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  1. Hi all, my proposal is that soccermanager should reduce making new servers, because some servers are almost empty (I mean some servers have 4-5 players), and that reduce the pleasure to the all managers. So, what do You think about it?
  2. Re: English Championship 2 If I (Millwall) catch the play-off, i promise I'll gona fight to the last minute! Division 3, get ready for me
  3. Re: English Championship 2 Can't wait Wednesday and last turn
  4. Re: English Championship 2 Congrats!!! I hope I'll gona catch play-off!
  5. I suggest that soccermanager should give a posibility that managers can watch games live, something like score center. What do you think about it?
  6. Re: English Championship 2 I suggest that we should refresh this topic. It will be more fun to play
  7. Hy, I wan't to say something about this game world. Here are best clubs from ex Yugoslavia states. This is very intrusting game world, 2 divisions, 32 club taken from 40, please join here, and have fun ) I have NK Široki Brijeg, add me as a friend, I'm Ivo Strašni )
  8. How to report a manager? I've saw one who cheating, but I don't know how I can report him Solved, thanks!
  9. Re: help this is title challenge!!! I chose mentality very attacking, Passing style direct and Pressing own half, Counter attack, men behind ball, use target man, use playmaker I won Koln 4:0 after that game with the same tactics
  10. Re: help this is title challenge!!! Thank's guys I won It's 4 games to the end and I have poor clubs in shedule, and first is stuttgart and he have more seriously shedule . Once again thank you EDIT: I won 2:0
  11. Re: help this is title challenge!!! Thanks mate, I hope I'll win )
  12. Guys I need help!! I have Schalke 04 and I play versus Bayern Munchen, and that game is important because if I lose I'll be second in Bundesliga. Bayern have this tactic: MAICON96--------LUCIO94--------PEREIRA90----------MAXWELL91 LAMPARD95------------X. ALONSO95 RIBERY95-------------RONALDINHO94---------------RONALDO98 KLOSE92 Pressing: All over Mentality: Attacking Tempo: Fast TIP: 6 players are NMF My squad is this, so please make tactics for win SNEIJDER AM/CM 95 ANELKA FWD 93 CARVALHO CB 93 VUCINIC FWD/WING 92 KANOUTE FWD/AM 92 KEITA CM/LM 92 SAGNA RB 92 SONG DM/CB 91 ZHIRKOV LM/LB 91 AQUILANI CM/AM 90 BALE LB/LM 90
  13. Would open Croatian Championship 9 soon?
  14. Come and join me in german championship, i have FC Schalke 04 and I'll waiting for you!!!
  15. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Will Vucinic keep or...
  16. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 What's with Vucinic??
  17. Re: Please help me!!!! Yes I have 202 reputation, but why is that just for members who have 60 reputation??
  18. Guys, please tell me how to get a trial gold membership???
  19. Re: Gold Membership Trial Guys, how I can get that trial??
  20. Re: free 14 day free trial of gm How do you get trial??
  21. Re: Trial Gold membership runs out? How do you get trial???
  22. Re: Gold Membership 14 days FREE after that added clubs were quitet :S Guys, I have reputation 202, can I get trial???
  23. Re: Gold Membership trial. how do you get a trial???
  24. One my friend have trial gold membership, how to get it????
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