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  1. Re: Russian Premier League Ratings & Analysis looked sapera up he's not on the db , realised its sapeta your spelling mistake And i how sure are you about Medvedev getting a 6+?
  2. Re: Russian Premier League Ratings & Analysis yep , the only good risers i have are dyadyun , malyarov , galuilin and schennikov for russia
  3. Re: Yevhen KONOPLYANKA ~ Ukrainian Messi? i'm buying this guy in a competitive setup quite alot of cash not saying cos its a forumer im bidding against will he rise over atleast 3+ then?
  4. Re: First look at the 2010 Brasileiro risers now that the changes are here , are you updating this ?
  5. Re: Biggest risers ?? refering to Ozyakup from arsenal?
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Nacer Barazite is on trial at Rangers ( SPL ) , and could feature tonight.
  7. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  8. Re: First Premier League manager to get sacked? went for holloway , bets on blackpool getting relegated before christmas.
  9. Re: Colombian Rating Predictions. dermo i see u have uribe down for a rise but hasnt he moved club so wont get a rise ?
  10. Re: any 10k risers coming up theres actually a chance he can get over 20+ rise.
  11. Re: urgent i would do this deal , Lukaku wont get 90 while at belgium ( i dont think he will be there long) and the next changes if muller does what he has being doing all season 90 is easy for him then will keep going up but Lukaku maybe a better prospect
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread this probably will be the squad but arshavin will play through the pain , so change vela and put arshavin on anyway it will be a tough game due to liverpool having a new manager etc and i think it could end as a draw.
  13. Re: External bids pretty sure its 10 in the morning and 5 at night , but if its a new gameworld sometimes you cant get offers for ur players until u have played 1 game in the season
  14. Re: any 10k risers coming up pedro franco 70 > 81/82 , omar vasquez 70 > 80 you probably wont get them though as the changes wil happen tommoro or something lol
  15. Re: Emmanuel Frimpong cant be added untill he's played proper games as friendlys dont count
  16. Re: Polish Ekstraklasa - Ratings/Moneymakers
  17. Re: Polish Ekstraklasa - Ratings/Moneymakers what happened to this ? " Mateusz Siebert 75->79/80 " is it because he moved club , will i need to send a ticket in?
  18. Re: England Squad Announced have my reasons for that , and why go off topic?
  19. Re: England Squad Announced huddlestone is awfull thanks to capello he knows that
  20. Re: Official Arsenal Thread wilshere getting called up to england is a bad idea , now that this is happened he will turn out like walcott.
  21. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis
  22. Re: Official Arsenal Thread i'd rather win 1 trophy a year to make us stronger , wenger should atleast try to win the fa cup or the carling cup..
  23. Re: The English (Mainly Premier) League Thread breaking news fabregas has confirmed he is staying at arsenal on skysportsnews godsake :mad:
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