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  1. If Maguire got 92 would that mean Dias would get 99?
  2. Not sure that Sinclair had such a great season - chalk and cheese with last year. Wasn’t even seen as automatic starter last few months - pretty sure he won’t be breaking the Celtic 87 ceiling on current form. Tierney on the other hand would deserve to. As long as a healthy core of the Aberdeen squad are given their worthy +10 - that’ll be the Scottish League update.
  3. Van Dijk is surely a +1 to 91. Would be unlikely for SM, but would move him and Salah +2 now. Both have been simply outstanding. Emre Can also merits a +1 to 91 - no need to wait for his move to Bayern or Juve before awarding him it. Bellerin is blatantly non-worthy of the +1 to 91. Has been extremely poor and showing alarming signs of inability to fulfil potential - more concerned with grooming a Boss Cat gang look than shining in a very poor Arsenal side.
  4. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Boateng pretty much an ever-present in Bayern side. Surely deserves +1 to 92?
  5. Re: New view of the website Can't see how in any way it would be deemed to be an improvement. Looks cheap and dated. A little bit of tinkering before subjecting it to customers would have been appreciated. Just setting tactics for tonight and have names and positions extending beyond the pitch screen as well as following through to the shirts of the second row of substitutes. How difficult would it be to have a less cheap/more modern looking screen similar to Football Manager there? All for subtlety and simplicity - but could be vastly improved. Really disappointing. Any word on the
  6. Re: Put back the last online feature I posted a ticket about it and got a response today informing that for privacy reasons it is to be kept removed. Hi Vinny, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have now reviewed this ticket and believe that there is no reported bug. This is due to Privacy reasons these are no longer displayed. Due to this we are now closing this ticket. Regards Soccer Manager Terrific.
  7. Re: Put back the last online feature Yeah - it's omission is silly. As for influencing opponent's tactics/formation, preparing to vulture in on players. Why shouldn't an active manager have the realistic advantage? Silly - put it back. And get rid of the yellow border - it sucks. V
  8. Under the influence, I resigned from my club by mistake and am besides myself. Can't see who to contact to beg for job back. Had been really turning them around and would hate to lose them - I'd rather give up the drink. Please can anyone tell me how to go about it as only address I could find emailed back to say they only deal with business enquiries. Would be most grateful for any assistance. V
  9. Re: Gareth bale Think a +1 would be merited. Surely due for a positional change to reflect his more central deployment whilst also been pitched up front.
  10. Re: Riferimento: Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review poli Aye - the league review situation has become farcical, but some of the erratic results/stats are beyond comprehension. Getting gubbed by an unmanaged side with a considerably lower average skill rating, having changed little in own team from usual. Not just isolated instance. Can't keep up with the big teams as the scouted players have to wait an eternity to get their rightful rises and get annihilated by unmanaged weaker teams. Please sirs, can I have some more ... But if pushed to make a guess -
  11. Is there any way of cancelling arranged friendlies? Have three organised for me with the season already over. Any way of rejecting the opportunity to get embarrassed by minnow opposition?
  12. Re: SPL risers Fraser only +2 and no change for Watt? Baffling.
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks for that - been looking at stats and trying to convince myself all three could rise. Barrios has the best chance and not even sure if he will get his. Fingers are crossed.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Lucas Barrios, Robert Lewandowski and Eren Derdiyok, can they rise +1 these rating updates?
  15. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) What are the chances of Nils Petersen getting much game time at Bayern if projected transfer is completed? Does he have the chance of making a similar impact of Hernandez of Manchester?
  16. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Does the boy Okay Yokuslu of Altay look a prospect? Being linked with a move to Bayern or Dortmund today. See he has had a fair bit of game time, just wondered if he had shone in these games. Any info appreciated.
  17. Re: Scottish Premier League Predictions Kayal's stats still merited a +1. If his performances were taken into consideration, +2 would have been accurate. Also if led to believe that being linked with moves to top clubs influences ratings, the non award to Kayal is mystifying and irritatingly so having managed to procure him just before the ratings were to be applied.
  18. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Anyone seen the lad Federico Santander on loan at Toulouse this season? Any word if loan is to be made permanent or if he has been linked with a move elsewhere in Euope. Modest +1 in summer ratings?
  19. Re: Federico Santander Anyone seen the lad at Toulouse this season? How's he been doing, any word of loan being made permanent/linked with other European team for next season?
  20. Re: European Rating Changes By CLEG_YORKSHIRE Good set of ratings Cleg. Will be happy if a number of your predictions come off - had predicted similar for a number of the younger players and tried to get for squad. Look forward to seeing your French predictions. V
  21. Re: Constantin BUDESCU 5 games - 294 mins, 1 asist. Is your 83-84 not a tad overly optimistic especially as his club currently have only 3 players above 80 and max is 83? Maybe if he gets his move to Juventus he might be worth looking at. V
  22. So I have a home game against Shorpe, my average rating is 87 - theirs a paltry 81. I've scored 9 goals in my previous 2 games. Shorpe are reduced to 10 men as from the 31st minute but still find a way to record a 2-2 draw. I have around 30 shots - most of which on target - they have 5. Supposedly only 51% possession for 11 men Bradford. What am I missing? Just seems complete illogical. Morale decent, fitness all 100%. Same effectively 3-5-2 formation that recorded home victory against stronger opposition in previous fixture. I thought I was a shoe in for promotion via the play-offs l
  23. Re: Belgian Jupiler Pro League Rating Predictions 2010/2011
  24. Re: Belgian Jupiler Pro League Rating Predictions 2010/2011 Is the 82 for Kevin de Bruyne likely? Was hoping for more but see he's been out for a few games - still the niggling back injuries or out of favour? He made a grand start to season - thought an 85 was on the cards at next review. Any thoughts?
  25. Re: Player Rating Changes.(best risers to buy in EUROPE) I agree, De Vrij up 2 is a joke. The Dutch ratings seem particularly harsh.
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