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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Not trying to seem Anti-Arsenal' date=' but...

    Does any-body else agree that with Fabbers, RVP, Arshavin and Vermaelen, Arsenal would be no-where near top 4?

    I mean:






    Isn't exactly world class.

    Still got talent and depth up front though, but a consistent winger would help, two good CBs, another creative CM, one more world class DM, and a keeper...Thats 6 players...

    I heard Tasci and Mertesacker could come in.

    They would be good signings...[/quote']

    get back to ur yid thread , you talk so much garbage.

  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    So whats Gallas up to? Is he training with Arsenal still or any team even?

    Hope we sign a top CB sharpish' date=' I know the L Warsaw game was only a friendly but it still looks the same Arsenal side with the chewy soft centre... cant help feel it will be same old story this season.[/quote']

    if you watched the game carefully vermaelen was awfull

  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Two things stil lare wrong.

    1) With the team you have now and the quality (no offence of course)' date=' you'd be playing this game for decades before seeing your young Dutch players being good enough to get Sniejder or RVP.

    2) If you ARE good enough to do these deals, you'd still be giving your better Dutch players away. You can't build a good Dutch squad if you have to give these Dutch players away in PE's.

    3) What if a new Dutch player was added to the database: Ozyakup. Big talent. You buy him and he rises to 92 within two years. So what? You have to keep your good Dutch player, so you still have nothing to give for Sneijder.

    In short, you need (many) foreign risers to build a financially strong team and to have something to give in exhange for Dutch players without giving away Dutch players yourself.[/quote']

    good to hear Ozyakup in an example :) great talent

  4. Re: urgent

    should i swap my lukaku with muller thx will be repped

    i would do this deal , Lukaku wont get 90 while at belgium ( i dont think he will be there long) and the next changes if muller does what he has being doing all season 90 is easy for him then will keep going up

    but Lukaku maybe a better prospect ;)

  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Who do you think will be out for the season opener? The papers always blow things out of proportion and I have no clue who in your squad is fit and who isn't so I wanted to ask you if you have any inside information. Bendtner & Ramsey are out for sure and I've read that there are concerns over Fabregas' date=' RVP, Diaby, Denilson, Arshavin, Djourou and Song. As a Liverpool fan I'd love to see this as your midfield & attack:



    Wilshere - Nasri


    For the rest of the season I wish you all the best and I hope you finish above Chelsea and United:)

    this probably will be the squad but arshavin will play through the pain , so change vela and put arshavin on :P

    anyway it will be a tough game due to liverpool having a new manager etc and i think it could end as a draw.

  6. Re: External bids

    does anyone know what time bids from external clubs come in at?

    i know i happens twice a day but i can't remember the times

    pretty sure its 10 in the morning and 5 at night , but if its a new gameworld sometimes you cant get offers for ur players until u have played 1 game in the season

  7. Re: England Squad Announced

    Micah Richards has no positional sense and a pea sized brain (and that's being generous). If anyone even thinks he should be in the England squad then you should get yourself checked asap. Brown without being a world beater got better and better the season we won the CL but has struggled with injuries since. He is gazillion times better than Richards ever will be.

    I am disgusted as to why Huddlestone was ignored and Barry was picked:rolleyes:

    Robinson is very dodgy so good riddance. Hopefully Green gets recalled

    huddlestone is awfull thanks to capello he knows that :)

  8. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis

    valencia got him on a free transfer' date=' hes unlikely to start with jaqouin, hernadez and mata in the side, would p/e with another talent such as adam johnson, bale, james rodriguez;)[/quote']

    dont forget jordi alba.. feghouli will hardly get any time at valencia.

  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Hopefully all the players will win this season not only for themselves or the fans but for Fabregas. Cause maybe a prem title and champions league is enough to make him stay longer :P

    i'd rather win 1 trophy a year to make us stronger , wenger should atleast try to win the fa cup or the carling cup..

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