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  1. Re: The Walking Dead (includes spoilers) how OLD do I feel. Ed.. I shared a laugh at the Rk's expense on that one.
  2. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Is the ref on drugs? Gives a penalty with Wickham making a foul as last man, and doesn't show the red.
  3. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Lukaku is only 21... and developing. He's been playing with an injury. I agree at present 28m looks like a heck of a lot of money, but we will always get that back if we sold him as he's young, an international and is a solid scorer.
  4. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread I didn't realise that all the teams in here had been taken again. There are no unmanaged teams... a couple on offer but that's it! Unreal considering how long the GW has been going. In other news, Barca hanging on to the top 5 by the skin of their teeth... disappointing exit to Munich in the Champions cup. Looking to do some deals. Looking for higher rater players, and will offer two of mine to secure them, so long as it's fair. Anything 93 up considered. Please get in touch.
  5. Re: Official Everton FC Thread So pleased we are playing some quality. Don't want to watch some second rate tosh... cannot wait to get to the games
  6. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Hard to judge really. Moyes was given a shoestring but did well. Robbies been given more than any other manager we've had. Don't get me wrong I think Martinez is by far the better footballing minded manager.
  7. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Everton... with some depth. Finally Bill backs a manager.
  8. Re: Official Everton FC Thread All I have to say is Robbie has brought in a different calibre of player, the type that Moyes was unable to attract. Best window for us in my lifetime... if we hadn't had the Barkley injury, I'd be actually very excited about our prospects now. As it stands I think we can build on last season and push for 4th this time round.
  9. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Great post dude. KJH has been a goal machine for my boys since I bought him. He consistently bags. We ae so close to a third crack at the playoffs. Need to get back in the top flight!
  10. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Just what we didn't need! Happy with a point against Leicester. Didn't turn up in the second half, happy not to have lost though. Gutted about Barkley. Massive loss to us.
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread This sums up the state of the game now. Shame. Real shame.
  12. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Nailed it there Jack. He'll move abroad in 3 years I think if he continues to improve at his current rate. To one of the Italian or Spanish big sides. Can't see him playing for another club in England.
  13. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Didn't post in here, just incase I woke up and Big Bill had decided it was all a joke. Great bit of business. I think people forget how young he is. At his age, he's scored more leage goals than almost any other world class striker had at the same age. That includes Van Persie, Eto'o, Huntellaar, Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Rooney, Neymar... It's just because he's been touted as the next big thing for 6 years now since he was 15 at Anderlecht. With his ability I can't see how this won't be a sound investment. If he continues to improve, his value will only go up over the next 2-3 years. Very happy with the signing.
  14. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Besic and Barry... that's midfield centrally sorted. Just need a winger and two strikers now.
  15. Re: Official Everton FC Thread For £4m to get someone who can cover DM and CB... fanastic. Hope he signs.
  16. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Bony's had a very good world cup, hes been solid when Ive watched him play. I think you'd be commanding around £20m for him... so like you say fella, unless a big gun comes in financially he's yours. Lukaku on the other hand... best thing in the world for us he spent most of the WC on the bench... not inflated his price at all. I hope we get a player of Lukaku/Bony's presence.
  17. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Is it just me or would you rather see Stones and Distin...
  18. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Love it. Will be investing
  19. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Just rejecting West Ham in GC 97. Not your usual. 95 - Lahm 94 - Cavani, Di Maria 93 - Alaba 91 - Garay 90 - Alves, Howedes, Isla, Osvaldo Other noteables, Costa, Xhaka, Fernando, Laporte, Rafhina, Redmond, Zaha, Gnabry, and lots more. Please come see Villarreal for deals.
  20. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread
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