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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Beautiful football. Had 2-0 backed tho..argghh hahaha
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Start of the season completely messed it up..we'd be up there fighting for it if we had a somewhat decent start.
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread First time on this for ages.. disgraceful performance.
  4. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread We don't deserve Champions Leaugue, Southampton do. Also, no away team has won today.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Anyone got a better stream than the NBC ones ? PM if you do.
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Wow... speechless. We are dire.
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Anyone have a link ? Please PM me.
  8. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Safir mate. I think you're into the wrong sport.
  9. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I support Manchester United. I used to like Arsenal for about 10 years.. I don't anymore/
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread If he was horrible I don't wanna hear what you have to say about the rest of the team. He was the only one looking to drive forward.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Wilshere growing more and more.. the only good Arsenal player today.
  12. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Dunno how many times I've said this already, but Hazard is in my opinion the best player in the Prem.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I might come across as a bit of an idiot if the above is sarcasm. You can't possibly be serious? Wilshere had his best game in an Arsenal shirt so far against City. How is a performance diabolical when you score a goal, get an assist and have an overall great game? Him and Sanchez were the outstanding players from the very first few minutes. Edit: You probably meant Ozil. It would make more sense.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Ozil should never start for Arsenal again.
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I feel surprisingly confident. This does not happen often. Come on lads.
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread We'll win the group. Confident of getting at least 4 points from Dortmund.
  17. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Nice to get an easier group for a change, although its still tricky. Chelsea can go ... themselves. Haha City.. HAHA
  18. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Happy with that
  19. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread I'm shocked that Arsenal didn't get Olympiakos.
  20. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Is it just me or the draws are always the same. Dortmund for us again, Bayern for City again.
  21. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Wow.. could have had several heart attacks throughout the match. Last 15 mins nearly killed me. Demba Ba could have ruined us there at the end.
  22. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Those two would have been penalties on a different day. First one was a clear penalty anyway, not sure about the second. This is absolutely dire, so lucky to be 1-0 up. Crucial to win this, come on boys, lift it in the second.
  23. Re: Official Arsenal Thread This is Everton all over again. GET SANOGO ON.
  24. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hopefully it won't be the same as the Everton game when there's no presence up front what so ever. Should have started Sanogo.
  25. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Hahahahahha what is happening. What's the line-up like? Even if it was all youngsters it'd still be embarrassing.
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