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  1. Glad it worked. Happy to help. Too bad nobody at SM does their job to be there for their customers. SMH
  2. Totally agree. Yet another example of how SM don't care at all about the game. Just making money. It's vomit inducting.
  3. Have you made sure you have the latest data pack selected? Not sure if it will help, but worth a try. Account Settings --> Community Data Packs
  4. Who do you mean? Dani Martin? He is definitely in the database. Rated 77.
  5. Neymar's location has no impact on Mbappe's rating. There is plenty of talent at PSG with or without Neymar.
  6. They really just don't care. SM does not care one bit about the game, just the profits. We keep playing anyway, so why invest in any actual improvements? But at least they don't even pretend to care. I mean, no easily found contact e-mail. Passed off soccerwiki to others to maintain. Let's face it. The SM business model is keep charging for the opening of custom game worlds, keep charging for people to select their preferred teams in Gold Championships, etc., and develop ways to charge people for the single-player version of SM and screw everything, and everyone, else. But have to give them credit, they are making money and we, being the poor saps we are, keep playing. SMFH.
  7. Really have to see where he ends up next season. As an overall talent, I view him as very good, but a bit limited upside. Probably about a 92-93 at the absolute best. Think of Carlos Casemiro. But again, that depends greatly on where he ends up next season for his club. He's not helped by his Ivory Coast going out in the quarters at AFCON despite him playing fairly well over their five matches nor their struggles to be a consistent World Cup Finals participant. In the end, every deal is about what you are getting in return, the quality of your squad around the players in discussion and the quality of the game world. Is Kessie replaceable in your team? In the game world? What are getting in exchange?
  8. If Trippier were really of the level, Spurs would not be so willing to let him go without a ready made replacement. Personally, I'd sell both and try to sign a player like Pereira, Lazaro, or Dumfries. All are true RBs, 25 or younger, rated 87 or higher and will likely see increases in their future.
  9. I like the Onana call, but would avoid Leno. Not playing CL, will see no time with his NT, and is stuck behind a truly awful defense that he will struggle to look good behind no matter how well he actually performs. Onana's issue is he is maxed out playing in The Netherlands as he is not even the #1 for his country, which makes no sense to me, but so it goes. As I shared elsewhere, I'd go after Maignan, who is an 89, in France, and will also be playing CL this season if looking for a young 88-91 rated GK.
  10. How high a ceiling mate? Gollini has great potential as he is an 87 right now, just got an increase and will be playing the CL this upcoming season. Nubel is an 86, but will be the #1 GK at Schalke this season. Farinez is an 85 and is rumored to be targeted by a few European clubs as he is already the Venezuela #1. A little higher rated is Lafont who will be back in France at Nantes and looking to take the next step forward as well as Maignan who is very good, has great potential, is already an 89 and will be playing CL football this season as well.
  11. Yes, out until mid-September at the earliest. His inability to stay healthy is why I am now willing to sell him if I get a decent deal brewing.
  12. Depending on how many players you have listed, bids usually start within a week at the most IF the playing season is happening. If you are in the pre-season period or post-season period, bids tend to dry up until the counting matches start again.
  13. I would take the MIlitao option in a heartbeat. Top young CB with ability to play RB as well. Best future by far of the three. And defenders are much more difficult to find than wings.
  14. Respectfully, we totally disagree. Bale can remain stable if he moves and plays. He will never get a rating rise again. No chance at all. And given his stance about moving, there is actually a chance he essentially done as a player.
  15. GK impacts are generally overrated. 2 points of GK rating is not worth Sterling or Kimmich.
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