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  1. What the hell..i think everyone can see that Nasri is the probably the best player at Arsenal And its waaaaay better than Arshavin which is 94..in my nasri is one of the best Midffielders in the world..and im pretty sure everyone agrees..And Wilshere??only 87?
  2. Re: English Champioship 6957 Discussion thread Took Fulham today,My aim is to finish in the first 6,cheers lads and play fair!:p:D
  3. Re: For A Few Points More : An Idea For Beating Unmanaged Teams No matter what team you have do not play DEFENSIVE..i was in the same situation as you and i always lost when i played defensive..the rest of your tactics are good!
  4. Re: Lacina Traore!? Great Signing, Very impressive player,i have him on the shortlist and i will get him shortly
  5. If you are a small team in an english championship you don't expect your team to win the League cup or League Shield:(,So i think for every won match in the cup u should a small prize,for example 1st round won 100k second round 500k third round 1 million and so on..and the same think should be applied in the league depending on what position your team finished!..reply if you agree:)
  6. Re: Hiquian for Drogba Get Higuain If you are keeping ur team for long term!
  7. My First Team! Info Nat Player Pos Age Rt Morale Value TB Rtd TOLDO, Francesco Gk 38 87 £1.8M - - BOGDAN, Ádám Gk 23 70 £10k - CASILLAS, Iker Gk 29 95 £27.0M - - VAN AANHOLT, Patrick LB/CB 20 80 £1.4M - VAN DER WIEL, Gregory RB/CB 22 88 £5.6M Sus ARBELOA, Álvaro RB/LB 27 91 £11.2M LAHM, Philipp RB/LB 26 94 £27.7M VIDIC, Nemanja CB 28 96 £33.6M - - HEINZE, Gabriel CB/LB 32 90 £6.5M - JAGIELKA, Phil CB/DM 28 89 £4.8M - RAMSEY, Aaron CM/RM 19 86 £4.5M - BANEGA, Éver CM/DM 22 89 £7.5M - ESSIEN, Michael CM/DM 27 95 £28.4M BARRY, Gareth CM/DM 29 91 £7.2M - INIESTA, Andrés AM/Wing 26 96 £35.1M - - GERRARD, Steven AM/CM 30 95 £25.5M - KROOS, Toni AM/Wing 20 89 £11.0M - - RONALDO, Cristiano Wing/Fwd 25 98 £44.4M - - JOHNSON, Adam Wing 23 87 £3.6M - SOMMA, Davide Fwd/Wing 25 75 £240k 12 Dec Int VILLA, David Fwd 28 96 £31.7M - - N'GOG, David CF 21 86 £3.5M - IONITA, Alexandru CF 21 83 £1.8M Int FABIANO, Luís CF 29 93 £14.2M ..This is my 1st team squad..any ideas who should i buy or sell to make it stronger?
  8. Fantastic League With Internatzionale Juventus and Milan Fighting for the title! Join Us!;)
  9. Milner or Mikel I'm selling Barry this week and i really need a young CM,Any suggestions?? In my opinion both Mikel and Milner are doing very well,But i cant Decide! And i got the same problem with a RB,Van der Wiel Or Otamendi?:D please help:p
  10. Re: Champions League Implemented Hello all..i understood everything about the new Champ league System...but is the champions league and europa league only for gold members??..please respond..:(
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