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  1. Re: Need lots of help with youth team Thanks for the help mate i needed it. Can anyone else give me a hand? Starting to get there in the squad trimming
  2. Re: Need lots of help with youth team Does anyone know of any players on the list i should sell ie not 90+ players?
  3. Re: Need lots of help with youth team Thanks for that mate, i will put them on the keep pile . The wage bill for all the players is out of control and i wanna cut it right down.
  4. Re: Need lots of help with youth team Maybe i will redo it as it looks ****
  5. I just got the job at Barca in one of my game worlds and boy did the old manager buy a lot of players and i have NO idea who is good or not. So if anyone can chip in with some keepers or even the one's not to keep i will be very appreciative of there help:D. Thanks guys Sorry for the layout im not good with paint and photobucket. Sooooo as you can see its a big list. Any help would be great. Thanks again
  6. Hi everybody, I have Marcelo and someone has made an offer of just Clichy for him, what do you think? Should i do it but ask for some money? P.S. Its a very competitive game world so there is not much out there and no one EVER wants to deal
  7. Re: Spanish Game Worlds 167 and 5001 Game world 5001 is only 1 game in. Lets fill this game world up and make it a good one. Quitters need not apply only Managers with class and the will to win and put in the hard yards
  8. In one of my game worlds Mario Gomez is for sale for 32 mil, so i was wondering 1) should i get him and 2) I have Van Persie i was going to see if he will swap plus me give him money or should i hold on to RvP? Thanks for any help
  9. Come join those game worlds, they need managers like you .
  10. Re: Help with youth team Does anyone know anything about any other player?
  11. Re: Help with youth team Thanks for that, it did help. Do you think i should just sell the rest?
  12. I have taken over a team with big youth team and just wanted some help with who to keep. I do know of some of them but others i have no idea . So if anyone could help that would be great, even if its the players i should really keep. Anywayz thanks for any help HOLTBY, Lewis Wing/AM 20 87 GRIEZMANN, Antoine Wing/Fwd 19 86 GOTZE, Mario AM/Wing 18 86 MAURICIO, Diego CF 19 84 ERIKSEN, Christian AM/Wing 18 84 LUCAS, Rodrigues AM/Wing 18 83 CORK, Jack CM/DM 21 83 GARMASH, Denys CM 20 83 MAYLSON, Barbosa RM/AM 21 83 BARBARIC, Tomislav CB 21 83 PATRIC, Cabral RB/RM 21 83 DIDAC, Vilà LB 21 83 IBRAHIMA, Balde CF 20 82 CASNOS, Luc CF 18 82 LULINHA, Marcelo AM/Fwd 20 82 ALABA, David LM/CM 18 82 ROBERTO, Sergi AM 18 82 HUSMANI, Zeni DM/CM 20 82 CAIO, Corrêa Fwd/Wing 20 80 KRAMARIC, Andrej Fwd 19 80 VUKUSIC, Ante Fwd 19 80 OAR, Tommy Wing/Fwd 19 80 KAKUTA, Gaël AM/LM 19 80 BRUMA, Jeffrey CB/RB 19 80 PEDRO, João AM/CM 18 80 MALYAROV, Nikita CM/AM 21 80 DANILO, Luiz RB/RM 19 80 VRSALJKO, Šime RB/RM 19 80 LUNA, Antonio LB 19 80 VINICIUS, Silva Fwd/Wing 17 78 RAKELS, Deniss Fwd/Wing 18 78 MEDINA, Miguel Fwd 17 78 BORINI, Fabio CF 19 77 ROCHINA, Rubén CF 19 77 ARAUJO, Sergio Fwd 19 77 PACHECO, Dani Fwd/Wing 20 77 VUCKIC, Haris AM/Fwd 18 77 ITURBE, Juan Manuel AM/Wing 17 77 OROZCO, Yohandry LM 19 77 OJO, Funso CB/DM 19 77 VERRATTI, Marco CM/AM 18 76 YERO, Kalidou CF 19 75 RAMOS, Alvaro CF 18 75 GALLEGOS, Sebastián Fwd/Wing 19 75 MAVRIAS, Charalampos Wing/AM 16 75 ALCACER, Paco Fwd 17 75 DRAXLER, Julian AM/CM 17 75 OLIVEIRA, Sérgio DM 18 75 CRISETIG, Lorenzo DM/CM 18 75 PLANAS, Carles LB 19 75 LABYAD, Zakaria AM/Wing 17 75 ORSIC, Mislav AM 18 75 ARROE, Joazinho AM/Wing 18 75 DODO, Ribeiro LB 18 75 MATEI, Cosmin AM 19 74 HERCEG, Jakša Gk 21 70 ZHILKOV, Minko Gk 21 70 Its such a big list im struggling to find info on alot of players. So if you know anything please help Just wanna free up some money cos its all going to player wages
  13. Re: Need HELP with LB From what i have seen from other people's posts i would say Schmelzer, Schennikov, Rausch and Pieters
  14. Re: Giorgio Chiellini Maybe i will get Nemanja Vidic then. His 96 is looking safe yeah?
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