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  1. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Wow. Just Wow. Rooney - United Fellaini - United Arteta - Arsenal Rodwell - City Lescott - City And this is in recent times... and these guys are all playing champions league. You sir. Are a prize muppet.
  2. Re: Official Everton FC Thread If he's free... that'll do nicely. To be fair a 7 year old one legged blind Guadalupian child would be better on the wing than Naismith..... but McGeady will do fine Another striker, a midfielder and a centre half and we'll be looking quite strong.
  3. Re: Official Everton FC Thread GET IN!!!!!! 3 minutes left. COME ON YOU BLUES
  4. Re: Official Everton FC Thread cant watch. We deserve a point today! So nervous
  5. Re: Official Everton FC Thread I know. Absolute fluke that one. Just stood there lol.
  6. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Stoke playing 8-1-1 They are horrible to watch lol. Pieters again though.
  7. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Just unlucky... the bar and the post.... some great last ditch tackles from Eric Pieters...
  8. Re: Official Everton FC Thread How are we not winning this! Playing really well, just poor defending that cost us the goal.
  9. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Adam, your defence of Naismith makes me sad lol. I'm 6'3 and would win headers... and work hard, but I'm not good enough to play for Everton lol Agree totally on Osman. He's same frame as Peanuts, and looks great in the AM role, but he's not going to play there with Barkley in our squad.
  10. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Look at my squad, let me know what you want.
  11. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Barca started the new campaign with a 3-3 draw against west Ham... really need to shore up this defence. If anyone's selling a 92+ CB please let me know.
  12. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Really impressed with how we played with pretty much our weakest starting 1st team this season. No Jagielka, Howard, Barry, Pienaar or Mirallas starting... Was super impressed by the way Southampton played, felt they did deserve something from the game but Coleman's rocket was worthy of winning any game. Ramirez's shot was heavy... but Robles made a right meal of it...should have saved it. Glad we've got that game out of the way... edgy performance, but Barkley was immense again, Baines got 90 mins (had a shocker) Alcaraz had an impressive debut, McCarthy marshalled the middle of the park, and we've hit top four by year end.... unless Liverpool win. Had you said we'd be here last August, I'd have ripped your arm off! More worried about Coleman leaving than Baines at this moment!
  13. Re: Official Everton FC Thread I don't deny he touched him.... but what Ki did was throw himself to the ground... January... hmmm. ...Agree we need another winger.... and feel we need another CM. Distin looks ageless to me mate... I think he'll do another season at this level. I'd sell Naismith, Jelly and Heitinga, but a winger, cM and CF.... End of the season... we could look at a LB. I read that Barca have said Delofeu is to go back at the end of the season, deffo... which was disappointing. If we got into the CL... would lukaku want to stay? Would Jose sell him?
  14. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Tough watching today. Lost any respect I had for Ki. He was faintly touched but took the dive to reduce us to ten. Absolute scummer.
  15. Re: Official Everton FC Thread It's going to be a good game! I think it's going to have a few goals!
  16. Re: Official Everton FC Thread You've got a lot of injuries too haven't you? I read, Dyer, Vorm, Michu, Rangel and more are out... is that right?
  17. Re: Official Everton FC Thread What do you think the score will be on Sunday pal?
  18. Re: GC150 - The Forum Invasion / Choose the League! Well I'm into the playoffs final... fingers crossd I win.. it's against an unmanaged. If I go up.. I'm going to sell the whole squad and start the rebuild to get in some higher rated players, as I'm not going up with an 84/85 rated team. Your team is REALLY looking nice!
  19. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Just rejecting Arsenal in GC178 95 - RVP, Thiago Silva 94 - Higuain, Cavani 93 - Suarez, 92 - Snjeider 91 - Walcott, Kaka, Mertesaker, 90 - Dembele, Ramsey, Essien, Vermaelen + Henderson, Callejon, Sczchsney, Bartra and more. Please see Dortmund if you'd like to deal...
  20. Mike H

    Ec 30,000!

    Re: Ec 30,000! Count me in.
  21. Re: GC150 - The Forum Invasion / Choose the League! Seen you sign Butland the other day... was SOOOOOOO jelly lol. I just didn't have enough. Still at Stockport... hoping to move into D2 by next season.
  22. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Hadn't followed his progress... how's he doing?
  23. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers Dortmund and Bayerns will be available very shortly.... need some good managers to keep this GW going!
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