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  1. Re: 10k RISER If we can get enough managers, then a 10k riser game world might be fun. I would say that money would not matter, perhaps a squad cap of X amount of players maximum? May be 100? We would only be allowed to buy 70 rated or less, so it would all be about those risers to improve the team, and cups and leagues would really be won by the best tactics! First we need a few more managers. Let me know your manager IDs so I can add you if interested. Marin JAKOLIŠ got some minutes in the Belgium Premier League, he will one day rise to the dizzy heights of 73!
  2. Re: Ultimate Squad Challenge - USC (NEW CHALLENGING GAME WORLD) Hi, I am Jake Buillet, new manager of Raja Casablanca. This looks like a really fun set up starting with no players. Good luck all, Jake
  3. Hi, There used to be a really good thread for 10k risers, but no one has posted to it since the SM changed the p/e values and transfers became pointless. I would love to join a game world where managers could only buy 10k valued players, this would really separate the good managers from the bad over the long term both in tactics and in player scouting. Anyone else interested? In the meantime, here are some 10k risers: Giorgos Masouras Marvin DIOP Mehmet Umut NAYIR Lee EVANS
  4. Re: Players' condition. Does it matter? I've also experienced this quite a bit. I have one team that usually struggles to avoid relegation, the best I have managed is 12th place in EC2 Div1 in 10 seasons. I got a bit bored of SM, the Gold Manager account ran out and I left them alone for a month, not changing anyone in the team. I just got 2nd place in the league. Tired players and no change to tactics. Players were also out of position when injuries happened and were automatically replaced. Not bad. This happened to another team that came 2nd a few seasons ago. The manager had not logged i
  5. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players It's just a bit disappointing or may be pointless trying to help SW. I think they're trying to get the Iranian Skoda conference league updated before any major European leagues. The database grows so quickly it's going to be impossible to keep up to date with ratings. Back to the main subject: Rubén MIÑO 3000 minutes last season for Mallorca. Should go from 80 to 84?
  6. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players I added Emmanuel BOATENG a few days ago and it was immediately rejected. He plays for Rio Ave and scored a goal for them early in the season. Emmanuel BOATENG has 298 Portuguese Premier league minutes, 65 minutes in the cup and 241 in the Europa League. Total minutes this season = 604 minutes http://int.soccerway.com/players/emmanuel-okyere-boateng/353107/ I noticed today, SW has new players up. Looked at one at random. Mauro ESTOL has 8 Uruguayan minutes: http://int.soccerway.com/players/mauro-nahuel-estol-rodriguez/35581
  7. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players I disagree, it is OUR game, WE are playing it. For me, ratings and risers is by far the most fun part of SM. I want to help make it better! I see that the Soccerway website gets updated with the minutes of players and transfers fairly quickly. How much do they pay for their database? It's a free site and no advertising! Why can't Soccerwiki get this data and then it would automatically adjust players ratings the moment they played enough minutes to qualify for a rise!!!! We wouldn't have to vote. Surely this would be a simple
  8. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players If your vote gets accepted, you should get reputation points for that. May be it just needs more people voting on those players. One person's vote isn't enough to change a rating. I'm guessing that it takes a certain number of votes to get SM to look at that player. Would be really good if someone from SM could please tell us actually how they want the system to work and how we can help, as there are some many good scouts on these forums sharing their risers, I'm sure SM could get their ratings almost automated! May be we shou
  9. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players Right, anyone who doesn't have a soccerwiki account, create one now and start voting on these player ratings on this thread. That is what the soccerwiki is for. I sincerely doubt that SM have a massive team of people dedicated to rating adjustments, so that is why they set the wiki up. It's up to us. Personally, I reviewed the Japanese league a while back, I voted each and every rise on the soccerwiki, and so far, about 50% of them have had their rating changed, and with the vast majority, I got the rating change spot on or wit
  10. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players Jong-Hwan BAEK of Sangju Sangmu. Rated 76 (+1 in Sept 2011). 6000 minutes in the Korean top flight since that date and no change. The teams top player is 85. This guy should get a +8!! http://int.soccerway.com/players/jong-hwan-back/27088/
  11. Re: J1 league Yes, leagues like Japan and South Korea are not reviewed often, but they do have some decent risers for that reason, usually a few +3/4 in there. Also, as they are external teams, they sell back to their originals for a bit more than just their value like Unmanaged teams. I only reviewed players that were under 80, so there are probably plenty more to be snapped up. I'll try and keep the list up to date with actual changes in blue.
