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  1. Re: A Guide for Newcomers Hello, I REALLY need Help, Ok heres my problem. I have a zenit team in Gold Championship 113, Which is the best team in the Russian league but.. I'm last in the league but 2nd in the SMFA Cup my group includes: PSV, Real Madrid, Club America :/ but to qualify I need to draw or win against real madrid -.- So heres my team:- Any Suggestions? Miera is back in 12 days and Byhstrov 3 match ban. I REALLY NEED GOALS, MOST OF MY GAMES END AS DRAWS
  2. Re: Slovakia!! Well considering Weiss is at Manchester City? Also being top goal scorer at the world cup with such a under dog side like Slovakia deserves a GREAT rating boost, So players like Rooney, who didn't score 1 goal this world cup deserves to be higher than a player who scored 4 (Higuan) and plays at a larger side such as Real Madrid?
  3. Re: Slovakia!! Be nice this is my first thread and the reason i did it on Slovakia is because I wanted them to beat Netherlands being the under dogs in the world cup finals :/ Oh well always Euro 2012 Qualifications with Russia and Republic of Ireland PLEASE SUGGEST WAYS I CAN IMPROVE OR GIVE MORE ACCURATE INFORMATION Thank you, LiverpoolYNWA1892
  4. Re: Slovakia!! Full Name: Vladimir Weiss Expected Boost: 84>87>88 Date of Birth: 30 November 1989 (age 20) Height: 174 cm Shirt number: 40 Position: Winger Current club: Manchester City Statistics for Bolton Wanderers (Loan) 13 Appearances 0 Goals Why to Buy: Being one of the youngest players at the world cup and also increased by 2 this month. He could get another boost considering the fact that he is at a big club and was chosen to go to the World cup.
  5. Re: Slovakia!! Full Name: Kamil Kopúnek Expected Boost: 84 > 86 > 88? Date of Birth: 18 May 1984 Height: 180 cm Shirt number: 14 Position: Defensive Mid Current club: FC Spartak Trnava Statistics for FC Spartak Trnava: 196 Appearances 11 Goals Why to Buy: Scoring against Italy to make it 3-1 (Finished 3-2) ON HIS FIRST TOUCH OF THE BALL! even though don't expect a huge increase that is why I put a ? next to 88 because the club he is at isn't big compared to most 88 players.
  6. Well Slovakia are out of the world cup but with a successful world cup:- Beating Italy and JUST Getting beat by Netherlands expect most of the Slovakian team to go up. The Players I expect to get a Rating Boost:- Full Name: Robert Vittek Expected Boost: 86 > 88 > 89 Date of Birth: 1 April 1982 Height: 188 cm Shirt number: 41 (Might be Changed) Position: Forward Current club: MK Ankaragucu Statistics for MK Ankaragucu (Loan): 12 Appearances and 5 Goals Why to Buy: Scoring 4 in the World cup of 2010, which made Slovakia go through to the Second round to vs Netherlands who beat Slovakia 2-1 (Vittek scoring a Pen). His 2 goals against Italy put the World cup champions of 2006 OUT.
  7. Re: Gold Championship 122 / transfers and news. I got Rangers and Scotland
  8. Re: Is The League Cap Justified? I think its unfair. If you played in Gold Championship leagues Celtic who finished second for the 2nd year in a row are in the SMFA Cup while Rangers are in the SMFA Shield? and also Kris Boyd has scored 5 goals in 1 game (On 30 December 2009 Boyd scored five goals in a 7–1 victory over Dundee United; in doing so, he passed Henrik Larsson as the all-time leader in goals in the Scottish Premier League.) Scored 101 in 143 Apps and been the top goal scorer for 4 times in last 5 years and Also scoring nearly Double with Rangers for four years than Playing for Kilmarnock in 7 years! So if that doens't settle your debate i say kris boyd deserves a nice 90-91 rating, not to mention being one of the best players in the SPL and the best Striker for Scotland but still in SM he is the same rating as McGeady and without a doubt he should be +1 or +2 higher.
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