aaron Duffy decided to take Chelsea. He has got rid of some of the older players who will only decrease in rating and replaced them with some quality young players. They still have the base of the a great squad with the likes of Lampard and Drogba but know instead of Deco they have world cup star Mesut Ozil. 2ND
    Arsenal- Manager Dominic Latouche has added some great midfielders into the squad. He may have also found the the player to solve their keeper problems with the signing of Slovenian internation Samir Handanovic. They are also looking to off load more unwanted players. If they can replace them with quality they could be real contenders for the league. 3RD
    Liverpool- Experienced Manager Stuart J (aka.Studge) has decided to sell most of his stars at Liverpool and opt for the up and coming generation of players. Although they will have a vast amount of talent, I feel that they will not gel quick enough for them to challenge for the title. 4TH
    Manchester City- Manger EL.Nino has spent the Sheik's money well and has brought in some great players. They are looking to sell many of their players but for know I feel they will not break into the top 4. 5TH
    Tottenham- BC Cliffs Tottenham have a formidable strike force that should get them plenty of goals but their defence could be improved. If this happens a higher finish could be possible, but for know they will comfortably qualify for the Shield. 6TH
    Aston Villa- Kieran Tidy has added some great players to an already good Villa squad. I expect them to comfortably finish in the top 10. There hopes of Europe have been further boosted with James Milner committing his future to the club. 7TH
    Wolverhampton Wanderers- Managed by Adam Devitt, who has vastly improved the squad adding players such as Grafite, Diarra and Vucinic. They should get goals and they have a solid defence. They could finish higher if everything goes to plan. 8TH
    Fulham- Manager Rob Walshe has decided to go for experience and he has added some quality players to the Fulham squad. They are also looking to offload most of their original squad. If they invest well in the market a top 10 finish could be on the cards. 9TH
    Wigan- Manager Nick Justice has bought some excellent players to Wigan such as Pato and Marko Marin to name some of them. If Pato finds form I would expect to see them sneek a European place. 10TH
    Bolton-Dylan Ritchie has bought well in the run up to the season. But they lack depth in their squad and this could be vital with a long season ahead. Unless they can add more players they will fall short of Europe. 11TH
    Blackburn- Louis Furrier has invested wisely and has bought in a great keeper a quality midfielder and two decent strikers. They have built a solid spine to their team and I expect them to build a good squad over the season. 12TH
    Everton- Danny Van Hecke has added some good player but I feel they don't have enough quality all over the field. But if they can add more players I feel they can push higher up the league. 13TH
    West Ham- Rich Callaghan has added some great players but like Bolton they lack some quality depth which could cost them. However they will be in the mix for Europe but will just fall short of it. 14TH
    Sunderland- Manager Ciaran McEvoy has said that his team could challenge for the league. But this won't happen his over confident ways will be his downfall and he will fail to make the European places. 15TH
    West Brom- The new boys will look to try and shake off their status as a yo-yo club. Manager Tom Sinar has tried to do this by getting in some experienced players. They a solid defence will I feel will easily keep them up this season. 16TH
    Stoke City- They have bought some decent players but still lack quality all over the pitch however I feel they may just have enough to stay clear of the dreaded relegation places. 17TH
    Newcastle- Carl Spurrier has decided to maximise his players values by refusing to add to his squad until he sells. This could prove costly, as a good start is vital. Also they may find it hard as many of his targets could have been snapped up by other clubs. Unless they buy well I expect them to go down. 18TH
    Birmingham City- The Birmingham has only added one player to his squad so far and he will not be expected to set the league alight. They lack quality compared to the rest of the teams in the league so I expected them to drop into the lower divisions. 19TH
    Blackpool-The favourites for relegation. They had the weakest squad in the league. Manager Joe Charley has done listen to change that, as he has only made one signing by getting Darren Gibson on loan. If things don't change they could be heading for a quick return to Division 2. 20TH

    Green-Top 4 Cup
    Black-No qualifications to Europe and have survied
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    parabola reacted to TheDuffman in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    English Championship 7046(51429)

