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    italemi got a reaction from Phil Brooks in "International Forumers Championship"   
    Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: "International Forumers Championship"
    But we have to put a rating limit for that (90/91)
    I don't think it's complicated...
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    italemi reacted to Tigrus79 in Chalobah or Pasalic?   
    Riferimento: Re: Chalobah or Pasalic?
    Your judgment is impartial
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    italemi got a reaction from Hyina in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    italemi got a reaction from weka in Average Manager Points Help   
    Riferimento: Average Manager Points Help
    In the Cup you can win 5 points if you arrive to the final, and 15 points if you wins the cup.
    If you wins vs BETTER Team, you gets more than 3 points;)
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    italemi got a reaction from argala in January 2012 transfer window: hidden risers   
    Riferimento: January 2012 transfer window: hidden risers
    Riverolà +1 to Bologna
    Belfodil +1/2 to Bologna
    Ze Eduardo +2/3 to Gubbio
    Prosenik +1 to Milan
    Albertazzi +1 to Varese
    Seferovic +1/2 to Lecce
    Eisfeld (don't added in DB) to Arsenal
    Juan Jesus +1 to Inter
    Caprari +2/3 to Pescara
    Natalino +1 to Crotone
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    italemi reacted to argala in January 2012 transfer window: hidden risers   
    Hi guys, transfer window in main leagues will be closed tonight. Here you have a hopefully useful list of players recently moved from minor or exotic leagues. I'm dividing them for leagues where they're going to play in, and I'm going to predict their rise. Guaranteed risers (+2 at least) are shown in light green. It means they'll rise for sure, even without playing in their new clubs. The others, are players with a pretty high rating already, so they don't deserve an immediate rise due to their performance in the former club.. however, I think they're going to rise playing in their new clubs: they're shown in deep green.
    As thousands of transfers are completed right now, please feel free to add players and criticize my predictions. Cheers
    Italy - Serie A
    LÓPEZ, Nicolás 18, 75 Roma +2
    LOFQUIST, David 25, 80 Parma +2
    ROSSI, Fausto 21, 75 Juventus +3
    POLO, Andy 17, 76 Genoa +2
    Germany - 1.Bundesliga
    OSTRZOLEK, Matthias 21, 78 Augsburg +2/+4
    DIAGNE, Fallou 22, 78 Freiburg +2/+4
    SWIERCZOK, Jakub 19, 77 Kaiserslautern +3
    HASANI, Ferhan 21, 77 Vfl Wolfsburg +3
    RING, Alexander 20, 78 Borussia Mönchengladbach +2
    SANTINI, Ivan 22, 81 Freiburg
    RODRIGUEZ, Ricardo 19, 82 Vfl Wolfsburg
    England - Premier League
    DONNELLY, Rory 19, 76 Swansea +2
    WARD, Daniel 18, 67 Liverpool +8
    BENNETT, Ryan 21, 77 Norwich +5
    SORDELL, Marvin 20, 82 Bolton
    REAM, Tim 24, 83 Bolton
    OLSSON, Marcus 23, 81 Blackburn Rovers
    France - Ligue 1
    KONE, Koro 22, 74 Dijon FCO +6
    AL KAMALI, Hamdan 22, 80 Lyon +2
    LAUTOA, Wesley 23, 75 Lorient +5
    DOUNIAMA, Ladislas 25, 78 Lorient +2
    DIABATE, Zie 22, 80 Dijon FCO +2
    YEBOAH, Daniel 27, 77 Dijon FCO +3/+5
    YAYA, Banana 20, 75 Sochaux +5
    Spain - Primera División
    HERVÁS, Javier 22, 75 Sevilla +5/+7
    PULIDO, Jorge 20, 78 Rayo
    Turkey - Süper Lig
    HAMROUN, Jugurtha 23, 74 Karabükspor +6
    PINTO, Sebastián 25 , 80 Bursaspor +2
    Belgium - Jupiler Pro League
    KABANGU, Patou 26, 77 RSC Anderlecht +5
    BAKENGA, Mushaga 19 78 Brugges +2/+4
    HEMMEN, Michiel 24, 76 Westerlo +2
    Netherlands - Eredivisie
    ALISSE, Moussa 28, 76 Excelsior +2
    MAYADA, Camilo 21, 76 Gronignen +4
    Greece - Super League
    PAPADOPOULOS, Amvrosis CM/RM 23 73 Doxa Drama +3
    I'm going to add deep green players only tonight, when transfer window will be closed.
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    italemi reacted to garymack in Graphics Design Feedback   
    Re: Graphics Design Feedback
    you could duplicating the render and colour dodge it, then change opacity to suit....re the BG, it works well with the render, the only thing I would do is maybe put another layer on top of it..something like broken glass or cracked ground(de-saturate it so the colour doesn't show through, set to colour dodge or overlay and change opacity) just to give it more texture
    but a great base for something special IMO...KIU
    edit: try running a soft brush(white, 200px at 65 opacity) over the top and bottom of the render(on a new layer) to give the illusion of a light source
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