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  1. You did well considering how weak your club's national players are. Hopefully Jack will do good on loan and Dempsey keeps his rating a bit longer. Regarding Armenian, I was a bit nervous all the way until the bid was accepted, always thinking someone would think of him in the last moment. Let's hope Russia will start a revolution ahead of WC.
  2. So, Russian team is complete with a couple of domestic transfers to be completed, but foreigners are already training with the club. Didn't manage to bring in top Eastern European stars like Modric, Rakitic, Pjanic and/or Matić, but I like the players that I've bought instead. Arsenal Tula's squad should look like this: ------------------------Cech---------------------------- Shishkin---Fernandes---Khacheridi---Kombarov -------------------Kampl----Ilicic---------------------- -------Konoplyanka--Dzagoev--Mkhitaryan------ ------------------------Dzeko------------
  3. I have 2 free teams in my game world 87+  its very competitive with 2 divisions (10 teams each). You can only buy players up until 80 and must sell them when they reach 87. Would you like to join ?

    1. RockyRocastle


      Thanks for the invite, mate, but I'm full at the moment.

  4. It has longterm potential due to Div 1's relegated teams, each and every season there will be a top player available. And the top teams don't have an advantage at the start of the season.
  5. Stipe, managing Eintracht in Nette Dynasty. At first I thought about taking Austrian club, but then I realized I missunderstood the rules. Austria has only 1 90+ player and that team wouldn't be comparable to a German one for example. I thought every team could go after every player from the list of their nations. Nevermind.
  6. Has it already started? And how many spots are left? I love Jason's gws (like Nette Dynasty), so I'd like to join if no transfers have been made so far...
  7. Eintracht's newest signing ahead of the new season! Josip Iličić He will be a part of midfield trio alongside Modrić and Kovačić.
  8. Very satisfied with my newest signing, PE Aubameyang. It seems likely to me that division champs will get most of the 95+ rated forwards at the end of the season, so I had to bring in a good striker with a possible rise in the near future.
  9. Chennaiyin FC Starting XI Cech Otamendi---Miranda---Dante---Evra Pogba---Carrick Perišić-------------Valbuena Mandžukić---------Giroud Reserves Neto Jallet---Fuego---Fonte---Adnan F. Melo---Sturaro Kruse----------------X. Prieto Meier------Lovren
  10. Good luck, Huddo. It's a shame really about your bad start, it would've been easier if you had gotten at least one 90+ player... Di Maria for me was MOTM in 3 or 4 games already.
  11. Honestly I did not expect such a win, but am satisfied though. It's not over yet regarding division champ, and I'm still 6 points away from another transfer. This is really one of the best gws currently.
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