    Set Up Creator (Aaron Duffy)
    Game World Id : 51429
    Clubs Taken 80/80 (100%)
    Welcome to one of the most active and competitive Set Ups on Soccer Manager. English Championship 7046 which is currently in Season 13 and has established itself over the past 4 1/2 years as the most active and competitive set up on Soccer Manager.
    Division 1 Winners:

    Season 1: Manchester United
    Season 2: Manchester United
    Season 3: Tottenham Hotspur
    Season 4: Middlesbrough
    Season 5: Manchester United
    Season 6: Manchester United
    Season 7: Middlesbrough
    Season 8: Everton
    Season 9: Liverpool
    Season 10: Swansea
    Season 11: Tottenham
    Season 12: Manchester United

    Division 2 Winners:

    Season 1: Middlesbrough
    Season 2: Bristol City
    Season 3: Manchester City
    Season 4: Norwich City
    Season 5: Charlton Athletic
    Season 6: Carlisle United
    Season 7: Stoke City
    Season 8: Arsenal
    Season 9: Walsall
    Season 10: Swindon
    Season 11: Bury
    Season 12: Sheffield United

    Division 3 Winners:

    Season 1: Plymouth Argyle
    Season 2: Bury
    Season 3: Charlton Athletic
    Season 4: Carlisle United
    Season 5: Yeovil Town
    Season 6: Southampton
    Season 7: Walsall
    Season 8: Derby County
    Season 9: Brighton and Hove Albion
    Season 10: Ipswich
    Season 11: West Ham United
    Season 12: Aldershot

    Division 4 Winners:

    Season 1: Oldham Athletic
    Season 2: Brighton & Hove Albion
    Season 3: Dagenham & Redbridge
    Season 4: Notts County
    Season 5: Southampton
    Season 6: Tranmere Rovers
    Season 7: Swindon
    Season 8: Rotherham
    Season 9: Norwich
    Season 10: Aldershot
    Season 11: Wolverhampton Wanderers
    Season 12: AFC Bournemouth

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    parabola got a reaction from Dudeskin in EC2933 Reporting Thread   
    Re: English Championship 2933 Reporting thread
    Vieira signs for Shorpe United

    While everybody's concentrating on the playoffs, Shorpe United manager Louis Furrier worked hardly in the backround after the mid-table finish, to strenghten the squad to the next season. Some transfers has been already made by him, but Patrick Vieira's join to the club wasn't expected by anybody at all. A small team like Shorpe United simply can't afford a big wage for a player like Vieira. But somehow Louis did it. They are friends since Viera was 24.
    The 34 year old midfielder joined in a part exchange deal (Matt Sparrow and 1.2m) from Lyon after an unsuccessful half season at the club.
    "It's great to be here, Louis is a great manager, we know each other for a long time. I will do my best and help the team to get promoted to the second division."

    ROBERTO, Jiménez
    RAFAEL, Pires Monteiro
    CERNY, Milan
    KALAS, Tomas
    VIDANOV, Pavel
    DJIKIC, Mario
    TKALCIC, Nikola
    DREKSA, Pavel
    HUSBAUER, Josef
    JUNIOR, Ailton Pereira
    ALEMPIJEVIC, Aleksandar
    NIKOLIC, Nemanja
    BELICZKY, Gergö
    ELDING, Anthony
    MARQUINHOS, Nascimento
    GUM, Wellington
    WERLEY, Ananias
    AYEW, André
    KOZANS, Sergejs
    WESLEY, Lopes Beltrame
    KOZANS, Sergejs
    KIELB, Jacek

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    parabola reacted to abidicus in Any risers from Hungary?   
    Re: Any risers from Hungary?
    Just out of interest, did anyone know that 'Nagy', a very common surname in Hungary, is pronounced 'Nodge'? Even a Hungarian Prime Minister in the 1950s was a 'Nodge'. I suppose he was the biggest Nodge of the lot.
    Do I get a rep for that? I had to study for a History degree to learn that krap, you know!
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    parabola reacted to Dudeskin in EC2933 Reporting Thread   
    Re: English Championship 2933 Reporting thread

    Everton Edge Five Goal Thriller

    Peteroborough 2 - 3 Everton

    The Peterborough manager had chosen this game early last week as he looked for a solid test for his improving team. The result wasn't the biggest factor, more that there are signs the team can compete with the best and are not overrun, overall this game achieved those aims.
    The game started badly for Peterborough with Everton getting the opening goal from winger S. Sessegnon after a mix-up in the defence allowed him an easy tap in.

