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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Got to admire the support today. Fair play to them.
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hhahahah. Have a look at Arsenal's page on Facebook and look at the paddy power video. Quality stuff. Here you are VP7k1QkkhZk
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread That was our most boring match this season.
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread He's not pulling a Mourinho. He's pulling something else. Surely by the now he's realized we haven't got the depth or quality to keep up with the likes of Chelsea and City. Yes, I haven't included Liverpool as I don't think they can do the same next year, but they will be there or there abouts for CL. Of course that also depends on who they're signing this summer, and if Suarez leaves (I can't see why he would now). With United definitely strengthening over the summer and a new "capable" manager, I won't be certain of a CL spot next year. If Wenger doesn't bring in at least 2-3 players for the first XI then he needs to leave. How much longer do we have to put up with finishing 4th every season. I'm still hoping that Wenger just leaves with his head up if we win the FA Cup.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Ramsey is just outstanding. Arteta and Giroud need to go this summer.
  6. Re: What tv series are you into? Absolutely superb. Don't think there'll ever be a show as good. How can it.
  7. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Hahaha WHHAAAT???
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Well done Wigan you deserve that. Wenger you genius.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread This is pathetic.
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Sanogo playing well. But Jesus we're so negative. Push up already.
  11. Re: What tv series are you into? 4 episodes into True Detective now. Yeah, it's good. But how can people say it's better than GOT or Breaking Bad I dunno. Maybe it gets better. Does Matthew feel the urge to smoke in EVERY SINGLE scene ? haha. I swear there hasn't been a scene where he wasn't smoking.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread This would be my preferred line-up. But Wenger never seems to agree with me tho . Fabianski Bellerin Mert Vermaelen Gibbs Ox Ramsey Rosicky Cazorla Podolski Sanogo
  13. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Thanks. Pardon my ignorance, just didn't hear anything about it.
  14. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Why do matches kick off at 15 : 07 , 13:37 and so on?
  15. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Bayern and Atletico in the final so.
  16. Re: What tv series are you into? There will be a 5th and 6th season of the Game of Thrones. Yaaay.
  17. Re: Formula 1 Thread Race of the season so far. Brilliant stuff throughout the field. There was so much actin that I'd have to right two pages. Yeah, I'm not gonna do that.
  18. Re: Official Arsenal Thread For some reason, I'm not even mad. Arsenal have made me immune to defeats and disappointments.
  19. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Ahh Jesus. That 11.
  20. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread It's not arrogance. It's confidence. And Vendetta picking out just one sentence as he always does, doesn't really help either for it not to come out as arrogance. I praised Everton, and said that they're my second favorite team and I would have wanted them to finish top 4 from the start of the season. But now it'd have to be at our expense, so I obviously don't want that. They're a good team. But they obviously don't have the talent necessary to win the rest of their games, and more than that, we're the better team. So it's normal to feel confident.
  21. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread So what do we think lads? 6 or 7 ?
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