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    Re: CFs maybe but the strikers on that list aren't rising
  2. tomh36


    Re: CFs keep much better than any of the strikers on that list
  3. im looking for a good young strikers balotelli and suarez were my first targets but both are unavailable so any suggestions would be helpful, thanks
  4. Re: Kiessling Or Trasch ? It depends whether you need a forward or a defender as for who will rise I'm not sure as both leverkusen and stuttgart have had poor starts to the season
  5. Re: robinho vs bastian schweinsteiger???? robinho as schweinsteiger plays in central midfield now
  6. Re: £17 million - need a striker mario ballotelli is the best young striker atm
  7. Re: Need a young defender sedar tasci jerome boateng mats hummels simon kjaer neven subotic gonzalo castro dmytro chygrynskiy
  8. Re: Who is the best future prospect? im quite surprised at these results I expected Pedro to be just ahead of Di Maria with the Hazard the best of the rest Any opinions on why Hazard is first?
  9. Re: Young Winger Needed future spanish stars sergio canales and iker muniain would be good signings
  10. Re: Arshavin for tevez ? tbh all of them would be good deals as tevez is first choice for a quickly improving side benzema is likely for a rating drop but should rise in the long term if he moves to man u ronaldinho and arshavin should keep there rating for this season but could drop in a years time so it depends whether your plans are short or long term
  11. I think you should be able to exchange players with unmanaged clubs thus solving the problem of having players unavailable at unmanaged clubs with 21 players
  12. Re: Who are the best young RM player? marin, pedro, sanchez, elia, sanchez, kroos, canales
  13. Re: Alan Dzagoev definitely keep may not rise this season but a move to a big club would push him into the 90s
  14. Re: hello everybody peeps all players are very similar but neuer is the best option in my opinion out of interest can you post a link to your squad page?
  15. I'm just wondering who everyone thinks the best young winger is. Thanks for voting
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