    After that goal the game became very stop-start with plenty of bookings being handed out to both sides, the whole rhythm was disrupted and so it stayed 1-0 till the break. At half-time Dudeskin made it clear that this game was still winnable as long as we keep it tight in the first 10-15 minutes after the restart. That plan changed drastically though after an early corner from Everton saw J. Vertonghen get in at the back-post to sneak a 2nd and game changing goal in.

    Once that goal went in the Peterborough boss made changes bringing on A. Mclean and M. Mcindoe. These adjustments had a big impact; firstly getting the crowd fired up and secondly more energy upfront in attack where it had been pretty dour early on. As the game reached the last ten minutes it looked like a comfortable win for Everton but in a dramatic three minutes A. Mclean off the bench snatched one goal back before R. Boudebouz levelled the game with just five minutes to play.

    At this point it looked like the match would surely finish at 2-2, but in the dyeing seconds D. Derossi having played in the holding role for much of the game stepped up 20 yards out and smacked in a screamer to take the spoils. The emotion felt was clear for all to see.

    After the match we spoke to Dudeskin for his views on the game :

    "Firstly I have to say I'm pleased to have been part of such an exciting game of football, this was a great spectacle tonight"
    "In terms of the performance to only lose by one goal to a side ranked two leagues above us is very impressive, also the players did find it hard in the first half but I feel my tactical switches changed the game in our favour and we were unlucky not to get away with a point” And in reaction to the scathing words from Sgt Fury :

    Well I've read what he had to say in the paper, to be honest I'd expect nothing better from his sort. When we visited his team I was ready for a proper game and instead what I received was a bunch of talentless nobodies who even at home could not cope with the pressure and skill of my men. At the start of my reign I was assured my job was to stabalise this club and that promotion was a bonus but now I will make it my personal goal to clinch that last spot and then give that coward another turning over !! "
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    parabola reacted to Halstinho in EC2933 Reporting Thread   
    Re: English Championship 2933 Reporting thread

    Kopstar Involved In A New Zealand Orgy!

    (Kopstar Pictured In A Brothel Located On The Outskirts Of Manchester With A New Zealand Prostitute)
    The Australian has learned that Manchester City manager, Jared Katzeff, commonly known as Kopstar has been involved in an orgy, New Zealand style. This happened three weeks ago but the European Court of Justice put an injunction, but that was later overturned.
    In the late hours of Saturday night (Around about 23:23 GMT), Kopstar was seen entering a cafe located in the outskirts of Manchester, which is actually a illegal brothel mostly full of illegal immigrants according to the local police. He was also seen carrying a large bag over his shoulder which contained a life size fluffy top, which was believed to be a sheep. A undercover reporter, who can't be named for legal reasons, followed him in recorded his action, which is available on The Australian's official website.
    Kopstar was involved with a life size fluffy toy sheep and seven New Zealand prostitutes, who are believed to be in England illegally according to the local police. One of the prostitutes was a minor. She was only 16 years old and she talked exclusively to The Australian. She can't be named for legal reasons, but her alias is 'No. 17'. The exclusive interview will be published in the next issue of The Australian, but one thing will be revieled. She reveals that Kopstar is actually a New Zealander imposing as an Australian.
    A Police investigation will be carried out and if found guilty, Kopstar would be prosecuted for having sex with a minor. The FA, the LMA and Manchester City were available to comment. More news will be revieled by the The Australian,in the meantime, the undercover reported took some photos of this disgraceful incident:

    More photos and videos on the official website.

    Reporter: Alex Moore

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    parabola reacted to Sky_Blue_Gould in EC2933 Reporting Thread   
    Re: English Championship 2933 Reporting thread

    New Man In Charge
    It's official. Gould Berg, also known as Sky Blue Gould, has taken over his boyhood club of Coventry City. With the side in 19th place, relegation is a near certainty, but Gould looks on the bright side.
    "The few games this season let's me get used to the squad and start bringing in the players i want. I know the English football league well, so i know who i want and when they will come good for me. I'm really looking forward to this!"
    With Gould now in charge, he faces a tricky opening spell, including games against Newcastle, Ipswich and West Brom.

