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  1. Re: Next Generation Team - Suggestions? Oh ya. Just a note. Buy Branislav Ivanovic. Terrific player. Just scored for Lokomotiv today again. He's starting to convince me to buy him in other setups (I heard from other forumers about him). He would be a good buy. Bojan's coming into the picture in Barca. And also, did you try Banega? Quite good too. Here are a few changes from Russia, maybe you can add them : RB/LB Russian SHISHKIN, Roman Spartak Moskva 20 88 CM/AM Russian TORBINSKY, Dmitri No Club found 23 88 AM Brazilian RAMON, Osni São Paulo 19 87 RB/CB
  2. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread Well, Cup Final tomorrow. Hope I can make it. Anyway, George.... from what I see, 5-2-3 doesn't seem to do well against 3-5-2.... That's probably why you lost to those two.... Sometimes, the SM machine goes little crazy... But boy is that a big scoreline 0_0
  3. Re: Arsenal Rating Changes Fabregas would get to 95/96 if he continues this till the end of the season. That's agreed by everyone. But since he just got an increase, I don't think he'll increase in this round. But definitely 95/96 if he continues this till the end of the season. It took Ronaldo one season so why not Fabregas?
  4. Re: Next Generation Team - Suggestions? Try buying Bojan (80), Rakitic (85).... Maybe you can try 19-year-olds like Kerlon or Anderson. Ben Arfa is also quite good.
  5. Re: Toni Kroos Yeah. Started buying him as wel.. From soccernet.com (ESPN's soccer website), it says Klose Klose Kroos. The third goal was because Kroos' freekick went in straight... Don't know if Klose got a touch. But still, he was the one saving Bayern imo, also Klose of course. But for a 17 year old, he is definitely very good! Next person to shine as early as Messi would be him in my opinion.
  6. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread Johann Mendez Takes Over at Fenerbahce Johann Mendez has taken over unmanaged side Fenerbahce. The new manager had observed from the stands today during Fenerbahce's win over Real Madrid and has been quite impressed with the side. He states that he hopes that he will help the side achieve success and hope to do it as soon as next week in the Cup Final against the Catalans. He states that it would be a very tough match against the leaders and he is looking forward to that. Before that though, the new manager has to face tough opposition in the form of
  7. Re: Nani Nani only played 9 out of the possible 16 or something like that...... Giggs started more than 10 already. By the way, those 9 includes substitutions, Nani sits on the bench at times as well. Nani is good at Sporting. He hasn't shine particularly well in MU yet. I know he does fancy footwork etc. He hasn't showed that dribbling attitude of his here yet. I didn't see him passing three or four defenders this season, have you? He needs to show more of that. And btw, Giggs isn't out of the team. He is rested because he started the game against Dynamo Kiev if you remember, in which Nani d
  8. Re: Spartak stars? From what I see, Bystrov is by far one of the best in the Russian squad. He'll increase to 90 soon cause he's been performing well. Pavlyuchenko's been scoring, so yeah, I think he's worth keeping. Would probably be bumped back on to 90 soon. The others... depends on how the perform in the Uefa Cup for the next few games. So far, not bad.
  9. Re: nani? Ok..... I don't think he deserves a bump up to 92 to be honest. Too high. 90 or 91 is more than enough. He only does two shots in so many games. That's well, one in many shots. Just look at the game yesterday against Middlesbrough. Ok, he scored a beautiful goal. But after that........ a sudden silence? Nope. He's not strong enough. I mean physically. He needs to toughen himself in my opinion. Goes down too easily. A little selfish at times and doesn't pass when he needs to. He has good skill, that I know. But look at Cristiano on his first season, he hasn't matured yet like Ronaldo
  10. Re: Karim BENZEMA 91 for me without question! Scored more goals than Aguero this season. That's a guideline for the increase. He's terrific. He scored again today against Stuttgart. I can't imagine what he and Aguero would combine to do if they were on the same thing, Messi too..... But that's out of topic eh? Anyway, just to summarize things, brilliant player. Did I mention young too? Yep. 19 years old. Terrific! Definitely up to 91! And yea, Arsenal are planning a swoop according to some reports.... If he goes there.... who knows what rating he'll get! Maybe even higher than 91 at the end
  11. I think they've performed really well and some of their players have been really underrated. For example, Almeida and Rosenberg. I think they should be worthy of 89 since they've been playing really well. Next, Wiese should be 91 since Robinson is and obviously, Robinson isn't playing as well as Wiese. Maybe a bump up to 94 for Diego and Frings? I don't think Frings should go up so soon but Diego should. He's been playing really well and has been the whole part of Bremen. When you compare him to De Rossi and Fabregas, he plays as good too. I'm not sure that Carlos Alberto should be their best
  12. Re: New Transfer Changes Concern... Sorry for posting in a thread that was well, inactive for two days. But I cmust say this. I personally don't really like that whole lower rated players get off for a lesser price and better players get off for a better price. There was one case where I wanted to buy Julio Cesar Dominguez. He is valued at 6.3 million. The chairman tells me to bid only 8.3 million and well, it went through! Accepted! You call that realistic? I know when SM tried to make things more realistic by increasing the price, yes I get it. But look now? Weaker players or to be specifi
  13. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... Ronnie Delight as Barcelona Sweep Past Liverpool After two consecutive losses including a Forum Fun Cup loss to Liverpool, Barcelona finally bounced back and took revenge on the Merseysiders. Barcelona headed to a quick start with a header from their star striker this season, Ronaldinho only for Yakubu to equalise. But Barcelona were relentless in their attack and soon added two more goals through Andres Iniesta and Rafael Marquez. After smacking the crossbar in the first half, Iniesta quickly added his second after the restart with a cracking header. Ronaldin
  14. Re: Liverpool Ratings Pennant max is 90. He wasn't exactly good against Wigan...... To be honest, he was terrible. Benayoun made the difference for Liverpool. Even Torres and many others were playing terribly. Next, you have the UCL match in midweek against Marseille. Let's look at this match. You have so many first team players and you are playing at home. Yet, you are being dominated? Lorik Cana the captain of Marseille dictated the whole play while Ziani, Cheyrou and Valbuena really posed a constant threat to the Marseille goal. To think that a team who are struggling in the Ligue 1 would
  15. Re: Tomasz Kuszczak Nope he isn't. That's why he has a great future as he could be a national keeper for Poland *not sure if he already is, but there is a possibility* And as for choosing between Foster and Tomasz for a brighter future, of course, Foster because he is younger. But if you want to choose a keeper, you need consistency. Foster did make a few blunders during his time at Watford. If you remember, the Robinson goal? No offense but Foster would have caught it easily if he backtracked well enough. He still needs to mature. But this topic's about Tomasz and his rating. So once again,
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