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  1. funnily enough I just came to check if you guys we're doing a league again this year.. haven't been very active on the form been really busy sadly. Guessing it might be to late which is fair enough but if you do have a drop out or a free space come up then feel free to hit me up! good luck with the league anyways guys so glad it's so near to kicking off!
  2. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League Will there be any space in this next season lads? played in the forum Auction one last season but enjoy the draft style more
  3. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread About to Stream on Twitch if anyone's interested - AaronDuffy05 Also has anyone else used Buffon? he's maybe the worst keeper i've used!
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Considering he's been given 164 minutes of league football this season & just one start I think this is pretty harsh, If he can score goals at Southampton he can score goals for you imo. Lambert isn't a impact players which is the capacity Rogers is currently using him in he's at his best when starting allowing him to wear down defenders and work his way into the game. I don't understand why you went and got him tbh it was a nice story but was never really going to work. Hopefully he does a Robbie Keane and departs sharpish. Agree with the points you made
  5. Re: Football Manager 2015 Been playing a AC Milan Save and having just won 7 games in a row have been sacked due to the squad harmony being low? in joint third pushing for 2nd never experienced this before!
  6. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Incredible come back by Detroit and that drama at the end was amazing to watch! Some of Staffords passes were poor today same with the interception by Ryan what on earth was he doing then?
  7. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.
  8. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Gonna try and stream again If any of you lads want to come and watch hopefully its less laggy than last time! Going to be playing with my French BSG Twitch is AaronDuffy05
  9. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I Don't think Southampton will finish top four however I can see them being top 6. As you have pointed out Ray they did lose to Spurs and Liverpool which have been there biggest tests in the league however both we're away and could of been a lot different with the way they played especially If Mane had scored the sitter he had in the Spurs game. Southampton don't need to win all the big games this year in my opinion to be in the mix they just need to do what a lot of the so called bigger teams don't do and that's win all the games against mid table and lo
  10. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread I'm Streaming on Twitch if any of you lads want to come and watch currently have 1 viewer haha its Twitch.tv/AaronDuffy05 would really appreciate it
  11. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Going for Packers Vs Chargers! Would you guys waiver Adrian Peterson in fantasy? Got him in one of my teams but can't see him returning!
  12. Re: ESPN Fantasy NFL League Decided to start Kendall Wright over Steve Smith SR... So dumb
  13. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread How do you even defend on this game? especially on FUT seems impossible Edit: does anyone else occasionally finish a game get all the way back to the menu's, then the result not show up on there record or season record? I've had this about 10 times not so irritating especially when you win!
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