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  1. Re: Riferimento: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013 buy and keep the ones in bold
  2. Re: Riferimento: Re: 1 billion youth team
  3. Re: 1 billion youth team Also mate you have been around for time, how the hell is my youth team not even worth 500M yet? Any thoughts on that?
  4. Re: 1 billion youth team Nice one mate. Thanks for that.
  5. Re: 1 billion youth team Good for you. Well done.
  6. Re: 1 billion youth team I obviously did, I just don't see how that adds anything to the thread. Do you know anyone to join the list?
  7. Re: 1 billion youth team Fair enough, anyone to join the list?
  8. Re: 1 billion youth team Cool it is your opinion. do you know anyone to join the list?
  9. Re: Riferimento: Re: 1 billion youth team
  10. Re: 1 billion youth team I have not posted on here for a while so as we are at the end of the season thought it would be a good idea to post now. I have made some purchases to the youth squad, and currently own 130 youth players. I'm a little bit dubious I will actually get to the £1 billion mark, as my youth squad is now worth £349.4 (not even half ) and I'm currently paying £1.442M in wages plus the £900.000 to the first team to keep this up. The wages are killing me. So if you care to have a look and tell me what players I should sell and suggest any youth players worth buying I would really appreciate it. Any other tips in how to reach the billion mark would also be appreciated. Thanks. SCHURRLE, André Wing/Fwd 21 90 £12.3M WALKER, Kyle RB 21 89 £9.4M MUSACCHIO, Mateo CB 21 89 £9.4M WILSHERE, Jack CM 20 89 £12.6M ERIKSEN, Christian AM/CM 20 89 £12.6M PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos CB/DM 20 88 £9.8M HENDERSON, Jordan CM/RM 21 88 £8.1M COURTOIS, Thibaut Gk 20 88 £9.6M LUCAS, Moura AM/Wing 19 88 £9.9M VARANE, Raphaël CB/DM 19 87 £6.8M TER STEGEN, Marc-André Gk 20 87 £6.4M GUNDOGAN, Ilkay CM/DM 21 87 £5.1M AHAMADA, Ali Gk 20 87 £6.4M FIRMINO, Roberto AM 20 87 £6.5M DE BRUYNE, Kevin Wing/AM 20 87 £6.5M ISCO, Alarcón AM/Wing 20 87 £6.5M DANILO, Luiz RB/Mid 20 87 £6.6M ANANIDZE, Jano AM/Wing 19 86 £5.6M CLASIE, Jordy CM/DM 20 86 £5.5M MAHER, Adam CM/AM 18 86 £5.8M OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex Wing/AM 18 86 £5.8M SAVIC, Stefan CB/RB 21 86 £4.3M DRAXLER, Julian AM/Wing 18 86 £5.8M TORE, Gökhan Wing/AM 20 86 £5.5M MONTOYA, Martín RB 21 86 £4.3M DE VRIJ, Stefan CB/RB 20 86 £5.6M EL SHAARAWY, Stephan Wing/Fwd 19 86 £5.6M ROBERTO, Sergi AM 20 85 £4.6M MUSA, Ahmed Fwd/Wing 19 85 £4.7M RODRIGUEZ, Ricardo LB 19 85 £4.8M LASOGGA, Pierre-Michel CF 20 85 £4.5M MARTÍNEZ, Iñigo CB 20 85 £4.7M WICKHAM, Connor Fwd/Wing 19 84 £3.9M CHANTURIA, Giorgi Wing/Fwd 19 84 £3.9M SON, Heung-Min Fwd/Wing 19 84 £3.9M TORRES, Érick CF/AM 19 84 £3.9M VAN GINKEL, Marco AM/Fwd 19 84 £3.9M OBI, Joel CM/LM 20 84 £3.8M NASTASIC, Matija CB 19 84 £4.0M KALAS, Tomás CB 19 84 £4.0M MERKEL, Alexander CM/AM 20 83 £3.1M MIYAICHI, Ryo Wing/Fwd 19 83 £3.2M CAMPBELL, Joel CF 19 83 £3.1M DEULOFEU, Gerard Wing/Fwd 18 83 £3.3M ZOUMA, Kurt CB/RB 17 83 £3.4M VAN