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  1. Barcelona in The Committed (#218753) are available. It's actually quite a good side in a very good GW if I do say so myself. Interested parties feel free to apply, but we are selective. haha
  2. Barcelona in The Committed (#218753) are available. It's actually quite a good side in a very good GW if I do say so myself. Napoli is available as well and is also a pretty good side. Interested parties feel free to apply, but we are selective. haha
  3. France will next be reviewed in November/December. The big leagues get reviewed twice annually.
  4. Barcelona & Napoli in The Committed (#218753) are available. They are both good sides in a very good GW if I do say so myself. Interested parties feel free to apply, but we are selective. haha
  5. No originals thoughts, huh? That's ok. Most people don't nowadays. ;-)
  6. Not until Germany, or wherever he is playing, is reviewed again.
  7. None. It's a small snapshot of time. He's not suddenly an 89 rated player. And Germany was just done. If he has a great start to the season, maybe, just maybe he'll get an 89.
  8. Golovin and not particularly close in my mind.
  9. Ronaldo. He's maintaining his level. Don't give up Ronaldo at this point unless you are getting back a generational talent like him. Mbappe or Jesus for example. Or a truly top young defender like Kimmich or Varane. And then you'd still need a second piece IMHO.
  10. I wouldn't be ready to give up on Sanches yet, but his steps backward are concerning. I definitely hope the best for him.
  11. Or how about the players how didn't even get there this year. Some of who will get there. People like: Oblak or Hamsik or Pjanic or Aubameyang or the whole Chilean and Italian national teams? Ultimately, many consider Oblak to be among the top 2-3 GKs in the entire world, but since he'll likely never play in a World Cup, I guess everyone is wrong, right? haha
  12. We agree on the value of Godin. But Vermaelen underrated. Thanks for the laugh mate. I mean, he's not bad or unworthy, but he is clear second choice and a long ways from very good. He was once there. But no more. Similarly, I don't think you can consider Kompany very good anymore because of his health issues. Yes, he is clearly top-shelf when healthy, but how often is that? And how often do we get to see that? Part of any player being very good or above for me is the ability to be on the field. Many a good careers were ruined, or at least held back, by injury. Kompany looks to be part of that club unfortunately.
  13. Also an example of how quickly opinions can change. Remember when he first came up with Porto, he excelled and everybody loved him. Then he struggled for a couple of season and everyone said he was a failure. Then, he moves to Wolves, may have been the best player in the entire Championship last season and everybody loves him again. It's a fickle crowd those that watch the matches. haha
  14. Alderweireld though quality, struggled to stay healthy and play this past year. Vertonghen had perhaps his best season ever. Wonderful performance from him. Kompany is classy...the one month a year he is on the field at this point. And Vermaelen is second level at this point. It may be the most important tournament in the world though there are those who would argue the point. Still, 3 matches does not a player define. Is George Best not one of the all time greats for not even have played at a World Cup?
  15. I agree fully that Neves may end up being the best of the lot. Of course, though Portuguese, he is in England right now. But Neves is clearly a superior player and I hope he continues to develop after a fantastic year with Wolves. It'll be tough for him in the Premiership, but I think he's up for it.
  16. You are absolutely correct on the concept of team over talent though there must be talent in the team of course. Additionally, it helps when players are overlooked such as Patricio is for Portugal. IMHO, he is just a slight step off the very best in the world. Wolves will be very lucky to have him in goal next season. I'd have thought you would want Godin over Gimenez at this moment as he is clearly the superior player at this very moment. If you mean for the long-term, that certainly, the 10+ years in age difference makes it a different conversation. But I also don't disagree with your assertion of Pepe's quality either and consider him just on the back side of a superior career. As for Bentancur and Torreira, I'll take that bet. haha. Name 3 young CMs (aged 22 or younger) in Portugal better than those two right now because I think you have just shown your bias. :-) P. S. If you come back with Gamboa (Maritimo) or Tabata (Portimonense), that will be just plain silly. Xadas (Braga) is probably the best young MF in Portugal right now and he's not quite at the level of either Bentancur or Torreira.
