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  1. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Wow. Silva you cheeky ....
  2. Re: Official Manchester City Thread This won't be easy. I personally don't think you'll win.
  3. Re: Formula 1 Thread 13th actually hahahaha. It's a weird one though. Ricciardo second .The cheer from the Aussies when Vettel crossed the line was priceless. It seems like it's gonna be an interesting season for my Lotus . However, Vettel failing will be worth watching. Edit: 12th because of Bottas penalty.
  4. Re: Formula 1 Thread Wasn't really worth getting up so early for a rainy qualying. However, this is madness. I reckon it'll be a very exciting season.. Vettel 12th hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah Ricciardo 2nd. Happy for him
  5. Re: Formula 1 Thread Force India ? Not a chance. However. It'll be so funny to see Vettel struggling. If that is even the case and they haven't been bluffing so far. I'm going for an easy Hamilton win. Hopefully Button will be up there
  6. Re: Formula 1 Thread It's gonna be an interesting season haha.
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Costa is definitely not the best striker in the world at the moment. He's just a big bully. I'm not saying I don't like his style of play, he scores goals and that's what a striker should do. Never mind Suarez, I'd be inclined to even put Sturridge ahead of him.
  8. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Shocking refereeing. Disgraceful.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Can't help but think we would have been there or there abouts if it wasn't for the sending off in the first match. Extremely proud of our performance tonight considering the kind of monster Bayern are right now. Chamberlain is a must in our midfield from now on. What a player. Easily Man of the match. Hopefully this will have brought the belief back in the team and we can go to whl and win.
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread We're in for a battering.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread How hard is it to get tickets for Wembley? Don't know whether to get tickets for the semis or wait for the final? Not trying to sound smug, but we simply have to do it this year. No more excuses.
  12. Re: FA Cup How was that not offside? Ridiculous.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I still think City will win. They have done it numerous times before. Wigan playing well though.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Wigan 2 up. Can I start dreaming?
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Obviously he is awful when he plays alongisde the likes of Sidwell or Dejagah. Have you seen him in the Champions League and WC Qualifiers? Lethal.
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Fulham are definitely going down. We have to try and sign Mitroglou, such a great finisher and in my opinion better than Giroud.
  17. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Chamberlain is an outstanding talent.
  18. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I wasn't far off. The team for today. Fabianski Sagna Mert Vermaelen Gibbs Flamini Arteta Chamberlain Ozil Cazorla Sanogo Surprised he's gone for Sanogo, but hopefully it'll pay off.
  19. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Absolutely dreading Everton tomorrow. If we don't win we're as good as out. I think they would beat us at Goodison. I don't think Wilshere's that big of a loss for us, he's been poor lately and it's about time we'd give someone else a shot. I cannot wait for Ramsey to be back ( how things change ). I'd go with the fallowing for tomorrow taking injuries in consideration. Fabianski Sagna Mert Vermaelen Gibbs Flamini Arteta Chamberlain Cazorla Rosicky Giroud
  20. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Chamberlain playing CM for England. Wilshere has been poor. Hopefully Koscielny is fit for Everton
  21. Re: Official England Thread Considering the players England have. This is absolutely abysmal. I don't know why I'm watching England when I can watch Spain v Italy. Chambo better get a late one. That goal doesn't change my opinion haha.
  22. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Ramsey set to sign a new 5 year deal which will make him the second highest paid player at Arsenal. Ridiculous, hasn't he already signed a new one this year?
  23. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Toure probably the worst player on the pitch and comes up with that beauty. Nasri you rat. Anyways, that's quality for you. Sunderland were never gonna cope.
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