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  1. has anyone else noticed that when in the "tactics" section on the site, when you click any of the "sort" feilds (e.g. rating) it takes forever to sort the players, with a squad of 130+ it takes about 15 seconds to complete on an Intel Core2Quad E6600, yet google chrome does this in less than 3 seconds? i think i came across something HERE that will help the developers (if anyone decides it is necessary, im unsure if im being incredibly anal, but it does get on my nerves tho)
  2. anyone else wreckon it would be a nice simple yet useful option to be able to Sort your Players by League they play in RL in the "Squad view" section? i wreckon it would be a good feature for people managing small teams who rely on buying and selling up and coming players to earn a little bit of transfer kitty funds.
  3. Re: Saul Niguez Happy 16th birthday Saul Niguez lol, just realised i have no 15yr olds in my youth squad anymore
  4. Re: Star Player Icon (reminder) all good ideas, if the text box makes it to gold status, could the simple star be in the free setup?
  5. Re: Star Player Icon (reminder) i use the same methods of the notepad, but i find that just complicates things, ive got notepad docs everywhere i login to sm, and that also means you have to sift through a list of players before u can confirm wether you can sell someone. im talking about my 90+ youth team after all, it wouldnt really effect people with like 30 players in their squad
  6. does anyone agree that it would be good if you you were able to put a star next to your players (mainly useful in unknown youth players) in the squad view? i have sold players who i had forgotten were pepped for good things, and regretted it later, i wreckon this could solve this problem.... eg.
  7. Re: next 90's next change lukaku(if his season picks up), bonucci im reluctant to put hazard, because ive not seen him this season
  8. i wreckon a Tickbox column in the "squad" view of your team would be a good addition, i for one have problems keeping hold of my future star youth players in my youth squad. when i get bids on my players i have to think wether they are my cash-cows or actual players i thought there was potential in, so i have had on a few occasions sold some of my prospects instead of cows and regretted it down the line. i wreckon the tickbox or atleast a highlight option would make sure this wouldnt happen. anyone like this idea ?
  9. Re: my ajax squad.... any fallers or risers? chygrynskiy has played 1976 minutes on the pitch this season, is that enough to warrant a drop? also zapata played 3082 minutes for udinese in 36 games, is that enough to warrant a drop?
  10. yo guys below is a list of my team... ive recently been shocked with a few fallers in one of my leagues which i thought i was pretty safe with regards to having no falling players... and i was wrong... so this is just more of clarification as to wether im correct on my most important league so that i get no more shockers... already fell victim to tymoshuk falling a point ive not been able to watch the european leagues like i used to due to my bandwidth restrictions on my internet atm. so im hoping one of you guys can set me straight cheers
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