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  1. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions I have Tomkins and Muniesa in my team and i was quite sure that they will both rise in this rating changes, but this isn't happened yet....... Do i have any hope that this is still going to happen? Thank you in advance
  2. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread Still no rise for Kurzawa and Idrissa Gueye.......Should I be worried?
  3. Riferimento: Zambrano, Castan, Astori? Go for Castan he will rise to 90 in the next changes....he's doing really well. I'm surprised he didn't get already a +1 like his partner benatia. Astori will stay until he remains in cagliari, when he will move to a better team we will see if he can hit 90
  4. Riferimento: English Premiership Rating Predictions i have this premier league players in my team, what will happen to them in the upcoming rating changes? josè enrique 89 vermaelen 90 koscielny 90 agger 90 glen johnson 91 walker 90 ramires 91 dembele 90 ramsey 90 nasri 92 schurrle 91 dzeko 92 sturridge 90 remy 90 barkley 85 tom carroll 83 powell 80 chamber 77 luis alberto 85 januzaj 80 pritchard 77 berahino 80 ben davies 86 phil jones 89 townsend 87 weimann 87 Thanks
  5. Riferimento: Re: Serie A Rating Predictions roncaglia is no more a starter this season and there are rumours about him leaving fiorentina in january.
  6. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Hi to all! I am a roma's fan and i'd like to know something about leandro castan and ribeiro dodo, these two corinthians players seems to be very near to my favourite team. How are they? What's their potential? Thanks in advance.
  7. I made an offer that was already accepted for josè enrique. Is that a good move? My other lb are cissokho and balzaretti, i want to sell the last one so i made the offer for josè enrique to replace him. My other cb are vermaelen, agger, jones, howedes, ranocchia, alderweireld, so i decided to offer gary cahill. What do you think about? Thank you in advance.
  8. Riferimento: Brazilian Serie A - By nicholasbig96 & JHM_daggers I'm sorry for the off topic but i'd like to know something about the fluminense's midfielder marquinho because he seems to be very near to as roma. What kind of player is he? Is he good? Thank you in advance.
  9. Riferimento: centrebacks: keep or sell? Thanks to everybody for the answers. Like i said before it's not an easy choice, ranocchia is not getting much games with inter but he's a regular in the national team. I watched some EPL matches this season,agger and koscielny both impress me and i never think about selling jones or vermaelen. I will probably sell alderweireld when he will come back from the loan and another one between howedes and cahill, but i can wait a bit to see how cahill will perform with chelsea because i just sent jones on loan. The biggest problem is that i am in a competitiv
  10. I have too much centrebacks in my team, wich ones should i keep and wich sell? They're all good imo and it's a hard choice for me. Here's the list: THOMAS VERMAELEN 91 BENEDIKT HOWEDES 90 DANIEL AGGER 90 PHIL JONES 89 LAURENT KOSCIELNY 89 ANDREA RANOCCHIA 89 TOBY ALDERWEIRELD 89 (actually on loan to another team) GARY CAHILL 88
  11. Re: Serie A 2011/2012 risers In my opinion he should rise because lazio is doing well and he is one of the key player of the team and one of the best cb of the league, but i'm not so sure that he will.
  12. Re: Serie A 2011/2012 risers I think he has a good percentage, he's playing well, he's a regular of his national team and juventus is at the top of the league.
  13. Re: Serie A 2011/2012 risers Torje actually is no more part of the starting eleven, the partner of di natale in the last matches was floro flores and torje sat on the bench , i'm not so sure that he will rise to 88/89 at the end of the season.
  14. Re: Serie A 2011/2012 risers Lazio marchetti------88-89 dias-----------89-89/90 biava----------88-89/88 konko----------88-89/88 diakite---------85-87 radu-----------88-89/88 hernanes-------90-90/91 matuzalem------87-88 a. gonzalez-----86-87 lulic------------85-87 brocchi---------88-89/88 Lecce benassi--------79-82/83 cuadrado------83-85/84 (good prospect on loan from udinese) obodo---------83-84 strasser-------78-82/83 bertolacci-----80-82/83 muriel---------78-80 (his team on database is udinese, another very promising youngster, he did well in the last under 20 world c
  15. I don't have enough time to make the predictions for all the players, so i decided to make a list only about the risers. Corrections and suggestions are well accepted. Atalanta consigli------ 86-87 capelli ------ 85-86 peluso ------ 85-86 masiello----- 86-87 schelotto --- 86-87 (he's playing well this season) bonaventura - 83-85 (last season 9 goals in serie B for this young mid) padoin ------ 86-87 denis-------- 88-89 (he's actually the top scorer of the league) gabbiadini---- 76-80 (A goal machine with It
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