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    Chelsea Football Club!!!
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    Super Frank Lampard!!!
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    none... just starting my 1st season.
  1. Hi everybody! I have Drogba and Ramires. I'm in a new game world so I have the original Chelsea squad. If I do this deal, I will get Sneijder so is this a good deal? Kind regards, Ammar. :)
  2. Re: World Championship 8863 Discussions Thread Hello everybody. Looks like this thread isn't active anymore. Anyway, I'm currently managing Tottenham Hotspur. Right now I'm no.3 in Division 1!!! Although its still too early. Anyway, here's my current 1st Team Squad: DE GEA, David Gk 20 89 SCHMELZER, Marcel LB 23 89 VAN DER WIEL, Gregory RB 23 90 PIQUE, Gerard CB/DM 24 95 FERDINAND, Rio CB 32 94 KJAER, Simon CB 22 90 ALDERWEIRELD, Toby CB/RB 22 89 DOMINGUEZ, Álvaro CB/LB 22 88 JONES, Phil CB/DM 19 86 BALE, Gareth LM/LB 21 90 KHEDIRA, Sami CM/DM 24 91 RAMIRES, Santos CM/RM 24 90 ALABA, David CM/LM 18 85 OZIL, Mesut AM/LM 22 93 HAMSIK, Marek AM/CM 23 91 PJANIC, Miralem AM/Wing 21 90 GOTZE, Mario AM/Wing 18 88 ANANIDZE, Jano AM/Wing 18 86 MATA, Juan Manuel Wing/Fwd 23 91 KRASIC, Miloš Wing/AM 26 91 HAZARD, Eden Wing/AM 20 90 TURAN, Arda Wing/AM 24 90 HOLTBY, Lewis Wing/AM 20 87 WELLITON, Morais Fwd 24 90 KADLEC, Václav Fwd/Wing 19 85 DZEKO, Edin CF 25 92 CARROLL, Andy CF 22 88 NECID, Tomás CF 21 88 CASNOS, Luc CF 18 85 FUNES MORI, Rogelio CF 20 85 Here's my 1st eleven looks like: De Gea VD Wiel Pique Ferdinand Bale Khedira Hamsik Ozil Krasic Mata Dzeko Comments and suggestions are welcomed! :)
  3. Re: Gold Championship 149 Hello everybody! I just joined this GC! I'm current managing Büyüksehir in Turkey. This is my first time managing a club other than England's so it'll be a challenge to me. I'm looking forward to do some deals with others! P.s. Everybody is for sale if the price is right. And I will only consider p/e deals. and I'm looking for a winger!!!! :)
  4. Re: World Championship 8863 Discussions Thread Haha! That might be a problem bcause i rate them very high. So its ok... :):)
  5. Re: World Championship 8863 Discussions Thread
  6. Re: World Championship 8863 Transfer/Match report thread! THE THREE SPURS PLAYERS REVEALED!!! Ammar has revealed the three Tottenham Hotspur's players that will be leaving the club. The players are: Sebastian Bassong which completed his move to Lyon for 12 million. Robbie Keane that move to Palermo for 10 million. Peter Crouch which move to Fulham for 1.5 million + the first recruit of Ammar, Philippe Senderos. Ammar said, "I admire him (Senderos) for a long time. Senderos is a tenacious defender who is strong in the air and thrives on being given a run of games to prove himself. When Senderos plays, clean sheets are a regular occurrence and this is no coincidence. I also want to say thank you to Keane, Bassong and Crouch for all of their effort and sacrifice for this club. I wish them all the best for their future." We already see two strikers going out so we should expect one or two going in.
  7. Re: World Championship 8863 Transfer/Match report thread! THREE TOP PLAYERS LEAVING!!! Ammar has claim that three of his team's top players are already leaving by saying "I have receive offers from other clubs that will benefit the whole team. I won't reveal the players' name until the deal is done. We are also trying to recruit some world-class players at the moment". The question for now is this a good move? What if Ammar failed to bring those "world-class players" into the team? Only time will tell. P.S. I'm still looking for 90+ CB.:o:o
  8. Re: World Championship 8863 Discussions Thread Whos controlling Real Madrid? Please tell me because i'm interested in Ezequiel GARAY and Raul ALBIOL.:):)
  9. Re: World Championship 8863 Discussions Thread Anybody interested in these players? Woodgate 7m Bentley 12m Jenas 12m Pavlyuchenko 15m Might accept part exchange to any of these players Can do 2 players for 1 eg. Bentley + Jenas + cash = Mesut Ozil / Yoann Gourcuff Just see my squad and make offer to me :) P.S. U might notice that i put palacios in transfer list for a ridiculously high fee. It's because i doesnt want to sell him (unless u meet the fee).
  10. Re: World Championship 8863 Discussions Thread Well crouch and keane just been sold. the only striker for sale is Pavlyuchenko for 15mil. I accept part exchange too preferably cb 90+. (i may offer cash if the player offered is more expensive than pavlyuchenko):) Anybody has 90+ cb (i hope age not more than 26/27) thats for sale?
  11. Re: World Championship 8863 Discussions Thread
  12. Re: World Championship 8863 Discussions Thread ok... so whats ur offer? Is it a bit to much if i want Senderos in exchange of Crouch?
  13. Re: World Championship 8863 Discussions Thread OK thankz for telling me! So whats ur offer for crouch? and what is ur current team?
  14. Re: World Championship 8863 Discussions Thread What is part exchange and how does it work?(i'm sorry because i'm new to this game) I'm looking for a cb or forward atm
  15. Re: World Championship 8863 Discussions Thread sorry. i'm new to this game so i dont know how much to put. Anyway, i changed them already bentley at 12m and o'hara at 8m. Crouch is at 9m.
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