  12. So, two teams, same rating, same tactic, I'm 2-1 up at half time, great. This is what I would expect, a fairly even match. Then, the opposition gets a red card in the 46th minutes, brilliant! Bring it on! They score two goals and I lose 3-2 They also had almost 70% of the possession (with only 10 men for half the game). This isn't the first time 10 men came from behind, in fact, it's the norm. Sometimes, I have benefited too. So does that mean that having a man sent off is an advantage? Should I be playing aggressive tackling to try and hack for cards as much as possible? Perhaps I could get
  13. J1 LEAGUE Shuhei AKASAKI 72>76 *76 Takuma ASANO 72>77 *76 Ryo MATSUMURA 72>79 *76 Yoshinori MUTO 73>78 *78 *80 Hiroshi FUTAMI 74>76 *77 Masahiro NASUKAWA 74>76 *76 Kotaro FUJIWARA 74>76 *76 Toru HASEGAWA 74>76 *76 Naomichi UEDA 75>78 Hiroki OKA 75>78 *78 Riki MATSUDA 75>78 *78 Hirotaka MITA 75>78 *78 Kotaro OMORI 75>79 *78 Yukitoshi ITO 76>79 *79 Yuhei SATO 76>78 *78 Yuta NARAWA 76>78 *77 Musashi SUZUKI 77>80 Yuki HONDA 77>79 *80 Dyanfres DOUGLAS 77>79 *78 Yu ETO 77>79 *78 Yuya HASHIUCHI 77>79 *78 Junya
  14. Re: EL SHAARAWI, Stephan hamo? Fr3gY? Anyone else still think he's not going to be any good? I would say he exceeded my prediction and even I under estimated his potential back in 2011.
  15. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Yes, multiple action button please. At the start of a new season, when all my loans come back, I want to re add them to the loan list in one bulk go. Also, players 21 and under should automatically go into the youth team. It should be up to me to promote them. Not that it makes any difference what their in anyway. Actually, I would prefer to have the youth team changed to reserve team and not limit the age.
  16. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) Su-beom KIM (76): Played every game for Gwangju FC since the beginning of 2011 !!! Highest rating at club is 82 so this guy should get a +6.
  17. Re: The Best Talent of 10k Lee EVANS, 10k moving to Wolves?
  18. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread A few ideas for the match engine: 1. The colours my team are represented in seem random. The indicator of possession needs more accurate colours as per team kit. 2. Also, when a goal is disallowed for offside, it would be nice if this flashed in red/yellow checkered pattern like the linesmans' flag. Presently it just uses the same colour as the goal being allowed. 3. Do goal keepers ever get injured? 4. There is no extra time in cup games, it goes straight to penalties. Can we chose our penalty takers in the tactics for a cup match (including subs that are
  19. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Oh well, I used to try and help add to the database. I recently tried to enter a players height and weight from N/A to something meaningful from soccerway. It got rejected and now I can't edit players. Probably go and do something else instead more productive now, like... homework.
  20. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? Next leagues will be Romania and Israel. There is a chance Hungry might be done too. They ought to complete Eastern Europe and then move on to Russia. Chile and Mexico should be along shortly to complete the South (and central) American reviews.
  21. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? Would be nice to sort out promoted teams in the big 5 first. For example Seria A: Torino Pescara Sampdoria Germany: Dusseldorf France: Reims None of these were done with the other lower league teams. What about players in promoted teams that have since moved back to 2nd divisions? Will they ever get a review now?
  22. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Very ironic of you!
  23. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Nice idea. Best one yet. However, we could get round it by having more tick boxes like we do for "hide transfer banned". We could have options to tick one or more of the following: Transfer listed players Loan listed players Unavailable for transfer Available for transfer All the different opitions. This way SM doesn't have to store more info on each team and their prefered tabs. The tick boxes would be universal. Alternatively, add an option in the squad view to show players transfer status. General Financial Statistics Physical Player Ratings
  24. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Another thing is loaning players out prevented by the chairman. In one of my sets ups, I have 87/88 rated team, including 5 x 88 rated goal keepers, yet I cannot send any of them out on loan! Really, I'd like to send 4 of them out on loan and my spare keeper can be my young prospect... who'll never get a game as keepers never get injured or sent off... anyone seen that before? Perhaps this can be reviewed.... please feel free to injure 4/5 of my 88 rated goalies as an experiment. It will make no difference to me.
  25. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Hmm.. In a season, I buy may be 100+ players that would be in my reserve team and may be 1 or 2 that make it straight into my first team. I would prefer to spend the time promoting those 1 or 2 players rather than demoting 100+ players. Same with the youth team, a player 21 or under could automatically be put in the youth squad when they join a team. Makes no difference when selecting them for a match anyway. Regardless, I still want the Reserves Team tab added whatever the default. It seems to be a popular idea.
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