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  1. Re: Info bug!!! Thanks for answer me, but i can't find the report section in the game
  2. Re: Info bug!!! up:mad::mad:
  3. Hi, how is possible this?!? And this?!
  4. Hello, I want to express my outrage at the lack of "fair play" in this manager! To do import a suggestion that I hope will be approved. Let the future each new team manager, to be allowed to sell / replaced players from his team. Within six months from the date of taking over a team. Be entitled only to purchases. I notice practice managers from the same country to make transfers that favor one team. For proof of the following photos: World Championship 4805 , team Liverpool sale to Bayern M three major players: 1. Buffon 94r. for TYTON 86r. To do this transaction must have a reservation as Casillas or Noer!!! 2. DE ROSSI 94 for NASRI 92/rait down/ + S.FLETCHER 88 Someone convince me that this deal is worth! 3. CAVANI 93 for J.MILNER 90 + R.CARVALHO 90/rait down/ Neither here nor in real life normal manager would agree to such a deal. The top of all that Liverpool manager left the team ... For I am firmly against newcomers managers to sell players! Hope of understanding and support from their colleagues!
  5. Re: Contract player Ooooooh yeah, thank you duuuuude. That is Views => Respect bro :rolleyes:
  6. Hello, old skin in the game had an option with which to arrange the players in term of their contract expires. Now this option is missing or difficult to detect. Because I do not want to look at each player individually, please help me how to see the contracts of all players. Thank you!
  7. Re: Spanish Championship 620 ID:29156 Spanish Championship 620 ID:29156 is temporarily disabled for maintenance. Next match: Disabled :mad::mad: What happend? I can't manage my team!!!!!!!!
  8. Hello every, what happent with this World Spanish Championship 620 ID:29156?! I can't entry in my team Can you help me please? Thank you guys!
  9. Re: Bug or what? OK, thanks for the quick reply. But how can I send a ticket to the SM? And because my game is concerned by the Champions League, which loses, will there be replayed or the outcome remains? PP: I find the section for report
  10. Hello, Why after I arranged starting lineup and tactics during the match at the start of the game are completely different tactics and holders respectively 45, 60 and 75 minutes did not materialize? Is this a bug? If not, I want to know the reason for this anomaly! Thanks! PP: Please forgive me if I posted this topic in wrong section, and for my bad English.
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