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  1. Re: gervinho or young? young it is then! Thanks guys!
  2. both will be moving to big epl sides this summer and i have the chance to buy one among these two... So who should i go for?
  3. Re: Subotic or Luiz? so the score is 3-2 in Luiz's favour at the moment but i'm still not sure though..
  4. So my question is my title... Subotic or Luiz.. I can get either one bt not sure who i should go for.. so.. any thoughts would be very much appreciated..
  5. So as the title suggests, i'v got 3 options for a starting CM role in my arsenal side... All three are available 90 rated players, so i'd just like your thoughts on who the best signing would be... thanks in advance...
  6. So i need a new young CM... 3 options - Sissoko/Defour/Witsel... all rated 89 and all the same price range.. Defour is injured for a while but i'd think he's the best long term prospect.... Any thoughts?
  7. Re: MCFC James' English Premiership Rating Predictions and Analysis Thread Hey, what do you guys think of Adebayor's rating? Gonna drop or will he stay at his 93?
  8. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? The two espanyol defenders... Didac Vila and Victor Ruiz... Sell or keep? Both seem to be getting game time.. So i can either keep them or swap both of them for James McCarthy at wigan... Any thoughts as to what i should i do? And how about Ibrahima Balde and Jonathan Dos Sanos? Sell or Keep? I need some cash.. but i'd be willing to wait if they have any chances of going up...
  9. Re: Krasic or Pastore nd more.. Thanks for the quick replies guys...! I'm also thinking along the same lines... but the thing i'm worried about is how long Pastore will take to get to say 91/92... Any idea what the ratings cap is at palermo? And as for balotelli, personally, i believe he'll be better than suarez in the future... but he's at mancity so you never know... And he'd be my backup striker... So i'm looking at the long term with him... And Evans - i know he's at united but as you guys said, he seems more like a liability than an asset after the last few games... But vertonghen is not yet proven in the big leagues although he is sure to move on next summer... And i'm not sure about McCarthy yet... Seems like a good prospect.. But hard to say whether he'd be a 90+ player of the future...
  10. So mine is a juventus side nd i need some help choosing btw a few players.. First up.. De AM position in my 1st team is vacant at de moment.. Nd i can buy either krasic(90 wing/AM) or pastore(89 AM).. Both r almost de same price.. So de thing is dat since i play juventus, i'd very much like krasic in my team nd on current form he'd atleast gt a +1/2.. Bt as i said, he'd hav 2 play as an AM since i'v already gt better wingers.. As 4 pastore, he's another player i like very much.. If i gt him he'd b able 2 play in his preferred AM role nd i think he'l also get atleast a +1 in de nxt rating changes.. I think he wil become de better player, but as long as he remains at palermo, i'm nt sure hw long it'l take 4 him 2 get to a 91/92 level.. So.. Wat do i do? And on a sidenote, i'd also like some help choosing btw balotelli n suarez, vertonghen n evans.. Nd whether going for james mccarthy at wigan wud b worth it..
  11. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Giovinco? What to do with him? Keep or Sell... Seems to be moving on from juventus for sure... Will his career revive at some club like bari or will he sort of fade away like Palladino...? And anybody know anything about Andy Najar, 17yr old at dc united?
  12. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Defense is definitely my weakest part... I'v been trying to get some decent players in but nobody seems to want to sell... So i guess i should go for Bruno then... And Pedro Leon? How good is he really? Anyone here who's watched him consistently from last season?
  13. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Would you guys spend 30M on Bruno Alves? He's like the only available good cb in my setup and cash while not a luxury is still available... So should i go for it or try and use that dough to strengthen other parts of my squad? And how about Pedro Leon? Do you think he'll get any playing time for madrid next season?
  14. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Walter Samuel may be available though... Should i go for him then? But the thing is that he's 32 yrs old... How much longer will he retain his 93?
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