AANHOLT, Patrick LB/LM 21 83 £2.3M MARTINS INDI, Bruno CB/LB 20 83 £3.1M CARRILLO, André Wing/Fwd 20 83 £3.1M THIEVY, Bifouma Fwd/Wing 20 83 £3.1M COOSEMANS, Colin Gk 19 83 £3.1M NIANG, M'baye Fwd/Wing 17 83 £3.3M LANZINI, Manuel AM/Wing 19 83 £3.2M FREI, Kerim Wing/AM 18 82 £2.6M RUIDIAZ, Raul Fwd/Wing 21 82 £1.8M FARAONI, Marco Davide RB/RM 20 82 £2.5M BOILESEN, Nicolai LB/CB 20 82 £2.5M OLIVEIRA, Nélson CF 20 82 £2.4M JUANMI, López Fwd/AM 18 82 £2.6M KELVIN, Mateus Fwd/AM 18 82 £2.6M HENRIQUE, Nascentes CF 20 82 £2.4M MEUNIER, Thomas Fwd/AM 20 80 £1.5M POLO, Andy Fwd/Wing 17 80 £1.6M DODO, Ribeiro LB/LM 20 80 £1.5M ALHASSAN, Masahudu LB 19 80 £1.6M UMTITI, Samuel CB 18 80 £1.6M OCAMPOS, Lucas LM/Wing 17 80 £1.6M ANDERSON, Felipe AM/Wing 19 80 £1.5M ALCACER, Paco Fwd 18 80 £1.6M THY, Lennart CF 20 79 £1.1M CIRIGLIANO, Ezequiel CM/DM 20 78 £850k EDUARDO, Luiz CB/LB 19 78 £900k RAMALHO, Jonás CB/RB 18 78 £920k ARAUJO, Sergio CF 20 78 £840k HOYOS, Michael AM/Wing 20 78 £850k ANTEI, Luca CB 19 78 £900k KAYA, Semih CB 21 78 £680k LIMBOMBE, Anthony Wing/AM 17 77 £650k RAZAK, Abdul CM 19 77 £620k DE SCIGLIO, Mattia RB/RM 19 77 £630k KOZLOV, Aleksandr CF 19 77 £610k MARTINS, Luís LB 19 77 £630k FRYERS, Ezekiel LB/CB 19 77 £630k VILHENA, Tonny AM/CM 17 77 £650k GINTER, Matthias DM/CB 18 77 £640k ANDRADA, Esteban Gk 21 77 £520k VERRATTI, Marco CM/DM 19 76 £410k HAZARD, Thorgan AM/Wing 19 76 £410k SAMPIRISI, Mario CB/RB 19 76 £420k HENRÍQUEZ, Ángelo Fwd/Wing 18 76 £420k DYBALA, Paulo Fwd/Wing 18 76 £420k FLORES, Édison Wing/Fwd 18 76 £430k WISDOM, Andre CB 19 75 £280k VESELI, Frédéric CB 19 75 £280k GANZ, Simone CF 18 75 £290k COULIBALY, Souleymane CF 17 75 £300k CAIO, Rodrigo DM 18 75 £290k LUKAKU, Jordan LM/Wing 17 75 £300k BERIC, Robert CF 20 75 £270k WEISER, Mitchell RM/Wing 18 75 £290k ALVES, Tiago CF 19 75 £280k CAN, Emre CM/DM 18 75 £290k HINOSTROZA, Paulo CM 18 75 £290k OBIANG, Pedro CM 20 75 £270k SEPÚLVEDA, Andrés CB/LB 19 75 £280k JANKOVIĆ, Filip AM/CM 17 75 £300k KOVACIC, Mateo AM/CM 18 75 £290k BENNETT, Mason CF 15 75 £300k ALVES, Júlio AM/CM 20 75 £270k MARKOVIC, Lazar Fwd/Wing 18 75 £290k AKSENTIJEVIC, Nikola RB/RM 19 75 £280k CRYSTIAN, Carvalho RB/RM 19 75 £280k SITUM, Mario Fwd/Wing 20 75 £270k TASSI, Lorenzo AM/Fwd 17 75 £300k CABALLERO, Mauro Fwd 17 75 £300k SUÁREZ, Denís AM 18 75 £290k LEALI, Nicola Gk 19 75 £280k YESIL, Samed CF 17 75 £300k GRIMALDO, Alejandro LB/LM 16 75 £300k IBE, Jordan Wing/Fwd 16 75 £300k BENZIA, Yassine Wing/Fwd 17 75 £300k BIJEV, Villyan CF 19 74 £180k SKRABB, Simon AM/Wing 17 73 £110k MURG, Thomas Fwd/Wing 17 73 £110k SCOUGALL, Stefan AM/Wing 19 72 £50k OJALA, Matias AM 17 72 £50k SIBBALD, Craig Mid 16 70 £10k POWELL, Nick AM/Fwd 18 70 £10k ELMI, Iidle Wing 17 70 £10k LECOINTE, Matt Fwd 17 70 £10k FISHER, Tom CF 19 70 £10k
  11. Re: New Setup (Name To Be Small To Big Boys) Sign Up Here! Did this setup actually start or not?
  12. Re: Abate for Gregory VAN DER WIEL OR Łukasz Piszczek?
  13. Re: Abate for Gregory VAN DER WIEL OR Łukasz Piszczek?
