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  1. Re: !!Player Warning Thread!!

    Hello' date=' i thought i could make a thread on which we can warn fellow forumers if any players are going to get a large rating increase/decrease, hopefully this will save a lot of people from getting upset like when mutu dropped or vannistelrooy, yes some people already are aware, but this thread is for people who dont know.

    First up: HENRY thierry

    Club: New York


    Verdict: Get rid:p, but if hes your star player then you can lookout to when the MLS changes will happen and the sell him before that;)



    MAZOLA arruda 60-->80

    GALIULIN vagiz 77-->84

    KONYVES norbert 76-->81

    SZATMARI zoltan 75-->80

    ILLES gyula 75-->80

    NIKHAZI mark 60-->76

    DYADYUN vladimir 78-->83


    HENRY thierry 92-->89/90

    CANNAVARO fabio 90-->87/88

    BORDON marcelo 91-->87/88

    KEITA kader 89-->86/87

    BELHADJ nadir 87-->84/85

    BRUNO fernandes 88-->RTD

    MUTU adrian 90-->RTD

    KONE bakari 88-->82/83

    DINDANE aruna 86-->81/82

    JAMES david 89-->87/86

    You sure MUTU is going to retire m8?

  2. Re: Lionel Messi


    From what I have seen he has been doing well enough but it seems to be Tevez and Higuain "dominating" and controlling the games for the Argies. Along with Veron etc.

    Imo Ozil has had a much better and effective world cup so far.

    Dont get me wrong I agree that he must hit 99 soon BUT he needs to have a storming world cup for it to happen anytime soon.

    And currently he is having a good world cup - he is not dominating by any means.;)

    Even if Messi is not scoring the goals for Argentina he is setting most of them up' date=' and [b']if[/b] they can get through Germany in the up-coming quarter final i'm confident they have what it takes to win the world cup. Which no doubt will strengthen the chances of Messi's inevitable 99 rise ;).

  3. Re: Iker Casillas vs Juilo Cesar

    If you can get either one you will be doing well but i dont think the gk in the game as much a difference as the 95/96 defender

    I agree, try to build a good 95+ defense for a keeper such as Casillas or Ceasar to work properly. In my opinion I say buy Casillas, both keepers doing great though...

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