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  1. Re: so... the English premier league is reviewed?

    thats what we thought' date=' but then England is still under "current leagues being reviewed" whilst Germany (which was reviewed around the same time as EPL) is expectedly over. England isnt. which i think means that some risers/droppers are yet to come for England.[/quote']

    it's finished , technical glitch...

  2. Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread

    I never knew Chile played such free-flowing football. A real joy to watch' date=' with flicks and the like. A very forward minded team, with lots of attacking minded players. They could cause an upset this Word Cup if they can maintain there form and keep Sanchez and Vidal fit..[/quote']

    Don't forget Isla ;)

  3. Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread

    True. So what' date=' you'd like to see Gerrard on the left, with Barry and Lampard in the middle, and then Lennon on the right? In all honesty I'd like to see this line up:


    Johnson Upson Terry Cole

    SWP/Lennon Lampard Barry Milner/Lennon/SWP



    Upson will play LCB and Terry will play RCB... Upson is left footed.

  4. Re: Vincent Enyeama: The next big thing?

    I'm sure most of you saw the 27 year old Nigerian' date=' Vincent Enyeama perform a few days ago against Argentina. He pulled off several absolutely stunning saves off Higuain and Leo Messi himself, and he has made quite a name for himself. I'd like to hear your views on his future. Do you think a big club will go for him, or [b']that his show was just a one-time fluke?[/b]

    it was not a fluke he always performs that way..

    He's been heavily linked with a move to sevilla and i think thats were he will end up as Palop isnt getting any younger.

  5. Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread

    i believe it will be a Germany Vs Brazil Final Like 2002

    But it will be Germany 2 - 0 Brazil , Ozil will 2 great goals then he gets subbed off on the 82nd minute and then later named Man Of The Match

    I'm A Little Annoyed with Ozil Though he's becoming an excellent player and he's been linked with Arsenal More than any club and after the world cup i think he will end up at a bigger club than arsenal and i'd rather he went there.

  6. Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread

    Cheers. I was quite surprised to see that Sibaya' date=' Parker and Masilela weren't starters actually. Can see the logic in giving Mphela the nod because he's more of a focal point for a 1 up front system I suppose, but Parker looked really lively at the Confed Cup last year.[/quote']

    I'm Sure Mphela is getting picked before Parker is because is Height and is very Physical ( Spelling ).. Also Mphela Was Top Goal Scorer last season 2009/10

    Bernard is a better finisher and faster.

    i think some of these players were rested because of their next game to be honest , they will defend better if this is the case.

  7. Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread

    Who are these 5 rested players out of interest? I only ask because predicted preferred the line-ups I saw pre-tournament were almost spot on. Only Khuboni and Masilela missed out' date=' and Masilela made it on at half time.[/quote']

    Sibaya , Khuboni , Masilela ( on at half time ) , Booth ( he was recently dropped but i don't know why he's better than Khumalo ) , Bernard ( on at 1 point of the game) and is better than Mphela

  8. Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread

    Is it just me or is everyone else also disappointed with the WC so far' date=' i mean except Germany all the other 10 matches have not passed the 2 goal mark. 14 goals in 900 minutes of match time is terrible, 1 goal per hour average.

    Another thing is the poor performance of the African teams, for a continent that never hosted the WC you would recon African teams would be more enthusiastic and have an edge on everyone else... they actually seem joyless. Lets wait for their biggest contender tomorrow, Ivory Coast.

    Im hoping it picks up the pace tomorrow with Brazil, but North-korea should be no walk over.[/quote']

    Well I Have to agree that South Africa Were poor but can you blame them.?

    They Rested 5 great players and also 1 was injured.

  9. Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread

    i rate Matip Better than Song..

    Matip Could Easily Be A 90+ Player by next season if he keeps his place.

    i said he could easily be 90+ by next season....

    i don't mean the new season that starts , end of next season sorry if you didn't understand me , also i didn't say 83 > 90

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