    Gould now in charge.
    During this opening week or so in charge, Gould has already shaped his side as much as he can with limited resources and many players unable to move after only arriving recently. In total 4 players have left the club (Dimi Konstantopolous, Damion Stewart, Richard Chaplow and Daniel Fox) whilst 9 players have come in.
    Key signings Joe Cole and Wayne Bridge arrived just days after Gould took charge, and they have since been followed by Hugo Miguel Lopez, a promising right back from FC Porto, and youngsters Ian Daly, Jermaine Grandison, Chris Hussey, Matt Ritchie, Scott Donnelly and Neil Taylor.

    Bridge and Cole, formerly Chelsea team-mates.
    Gould has made it clear that he plans to further re-mould the side once transfer bans end in the coming weeks.
    A Great Start!
    Now already 4 games into his spell in charge, Gould has remained unbeaten so far, however this run could easily end in the coming days.
    Match Results:
    3rd July, D2, Coventry 2-0 Newcastle
    7th July, D2, Ipswich 1-1 Coventry
    10th July, D2, Coventry 3-1 West Brom
    11th July, F, Coventry 1-0 Watford
    Next Weeks Games:
    14th July, D2, Norwich VS Coventry
    17th July, D2, Coventry VS Reading
    As It Stands:
    17-Bristol C-38pts
    Coventry whilst fighting now under new boss Gould will still need a miracle to avoid the drop, 2 wins in the next few days must be got, otherwise the unwanted R may appear next to the Sky Blues name soon.
    That's it for Twist N Shout this week. Next week we will give more detailed reports on results, as well as catch up with new signing Joe Cole on what he thinks the club can achieve!

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    parabola got a reaction from Sgt Fury in EC2933 Reporting Thread   
    Re: English Championship 2933 Reporting thread
    Louis Furrier's Debut

    Louis looking forward to his first game as a manager at Shorpe United. Only four games left from the season, his job is to deliver all the 12 points to get a chance to reach one of the play-off places. But first, he has to beat his first opponent, Southampton to complete the first mission in his management.

    He said that he has problems with setting up the starting squad for the upcoming fixture.
    He also talked about his first signing, Roberto Jimenez, who will be the starting goalkeeper in the match.
    Southampton - Shorpe United
    tonight on Sky at 20:00 p.m. LIVE
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    parabola got a reaction from Bibi in EC2933 Reporting Thread   
    Re: English Championship 2933 Reporting thread
    Louis Furrier's Debut

    Louis looking forward to his first game as a manager at Shorpe United. Only four games left from the season, his job is to deliver all the 12 points to get a chance to reach one of the play-off places. But first, he has to beat his first opponent, Southampton to complete the first mission in his management.

