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  1. Re: Site speed so poor did they remove the chat or is that from me? anyways the site seems to be working better now then it did the last couple of days
  2. Re: NEW TACTICAL OPTIONS : Realism is must....!Complete Changeover. these suggestions are great but for sm to implement them i think they will need a new engine or to rework the current one and i dont think they will but i wish they did all the best!
  3. Re: 'New' Match engine anytime soon?? i think u will have to wait another 5 years before they do anything about it
  4. Re: Player position change? WHAT WERE THEY BEFORE?? why do u need the posistion they where before the change:confused:, its not like they can be used on that position anymore if they were changed
  5. Re: Is 95 the right rating for Rooney ? he deserves 96 at least he is much better than other players that have higher rating:)
  6. Re: Classic Championships nice idea but i don't think they will implement it in the game,a shame thought i would love to play in these championships
  7. Re: Gold Championship Format not a bad ideea it would be nice to see it implemented
  8. Re: Sahin for nani + 30 mil ? yes u should go for suarez and sahin
  9. Re: Top Managers rewards and recognition it would be nice to have a ranking sistem implemented instead of just the 50 ones but the free membership thing i really doubt that they will put a thing like that:D
  10. Re: Having Scoring Problems, What am I doing wrong? go for 3-5-2 standard and u will score enough
  11. Re: 3 part Mega deal, who wins? i suggest u do the xavi and robben ones, and keep neymar he will be a star
  12. Re: 'New' Match engine anytime soon?? so from what i see the best formation to counter 3-5-2 would be 3-5-2 fight fire with fire
  13. Re: 'New' Match engine anytime soon?? with the money they receive they can afford a very nice match engine and 2D instead of just spamming leagues,but it seems they just spam leagues to get more money off ppl who reserve top clubs so its quite a shame
  14. Re: Who's the best player of all time ? i would have to say that pele is the best of all time,for now we need to wait and see after ronaldo and messi retire
  15. Re: Ramsey or Young for Kaka? i suggest u swap ramsey cause arsenal aren't playing too good atm and young is at united and probably will improve if united get the title or play good but its ur call that's just what i would do
  16. Re: SM Board wont admit problems!!! i doubt that the will put any effort in that as long as they get their money i dont think they give a damn
  17. Re: SM Board wont admit problems!!! u got 2 options here either quit the game,or stop ******** about it and ignore it
  18. Re: De Gea vs Szczesny de gea because he is at united and will be better than szczesny,he just needs some time to adapt but he will get his game going
  19. Re: Swap Walcott for Muniain? hard to say, but i would go with walcott anyway it's ur call just follow ur instinct
  20. Re: is soccermanager DEAD? (illegal activities) well that kinda things happen in custom gw and standard i dont think in gold they happen so they only thing u can do for the moment is get gold and play in gold gw
  21. Re: I require 3-0! PLEASE HELP. haha nice one ) dude just put the team on very offensive and pray for the best
  22. Re: SMFA-Linked Accounts i doubt that they will do anything soon about the bugs i think they like them ,and they got more important stuff to focus on
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