  14. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread DP I do find your sig hilarious, shall I remind you of Paulinho Santos being carried out on a stretcher giving the "thumbs up" to Porto bench? Saying that Benfica is a disgrace coming from a supporter of a club that is well knowned in Portugal and internationally for being linked with corruption and all sorts of dirty tactics is nothing less than hilarious.
  15. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  16. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Yeah that what I though. He would have to be making a lot of money in wages to get a 15m payout on a two year contract. And I was thinking there is no way he would be making that kind of money at porto. The math just didnt add up so I though I would ask a Porto fan what the deal is. Dont know about him being sensible or not mate. Usually sensibility and conscience are two things easily forgotten and overlooked when big sums of money are at stake. Especially if he leaves with bad feelings towards Porto, he might very well demand the total sum that he is untitled to.
  17. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Very happy days if you support Benfica!!! Academica actually played well, whilst Porto were a joke. Porto reminded me of Sporting last year. Also is it true that if Porto want to sack VP they will have to pay him 15m? I heard something about that but have not actually read any article about it so just wondering if you know anything about this?
  18. Re: Ryans Sigs - Requests Thanks I think I got it now! Mate thanks again, like I said in my first post I did in fact try to have a go at this first oposite to coming straight on here and ask someone to do it for me and downloaded stuff like paint.net and followed the tutorials that I could find, I even spent hours working on my benfica randem or rendem or whatever you call it, going with the little rubber around the edges and stuff like that but it just looked like ****, I wish I could send it to you or post it on here just so that you would laugh for a while but SM does not even let me do that as it says the file is too big. I was so gutted hence me really appreciating what you have done for me. I bloody love my sig and will keep it for time! thanks for your time and effort mate!
  19. Re: Ryans Sigs - Requests OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Mate you are a beast!!! :D :D It turned out even better then what I had imagined!!! :D :D Are you seriously apologising after you have made such outstanding work??? Dont worry about it, seriously. I ******* love it, its absolutely brilliant! :D I could not be happier about the sig. Thank you so much mate. Repped as hell!
  20. Re: Chrisitan Eriksen 89 for now, then much more then that! he needs to get out of ajax and play in a better league. but he has won Denmark Player of the Year last year and has scored 3 and made 7 assists for Ajax this season already! He is a superstar in the making but needs to play at a better team which should happen in January or in the end of this season.
  21. Re: DI MARIA for my HULK + COENTRAO? Not a problem mate. No ofense taken.
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