    He said that he has problems with setting up the starting squad for the upcoming fixture.
    He also talked about his first signing, Roberto Jimenez, who will be the starting goalkeeper in the match.
    Southampton - Shorpe United
    tonight on Sky at 20:00 p.m. LIVE
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    parabola reacted to Brumster in Database changes   
    Re: Database changes
    Don't think there is a full list. Will probabley be Brazil and Argentina, or Russian and Ukraine. Might even be the smaller leagues around Europe i.e Bosnia etc
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    parabola reacted to tebthereb in Does anybody know any moneymakers in Czech + Bulgaria League   
    Re: Does anybody know any moneymakers in Czech + Bulgaria League
    Can't say as I have looked at the Czech league for a little while, I do have a few noted from Bulgaria:
    MILANOV, Georgi (should rise from 75 to high 70's, maybe 80)
    MADUREIRA, Francisco (should rise a few points to low 80s)
    VIDANOV, Pavel (as with Madureira)
    KARADZHOV, Ivan (as with Madureira)
    ANTONOV, Miroslav (should tip 80/81)
    ASAMOAH, Derek (should reach 80)
    GALEV, Valentin (should reach 80)
    LEVASHKI, Yulian (2 pt increase or thereabouts)
    DIMITROV, Ivaylo (as with Levashki)
    STAROKIN, Orlin (up to low eighties)
    TERZIEV, Georgi (bargain 10k riser)
    MORYS, Matthias (small increase to 78 or 79)
    M'BOHLI, Raïs (decent riser, up to about 81)
    ZE CARLOS, Nogueira (likewise)
    REINETTE, Steeve (up to about 80)
    DIMOV, Daniel (same)
    ADEMAR, José (few points up to about 78)
    KOLEV, Todor (same, but a better age for profit)
    ZLATKOV, Daniel (bargain 10k purchase!)
    MAKENDZHIEV, Blagoy (small increase, maybe up three points)
    KONDEV, Boris (probably up to 78ish but a bit old)
    Terziev and Zlatkov are the moneyspinners.
    You are not looking at increases to high ratings in Bulgaria, however, it is an improving league so I think all their players will slowly be adjusted up.
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    parabola got a reaction from Bourkey in Tomas Kalas   
    Re: Tomas Kalas
    Introducing Tomáš Kalas
    A few weeks ago, Chelsea’s latest signing Tomáš Kalas gave an interview to deník.cz in his native country.
    The 17 year-old defender, capable of playing at centre-back or full-back, impressed during the summer’s European Under-17 Championships and sealed a move to Chelsea in June, with most media outlets breaking the story on Wednesday.
    As a means of introducing him to his new fans, here’s the interview transcribed.
    You must be glad that the negotiations, which were quite complex, are in the past now, right?
    Absolutely, it was a very challenging time. Choosing between the teams interested in me was not easy.
    What was the worst part?
    Dealing with the compassion shown by each club. It was clear that they all wanted me at great cost. They all told me how great it would be if I joined them, and how they would benefit me.
    (Ralf) Rangnick at Hoffenheim said that if I signed for them, he would take me with him wherever he went. Having to make a choice like that is really hard.
    So why Chelsea?
    Lots of reasons really. For example, at Hoffenheim, who would I turn to if I needed anything? At Chelsea, there is already a Czech influence. Petr Cech will definitely be there to help.
    There is also Jan Sebek, and moreover, I supported Chelsea as a young child, so maybe that’s what finally swung the decision.
    Did visiting their training ground help?
    Of course. It’s unreal there. When I think about teams who are right for me, it’s no mistake to be here.
    I was introduced to a seventeen year-old who played against us in the European Championships, who told me about their training methods, what’s good, what’s bad, and all of the other facilities available to me.
    After this, I knew that it was right for me, and that I’d be very well taken care of, even though I already knew it couldn’t be a bad choice.
    Some places reported that you personally called the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger?
    Well, not so much, they called me. When we were in England, my father and I went with the agents and Mr Wenger called us.
    When he learned we were there he told me how he would take me under his wings and that he would take care of me, how it would be great for my development and I should go to Arsenal.
    How did you feel? After all, not every player gets called by Arsene Wenger.
    It would probably affect people in different ways. I stand my my decisions. At the time my future had not been resolved, but if I had chosen them, I would have given in and been attracted by sweet talk. I never have been and probably never will be.
    Arsenal wanted me to leave immediately. Why should I stay in Olomouc, when I could leave now and train in such fantastic conditions? But, to me, it was the most vital part of the deal, in terms of language, in terms of strength, and in terms of experience.
    How could I go to Arsenal after just one match in the first team?
    How much did this affect the final decision?
    Specifically, it decided that I would not go to Arsenal. They wanted me to move immediately, or perhaps after six months.
    But giving Sigma just six months would be unfair. Why would they look to develop me if they knew that in six months I’d be gone.
    But a year is alright? It won’t affect you negatively in Olomouc?
    I don’t think so. I’ll stay here at least a year, so you can count on me for the next season. Besides, it would be very difficult for me if I left early, there are currently five or six defenders I would have to get ahead of. I would have no certainty of playing.