  17. Understandably, opinions are frequently influenced by our passions. You are clearly a Portuguese fan and supported. I admire your passion for your country and for its players. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I hope you will recognize that given your passions, it is likely to be a biased opinion. As a neutral, I rank Godin higher than Pepe now, but will say that when Pepe was at his best with Madrid, he was something special. Bentancur and Torreira are both very talented young players, but still have a ways to go to be world class. I think Bentancur has the better chance of making that claim someday. I also think he has the better chance of flaming out and disappearing. As for Giminez, typical talented, but young defender. He must improve his positioning and reading of the game. But, the building blocks are certainly there.
  18. Barcelona in The Committed (#218753) are available. It's actually quite a good side in a very good GW if I do say so myself. Interested parties feel free to apply, but we are selective. haha
  19. Napoli and Roma are available in The Committed (#218753). Top league. 16 clubs total. Highly competitive. Clubs don't come available very often and it is only a couple games into the new season. We play 28 rounds. Apply quickly. I don't expect them to last very long. Cheers.
  20. Man City is available in The Committed (#218753). Make an offer of DM me if interested. Top game world. 16 clubs. Only Man City is available. No special rules of any kind. Must be an experienced hand ideally that knows someone in the game world, but that is not a requirement. Cheers.
  21. My suggestion is simply to make SM actually have a person who communicates openly with the people who play the game. You can't send an e-mail. Responses to reported bugs take days, if not weeks. Blatant cheating is ignored with no explanation provided. SM generates a lot of cash for the developers. Maybe they could invest a little and actually create a position that solves problems instead of ignores them.
  22. Yet another example of how SM is so incredibly poorly managed. Yet, we all continue to play. Surely, a bunch of trained monkeys could do better at making sure the site wasn't crashing all the time. And while I am sure the SM 2018 update is part of the problem, it is also due to inadequate server space. Notice, the site only crashes at peak usage times.
  23. Re: Game Updates & App Improvements Steven, Please let me share publicly that once again I very much appreciate your response. It is very nice to know that there is someone at SM that does truly care about the players (customers) feedback. For my experience, this would be a very positive change at SM and I am hopeful it is indicative of how it will be going forward. I will be in touch. Thank you, Tryn2Rtr
  24. Re: Game Updates & App Improvements Steven, I do appreciate your response. My point is not that the question is never asked, but rather it is rarely followed through on and when it is, the feedback provided is ignored due to the change already being implemented. A perfect example was when SM started offering the opportunity for people to reserve GC clubs, which then lead to the creation of a new Gold Championship every 2-3 days. This has in fact ruined many GCs as people left in droves from older GCs because they could get better clubs in the new GCs being formed. Look at the percentage of clubs owned in individual GCs. I left GC 19 when it went from having near 100 owners to now having 45. Or GC 100 which is down to 59 owners. And it goes on illustrating that I am far from the only person who has done this. And despite negative feedback being shared on the forum consistently, nothing changed and SM has now formed over 200 GCs in the past 18 months or so after forming 160 in 5 years or so. And even the new GCs are not well populated...GC 410, just a month or so old has less than 100 owners. GC 417, just 2 new GCs back has only 139 owners and GC 333 has only 45 owners. Another example is the match engine. So many of us have been complaining about this for years now. Yes, years. Yet, we are now being told that it is finally to be improved. I hope it will as to this point, most of us can't help but feel ignored about this issue. And Kickstarter does illustrate my point once again. I appreciate greatly that you are listening to the community feedback about the project and making changes to improve the project. My question would be: Why wasn't this feedback collected prior to putting the project on Kickstarter to begin with? That is the perfect microcosm of the problems SM has. Great idea, not enough prep work, poor roll-out, now it has to be fixed. Steven, again, I have been a very active SM player for over 5 years now. I'd love to see you proven correct in your comments as it would mean the game and SM service has been greatly improved. However, Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." So, please excuse me as given my experience with SM, I remain skeptical at best.
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