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  1. Re: 14 Day Free Gold Management. How do you get that trial?
  2. Re: Predictions for Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga, Ligue 1 & Serie A Thank you!!
  3. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Im not agree with you for Niko Kranjčar, he is in Croatia nationalteam fantastic, in qualifications he's score goal againist israel and malta and in friendly againist norway, he's rating should stay 90
  4. Re: Predictions for Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga, Ligue 1 & Serie A Would Chivu go up or...??
  5. Re: Gold managers with 60 reputation Does anyone know?
  6. Re: Gold managers with 60 reputation But how do you get a trial?
  7. Hi, I muss ask is true that you become gold manager with 60 reputation? I have 201 reputaion, can I be gold manager??
  8. I suggest for making a servers with all leagues in soccermanager, but if you will do this, you must delete servers with just one league. For example who has: Manchester United in league which delete, he gets that club in new server. That will be good for international frendly match or smfa club cups. Also in servers will be many people and they will be more filled. That will be very interesting and fun. Please express your opinions ))). Thanks P.S. I'm sorry for bad english ))
  9. How to organize friendly game'
  10. Re: European Risers - Young Talent Mario Ticinovic from Hajduk Split have rating 78, but he's good player and he is in first XI in he's club. So I think he muss have rating min 82. He is 18 years old and last rating change was 21-9-2010 for 6 ratings up.
  11. On Monday I play in group in SMFA Cup, and it write I can't change tactics because I'm not a Gold Member so it will do ''assistant manager''. Will he put best players for that game, and will condition fall? P.S. I hope you can understand this because I'm not speaking english very good
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