    Your move looks like being part of a larger project for a closer relationship between Sigma and Chelsea. Can you elaborate further?
    To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about it. I have little interest in the talks between the two clubs. From what I’ve heard, some Sigma coaches could go and work at Chelsea for a while.
    There’s close contact between the clubs, and there’s opportunity for it to grow, but I don’t know the details.
    What do you make of the transfer fee? People are putting it at around £5m.
    Of course, I’m aware of it. The initial offer was much smaller but as interest grew, teams bid more, which was a big surprise. Still, I don’t think I’m anything special.
    How does it feel to be the player to allow Sigma to financially build for several years ahead?
    That’s one way of looking at it, but I hadn’t considered it personally. I’ve been here since I was eleven. When Sigma have helped me so much, I like to pay them back however possible.
    It seems like a fairytale. A year ago, you were only just breaking into football and now you can choose between the world’s biggest clubs.
    It’s true. Half a year in the Under-17s, half a year in the Under-19s, one senior match and some national representation and it looks like I’m going to Chelsea. It’s all happened so quickly.
    That’s why we made sure with the negotiations, because we didn’t want to make a mistake and agree to a move that was too big for me.
    You were out for a year and a half injured, right?
    On and off, yes. It was largely growing pains, I had trouble with my back and my hips. People from the Sport Investy agency got me to see a professor. They figured out what was wrong, showed me some exercises, and I’ve had no problems since.
    Is it true that he told you that you could not play football again?
    When he wrote his report, he recommended that I should not play senior football. I was horrified, as was my father. It was a horrible time for me, but I’m not going to spoil this situaiton with that.
    …It’s certainly an exciting time for the young defender, and we at TheChels look forward to his progress over the next year before he comes to England. You will, of course, be apprised of that during the weekly loan reports throughout the season on this website.
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    parabola got a reaction from Pedro_x in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
    thank you for both! Murara Neto costs £710,000 in my gw. Ustari won't rise in the future? He was a really promising goalkeeper several years ago.
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    parabola reacted to Stuart H in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Pathetic reasoning. Firstly, even if he does retire in 2 years, that's around 5 SM seasons by which time you probably won't still be at the club. A younger player will probably never reach a rating of 94. Lastly, in Italy he can probably last a lot longer than 2 seasons. Maldini played past 40 and Zanetti missed just 1 league game last season which I think was down to suspension. There's life in the old dog yet
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    parabola reacted to arsenalrocs in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    He may be rated at 94 but he is already 36! He should be retiring in one or two years time. Buy someone younger.
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    parabola reacted to Bourkey in LM/Wing and Wing   
    Re: LM/Wing and Wing
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    parabola reacted to AdrianDd in rising RBs needed   
    Re: rising RBs needed
    Alberto Botia
    Young and rated 85, likely to rise to 86/87 if i'm not wrong.
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    parabola reacted to cadnams in rising RBs needed   
    Re: rising RBs needed
    Juan Valera is 87 and could hit 88 in the Spanish changes. Will be pretty cheap too.
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    parabola got a reaction from MCFC James in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
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    parabola reacted to Gunner in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
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    parabola reacted to berwickranger in rising RBs needed   
    Re: rising RBs needed
    By "<88" do you mean less than 88 or at least 88? Anyhoo, Macedo Michel will go from 84-86/87 and is 20 years old. Arbeloa will rise to 92 and Nicolas Burdisso will rise to 91(if you meant at least 88). If not, Luca Antonini of Milan will go to 88.
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    parabola reacted to BarryBatshoofd in rising RBs needed   
    Re: rising RBs needed
    Van der Wiel (88)
    Azpilicueta (88) .. will rise to 89 within a week or so
    Otamendi (88)
    Davide Santon (87) .. might rise tommorow
    Mario Fernandes (85)
    Daley Blind (83)
    All very good RB's, Otamendi is more of a CB though, all have 90+ potential.
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    parabola reacted to mcachybhoy in rising RBs needed   
    Re: rising RBs needed
    I would go for
    Cesar Azpilicueta 88 - Osasuna - first choice
    (should rise to 89)
    Sebastien Corchia 87 - Le Mans - backup
    (just had a rise, but a few bigger clubs in france want him, should rise again)
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    parabola reacted to lili-realmadrid in rising RBs needed   
    Re: rising RBs needed
    Zdenek GRYGERA lol
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