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  1. Re: Summer 2010 free agents lol , this is funny
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread frimpong great as usual , he's made no mistakes in all the firnedlys he's played so could impress wenger when song gets banned or injured i hope frimpong gets the chance there rather than denilson..
  3. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 fofana was linked with arsenal and chelsea today
  4. Re: Keepers or Sellers, some top youngsters looking to rise again.
  5. Re: Avatar of the Week Voting | Section 5 voted number 1 , who's is it?
  6. Re: Di Maria replacement as some have already said valencia etc i would say your best bet is valencia in all honesty great performer for utdlast season , and if he does the same this season ( probable will ) and he will get another 1+
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread nasri , what a free kick 2-0 nasri both goal scorers
  8. Re: Future Arsenal XI? aneke and simpson no chance... sanchez watt no chance.. vela and walcott no chance... frimpong hell yeah nordtveit is a natural CB But wenger has put himin the rb position for all the friendlys , bartley maybe.. miquel doubt it , gibbs yesss ramsey and wilshere yess.. i know the players i said have no chance but there the ones thatt dont show the class the players have already at the same age.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread nasri scores 1-0
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Sturm Graz Vs Arsenal - Link >> http://www.iraqgoals.tv/ch1.html just about to kick off
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread well me and i think its just over 80 on facebook that have to disagree but wenger wants to keep fabregas.. Facebook : Get Fabregas Out. I Know alot of people that want him out because we want to strengthen our squad.. if we sell fabregas we can make our squad hell of alot stronger... chelsea and man utd could use there 2nd team and still finish above us... thats why we need to make our squad stronger rather than having a few good players on the pitch and the rest ruining it for us and its not just fabregas im talking about here.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread i dont understand why everyone wants to keep a player that doesnt want be with us... i say we get rid and make our team better... our team CANNOT compete with the likes of chelsea , man utd in all honesty our squad is very weak because we only have 1 playmaker and thats fabregas , nasri dont count cos he's usually on the wings... we need 2 playmakers to go forward and just leave song back with the defence.. also i dont know how many times ive said this but wenger has to buck up his tactics , if you have watched arsenal for the last 2 season watch what our 2 wingbacks do... they go forward and dont come back quick enough then we concede... man utd and chelsea counter attack us all the time because we leave our 2 wing back forward
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread this is on skysports news aswell m8.. it is true what xavi is saying
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread any1 looking forward to todays game ? i am , hopefully frimpong starts i will post a link later on if anyone is interested , ill be back just before the game starts byee..
  15. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? pretty sure he's in for a rise better check the russian changes on this thread http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=66381
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread ive got this wrong lol? other day i read on ssn that madrid had agreed a fee lol oh well.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread liverpool look closer and closer to buy taiwo now.. athletico madrid and liverpool are the only teams that have been linked with taiwo and now athletico madrid have agreed a fee for filipe they wont need a lb.
  18. Re: Brasileiro Review AND Class of risers - 2010/11 (Some already on DB) cheers m8..
  19. Re: Legends XI! Arsenal XI! David Seaman Lee Dixon - Tony Adams - Keown - Winterburn Pires - Parlour - P.Vieira - Ljungberg Henry - Bergkamp would have liked to put some new players in but there not really legend yet because theyve only been with the club for like 1 - 3 years lol.
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